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Ren sighed whimsically as he quickly glanced around. The department carried a mixture of human, beast men and various other types. His eyes took in the details of the scuffed white floor, the dangling of the rectangular lights. Each detective had a small space with their own desk and file cabinets. The office currently a mesh of wooden and metal objects.

Ren flipped his attention to the front of him. Good, the chief still seemed to be busy.

He quickly turned around and placed a knee on his office chair. He spun over to the wooden desk of his partner. “Shep, what do you think all the secrecy is about? Do you think we’re finally going after that person?”
Shepard (played anonymously)

He sighed, “ Your guess is as good as mine. Then again you’re a sneak. Why bother asking me?” Shepard eyed his partner wearily.

Shepard appeared tired with bags under his eyes. A cup of coffee rested on some notes creating a ring.

“You know if the chief catches you, he will get upset. Listen these people here are important From some fancy other department. You already knew that.”
Ren Haruno or Yakimura (played by Sinceritymornings) Topic Starter

“Duh, everyone knows.” Ren glanced to his side watching their coworkers’s faces. Their heads hung low. A blush across the nose or on the tips of the ears. The beast men had their own signs of embarrassment. “Why are they acting ashamed, or angry.”

Ren quickly switched his position placing his legs beneath the arms of the chair. His chin rested on the head rest.
Shepard (played anonymously)

“No department likes it when another interfere’s. It’s all internal strife.” He leaned back.

“I know you view this as an opportunity. I guarantee neither department looks at it that way. To them we’re just the screw ups who couldn’t handle the situation. To us they are just the bozos intruding on our turf.”

Shepard smirked while picking up his coffee. He waved it in front of himself. “Kind of like you.” He lifted the coffee to his mouth and sipped.
Ren Haruno or Yakimura (played by Sinceritymornings) Topic Starter

Ren scoffed, quickly removed his legs from under the arm rest. He stood and stretched.

The wooden door to the police chief’s swung open. He stuck a thick finger out and Hollered. “Ren, Shepard get in here!”
Shepard (played anonymously)

Shepard narrowed his eyes at his partner. “What did you do,” he growled out lowly. He stood,placed his coffee down. He grabbed a brown leather jacket situated on the back of his wooden office chair, and shook it out.

Shepard’s tallness, his arms, the bulk of his muscles added to his intimidating appearance.

He slipped his leather jacket on. Shepard walked from his desk toward his partner he elbowed the skinny menace before leaving the bull pen.
Ren Haruno or Yakimura (played by Sinceritymornings) Topic Starter

“Huh, what, hey I didn’t do anything,” Ren shot back. He watched his partner leave his desk approach him and ouch. Right in the side. Ren swayed, “Jerk,” he shouted. That honestly hurt, Ren thought while quickly patting his side.

Ren ran after his partner. He tried to return the favor by elbowing the Beast K-9 back. He failed.
Shepard (played anonymously)

Shepard’s upper lip curled in amusement. He reached over and plucked Ren off the ground, raised him a feet, and then swung his arm behind him. “I bench press more than you.”

He marched in to the police chief’s office. The trouble maker secured.
Ren Haruno or Yakimura (played by Sinceritymornings) Topic Starter

Ren flailed his arms when he felt Shepard grab the collar of his jacket. He moved them flapping rapidly.

Ren reached out in front of him. “Help.” When he was lifted up and swung behind Shepard his eyes went wide. He held his breath and crossed his arms. The indignity.

Every one in the bull pen shot amused looks. The antics a rather unsurprising event.

Shepard moved forward with him dangling. Ren glanced down. His eyebrows furrowed. “Dude I can’t be this short.”

The police chief wielded on Shepard. “ I asked for you both!”
Shepard (played anonymously)

“Don’t get your panties in a twist chief he’s here.” Shepard with ease raised his arm revealing the collar of Ren’s jacket.

