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Revellian made a commission sheet!! I'm excited to get started on some commissions! If you're interested you can message me on this site and I'll give you payment details and such. Or, alternatively, ask for my email and we can talk there.

AliRevellian Topic Starter

Ykw I'm gonna share art here too. This took me over 24 hours, my spine, and my will to live /hj I'm really glad it turned out good because it was just a grueling process. But I managed to remember to use every single technique I've been teaching myself to do where in most recent pieces I've forgotten something and got upset about it later on. But here we are, my first fully rendered comic strip, and I actually really like it?? For once in my life.

AliRevellian Topic Starter

New art of my persona :D I haven't drawn him in a while and all his old art makes me physically recoil. So we don't talk about those. We'll talk about this. Actually ykw? How about some progress pics?

Ew ew ew ew ew my first ever drawing of him 😭😭

I think this was the second. Not as bad but still bad.

Third drawing. I liked it a lot then but not anymore :|

And here's the one I did last night! I really like this one <3 (we'll see if that's still the case in a week)

And as you can see, I changed my hair with every drawing 💀 I think I'm gonna keep it the auburn boy-band cut for a while.

(Anyone is free to reply to these if you want btw)
AliRevellian Topic Starter

Epic, I made another book cover ;)

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