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Very shy about posting this (esp with my art lol. I cannot draw plaits I'm so sorry) but here goes! I desperately want to get into DnD, but man is it a lot to go into. I'm looking for- I guess some help brainstorming, from folks who might know the game better than I do?

She will also be used in regular RP to flesh her out, so it's kind of a dual thing ig!

a bunch of ideas and images
The concept is a fairly nebulous one at the moment. Anispira is a tiefling druid with a Hermit background, who was trained in nature magic by a mentor who took them in. Said mentor died (somehow - part of me thinks, 'oh yeah, protecting Ani from something maybe', but then like... I dunno, I kind of want something more interesting that I can tie back in?)

They're eventually going to be part of the Circle of the Moon, and I have some ties in there to worshipping Silvanus too - if that's a thing that works with the lore. I'd like the Tiefling heritage to tie in somehow, but for now Ani is just a bratty sourpuss mainly out for her own ends. I'm going chaotic neutral πŸ‘€ She'll work with adventurers if she thinks there's an adventure to be had, but her loyalty isn't always rock solid under duress. I want to make sure she is at least somewhat team-oriented lol.

I'll be honest, DnD lore is a lot to go through. I've been working on this concept for months but some stuff still evades me.

Some concept art below; sorry for the messiness!
Click for headshot (fairly large size!)

Feet and Tail
((Are hooved feet a possibility for a Tiefling? Or is that something I'd need to retcon on Ani do you think? I just really don't like drawing feet LMAO))

And her main weapon is here...
Click here to view!

Although again, I'm kind of like... would that speartip on the bottom be impractical lol. That bit was mostly a joke from my bf πŸ˜‚

Any feedback or ideas would be wonderful! I definitely need to work on her and flesh her out a ton.

Disclaimer that I'm still such a newbie to DnD. Half this stuff probably even isn't relevant. Please don't judge me too harshly - I'm learning, I promise πŸ˜‚
Here is a resource I used a lot when I used to play DnD in the past!

As for the hooved feet, I don't think it's a no-no to give your character- especially one like a Tiefling- those. It might depend on your DM's world, so that's something you should discuss with them. :)
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Oh, thank you! That'll be super helpful ☺️ I definitely need to brush up on the rules haha. And yeah good shout, I haven't gotten too far into actually searching for games but hopefully a good GM will help!
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I don't think you need to worry too much about strict D&D lore. Almost every campaign I've ever been in has been homebrew. And as a general rule DMs aren't too worried about things like whether hooves are canon or not. For example if my current campaign which has been running for over 2 years, we have an elf with rainbow hair and I assure you you're not going to find it in any rulebook.


If your DM feels particularly strongly about an aspect of your characters design, they'll let you know and you can work together for a compromise. For now, just make a cool character that you like :)
Don't worry too much about the forgotten realms lore in character builds. This depends on your DM, I guess - but generally - unless it's a class/race feat or trait, any flavour you add to your character would not be mechanically significant. So you shouldn't get any disadvantages for having hooves (besides maybe RP implications), but you also can't argue for any advantages of having hooves that isn't mechanically stated in the rules.
(or if your DM is different, then you can argue away, and sometimes they'll argue disadvantages, if you got an advantage in other scenarios)

Same with weapon - if you're playing a multi level campaign, your character still likely pick up loot that's relevant to the story, or just.. better.. for your level. Your weapon can be flavoured as any number of cool shit (I really like your art for it!), but if it's a spear - a spear is a spear - it'll cost 1 gp, do 1d6 piercing dmg, and weigh 3 lbs

I don't play a lot of 5E, but I play a lot of pathfinder (different rule set, similar play) - we have a Leshy paladin in our party. And the player flavours her as a small potted plant (the pot is her armor), but that doesn't change the bulk (weight) of her heavy armor, and what size creature she is in terms of reach. As far as mechanics go, she's the same size in combat as a regular halfling. She can't argue that because she's a small plant, another PC can just pick her up and run, because... mechanically, she's wearing heavy armor, and like 5 two-handed weapons. But in RP, people are regularly weirded out because a small plant (carrying multiple two-handed weapons) is talking to them.

Key thing is - talk to your GM/DM. They'll let you know what's relevant and not for their game. Every game runner is a little different.

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