Shepard glanced around the room. Three people from a different agency. Two sat in grey visitor’s chairs. The last one stood in the back ground, leaning against an end table. A Beast man different type.
Ren Haruno or Yakimura (played by Sinceritymornings) Topic Starter

The police chief face twisted in rage. His face redder than a tomato. “You’re making us look like jokes!”

Ren had quickly gotten over the fact he was hanging by his collar. While Shepard and the police chief spoke. Ren had pulled out his phone. “Hey, put me down shep.”

The police chief folded his arms. “I don’t care anymore. The case you two are on is going to them. Give them any and all information you guys have.”

Ren narrowed his eyes, as he glanced up from his phone. This is just great. So, no joint involvement. The problem was this wasn’t something he could just hand over since over half the evidence was illegally gotten.

Ren sighed well, he could turn over the the information he’s legally bound to.
Shepard (played anonymously)

Shepard winced. How were they going to go about this? This case was a doozy. Ren and him did a bit of sniffing around yet, they were no closer to capturing the menace. There must have been another victim.

“Ren give them what we have.” He hoped to high hell Ren didn’t include anything that would implicate them in withholding anything. Then again did he have to worry? Ren would not be so, callous, at least he hoped so. Shepard released his grip on Ren's collar.
Ren Haruno or Yakimura (played by Sinceritymornings) Topic Starter

Ren's felt the pressure gone from his collar. The impact on his legs startled him. He lost his balance knocking against Shepard.

The chief roared, "No more games, get them the file."

Ren stumbled toward the other beastman before regaining his bearings. He shook each leg out before rushing to his desk and plucking the file.

He spotted Shepard's coffee, narrowed his eyes, walked over to his partner's desk, and swiped it.

Ren quickly returned and held the file out for someone to take. He then took a swig of Shepard's coffee, then tossed it. The coffee hit a small blue waste bucket beside the door.
Shepard (played anonymously)

He whipped around, eyes narrowing at the now gone cup of survival. Shepard’s lips curled into a small snarl that suddenly relaxed. He was punk. There was no need to dignify his behavior.
Ren Haruno or Yakimura (played by Sinceritymornings) Topic Starter

A man snatched the file from Ren’s hand roughly. He wrinkled his nose at the thin file. The man slammed it into his thigh. “Is this all you got! Forget it they can keep it.” He dropped the file on the floor, stepped over it, and walked away. The man’s heel dragged on the grey carpet of the chief’s office. The two other individuals left briskly behind him.

Ren bent down picking the nearly scattered file up.

The chief wagged a finger in their direction. “You’re Lucky, now get out of my sight.”

Ren stood up with the file in hand. He walked away, what was that about? Shouldn’t they have at least checked the information? Not if they believe you are
Incompetent. He absentmindedly
made it over to his desk. He stood there for a few seconds before snapping back to reality.
Shepard (played anonymously)

Shepard stood silent as the situation unfolded. His eyes scrutinizing the rude man. He sniffed and his nose wrinkled something was off. This stunk of bureaucracy, and someone hoping for an easy led.

Shepard watched Ren pick up the files, zone out and just stand there. He followed him, folded his arms, and gently elbowed one of his coworkers. “ Do think he finally snapped?”
Alyusha Korxanadu Sakurai (played anonymously)

Alone inside the women's changing rooms, a horned, red-haired woman was getting her equipment belt on. She had her phone held up to her ear with her shoulder as she got everything on. Once she did, she grabbed the phone from her shoulder and then began throwing her normal clothes into her gym bag.

"Alright, I gotta go, dad. Shift starts in a minute. Love you." Alyusha said.

After saying bye, she hung up her phone and then placed it into one of the pouches on her belt. She then stuffed her gym bag all the way into her locker after haphazardly zipping it up and shut the locker door, placing the padlock on and locking it shut. She then walked over to the mirrors to straighten out her clothes, tie and badge and checked her hair over one more time. Satisfied with the result, she pulled her pistol from its holster, did a press check to ensure its status, holstered it again and then made her way out of the changing rooms.

