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Ciel (played anonymously)

In the busy streets of London, carriages passed by with horses neighing and wheels rolling. In the marketplace, stood a stall that belonged to none other than the owner of the Funtom Company, Ciel Phantomhive. Toys, including the company's signature Bitter Rabbit dolls, lined the stall and children all gathered, wanting to take a look at them, hoping to convince their parents to buy one or two things from the stall.

Board games, spinning tops, wooden figurines, paddle ball, dolls...
There were many toys to choose from.
>> 💍<<
Bitter Rabbit Doll of any style - 4 silver pieces
Board games / Card games - 2 silver pieces
Wooden figurines - 1 silver piece per figurine
Paddle Ball - 2 silver pieces, 1 silver piece for replacement ball and string
Spinning tops - 1 silver piece for small, 2 silver pieces for big
>> 💍<<

Upon closer examination, it appeared the young earl Ciel, owner of the company, was actually here today running the stall himself, alongside his devilish butler, Sebastian.
Arrived at the street of the London made the long haired girl felt excited. It was filled with stalls, and children seems to liking it by the way the made lines over the toys. It was near Marlene's birthday that make Tifa wondered around to think of something she could gift the child. Aerith must be giving her flowers. I know Marlene loves flowers, but I want to give her something new.

Tifa scanned through her environtment when she stopped at the Funtom Company's stall. It was the rabbit doll, which attracted her. That would be a perfect gift for Marlene. She must be happy that she got some company.

Tifa smiled at the thought of Marlene that jumped around in joy if her birthday present was the rabbit doll. She then managed to get closer to the stall and talk to the person behind it.

"Excuse me, how much is this?" Tifa asked.
Ciel (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Tifa Lockhart

Ciel noticed the woman nearing the stall, and hopped up on a small step-stool so he could see over the counter better, "One bitter rabbit is 4 silver pieces." He said, motioning towards the display of rabbits. "Doesn't matter what fur color or outfit style, they are all the same price." He added, wanting to let her know that there was more than one choice in-case she wanted to pick something other than the popular grey-furred one that seemed to dress a lot similarly to the earl himself.

If Tifa looked towards his way, which was beside Ciel, just much taller than the boy; Sebastian would flash a small, soft smile.

Tifa paused a bit. I only have 3 silver pieces at the moment. What a nice price for a toy, maybe that was a handmade too. Tifa's brain was working to look for any idea on how she can get one last silver to pay the doll. She felt frustrated when the chance of buying Marlene's birthday present was up in the air.

"What should I do... I only have 3 silver pieces. And I need the doll for my niece's birthday present." Tifa frown sadly, being contrass with Sebastian whom smiled at her.

Tifa had enough money, but this journey to London already made her to spent her savings for food or inn. She wouldn't have enough time either if she returns to her home and back which take several days and Marlene's birthday will come in two days.
Ciel (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Tifa Lockhart

"Well, we do have other options if you'd like to look at those?" Sebastian spoke up, "There are quite many toys to choose from that can be in your price range." Sebastian bowed down a bit to reach down towards the toys, "These here are 1 silver piece per figurine." He picked up a wooden solider, "We have soldiers, sailors, farmers, royal guards, maids, and even animals."

Ciel then interrupted, "There are also board games or card games for 2 silver pieces per box. Paired with a figurine and a game, that would equal 3 silver pieces in total, unless you've changed your mind about paying that much."

Sebastian then added, interrupting his own young master; "There is a possibility you could trade something for the Bitter Rabbit however. 3 silver pieces and whatever you think could be worth a silver piece or more."

Ciel glanced up at his butler for a moment, and then agreed. "I can allow that."
"It is your choice." Ciel looked at Tifa.

Tifa listened up to Sebastian’s explanation if she could have another toys with the amount of money she had at the moment. The figurine looks good, but she thought that Marlene probably had it much already because her father is Barret. How about the board game? With the solemn statement from Ciel, the board game seems interesting too. It would give Marlene some chance to socialize with another kid her age to play together. Tifa was puzzled. But inside her heart, the rabbit doll still wins. She lost in her thought for a while, imagining what would be the best present which memorable enough for Marlene and her sincerity could be settled from it.

However, as Sebastian adding about the trade, Tifa felt struck by a lightning of ideas, or something like an oasis on the desert. She nodded her head. “I have my earrings, would you accept that?” Tifa cocked her head to one side. Even though her earrings would cost more than one silver, there was no help for it. Tifa would hand down anything for Marlene.
Ciel (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Tifa Lockhart

Sebastian glanced at Ciel, almost as if he was communicating with him silently.

Ciel then spoke up, "I suppose that'll do." He nodded. "Three silver pieces and the earrings."
"You can choose which Bitter Rabbit you'd like." He gestured to the display.

There is quite many choices.
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

Sebastian grinned, knuckle to his own chin; "The young lord could use a new set of earrings, yes?"
Ciel glanced, though he agreed, he sniffed (quite like a disagreeable horse or angry bull) in disapproval.
With a heavy heart that she had to send away her favorite earrings, which already stayed together with her from her teenage days, it was devastating to give your precious thing to someone other. She had no choice, Tifa plucked off her earrings, stared affectingly to the gems on her palm before handed it over to Sebastian along with three pieces of Silvers.


“I hope you could treat it as a friend then.” Tifa smiled, but it was an asymmetric smile with an expression of deep sadness pasted over the top.

“I would take this [3]. This look cute for a young girl. She can also strap it over her bag, right?” at the moment Tifa received the rabbit doll, she could finally smile in sincere. “Then, thank you. I hope your business running well. If you feel hungry or want to take some rest you could also visit my bar. It’s located in the seven sector Midgar’s slum. Well, but that’s quite far from here.” Tifa bowed her head and bid some goodbye to the men.
Ciel (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Tifa Lockhart

Ciel received the earrings, and Sebastian handed Tifa the light-grey rabbit with the green coat and white eye-patch. "Thank you for your purchase, my lady." Sebastian replied. Ciel looked at the earrings, they were really pretty, and would probably match an outfit of his or two.

Sebastian could heavily sense the sadness from the woman, as his senses were much more...inhuman than species that is of not. He had sensed this feeling before, quite a few times, with his master Ciel, so he could recognize it.

Sebastian however, did not ask Ciel to offer the earrings back, because Sebastian thought:
"A trade has been done with, it has been finished, if she truly wanted the earrings, the trade would not have completed."

"In life, humans must understand that everything they own will not be permanent, because even if they keep it for their entire lifetime, when they die, it all stays above rather than 6 feet under."

"That is simply how humans are, and always will be."

Sebastian thought to himself, his hot pink eyes narrowed as he contemplated.
"Aah, humans are so interesting."

And with that, Sebastian and Ciel said goodbye to the woman, nodding okay to the offer to visit her bar.

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