The first thing she did before making her way over to her desk was to make a hard right into the break room. What kind of cop would she be if she didn't start her shift with some coffee? Inside the break room was a small, barely-5-foot-tall girl standing in front of the microwave. She heard Alyusha enter and turned around to face her and smiled at her.

"Good morning, Miss Sakurai." came the intern.

"Morning, Sharon." Alyusha responded with a nod and returned her smile.

Alyusha let out a small chuckle. It was cute to hear Sharon, a 19 year-old barely-100-pounds-soaking-wet, soft-spoken girl, address her so formally. It was endearing. And Alyusha usually didn't like people being formal outside of formal situations. She then walked over to the cupboards to grab her coffee tumbler and then made her way over to where the coffee pot was but was dismayed to see that there was barely any left. Just a small layer enough to cover the bottom of the pot. Barely a gulp. Alyusha let out an audible groan at that.

"Sorry, Miss Sakurai. Coffee went a little quick today." Sharon said, "If it makes you feel better, I didn't take any."

"Yeah, I noticed." Alyusha sighed, "And it's all good, Sharon. Even if you did, it's not your fault that I was too slow."

She set her cup back into the cupboard and then made her way to the fridge where she kept a box of Starbucks Espresso and Cream cans with her name written on the box and each individual can. Yep, she went through the trouble of taking out all 12 cans and writing her name on each one, including the box they came in, and put them all back into the box before leaving it in the fridge. She learned the hard way that if you didn't write your name on anything that was yours, it was going to be consumed by someone else before you got to it and when you want it the most.

"Oh, by the way, Miss Sakurai." Sharon started as the microwave beeped.

"Hmm?" Alyusha said as she looked over at Sharon as she pulled her sandwich from the microwave.

"I made those copies you requested and set them on your desk. I also took the time to organize your desk the way you like it." Sharon told her.

"Thank you, Sharon. You didn't have to do that." Alyusha said as she shook up her can.

"It's not a problem, Miss Sakurai." Sharon smiled.

She then grabbed a napkin and her sandwich and made her way past Alyusha.

"If you need anything else, just let me know and I'll do it if I can." Sharon told her.

"I'll try not to." Alyusha half-joked.

Sharon laughed at that before wishing her a good day and then leaving. Alyusha nodded her head and wished her the same before leaving the break room and making her way over to her desk, saying 'hello' to the various people she passed. When she got to her desk, she saw the folder with the copies she requested and saw how organized and spotless it was. Alyusha couldn't help but smile at that. She sat down and opened the drawers and saw that they were also organized and all in the places that she wanted. This hadn't been the first time Sharon had done this for her so she had it down where Alyusha liked her things. Funnily enough, Alyusha never asked her to do this, she just started doing it on her own accord. And as far as she knew, Alyusha was the only one Sharon was doing that for.

"Good kid." Alyusha murmured under her breath.

She cracked open her can of coffee and took a sip before opening the folders and going over the copies of the case file.
Shepard (played anonymously)

The coworker, A bird woman assumed the same pose as Shepard. “Yeah, I think this one has cracked,” she joked. Hearing a hello the bird woman spun around. “Good morning,” she chirped back. The bird woman slowly made her way from Shepard to her own desk.

“Mornin,” Shepard tossed Alyusha a quick up turn of lips. “Been awhile. How’s the pop’s? Is the intern settling in? Glad you took her under your wing. Couldn’t ask for a better mentor.”

Shepard eyed his partner wearily while keeping his attention on Alyusha.
Ren Haruno or Yakimura (played by Sinceritymornings) Topic Starter

(((OOC welcome aboard glad to have you.)))

Ren blinked, his brow furrowed slightly. What if those people weren’t from a different department? What if the person who Ren handed the file to was actually related the case. Who were they? Which department?

Ren’s mind slowly slipped into the scene analyzing the details. Clean cut, blonde human, blue eyes, manicured. The suit might be the key. He wore a vest. The style different, a mixture of purple and silver. That wasn’t a typical style of any law enforcement. The pants nothing special there. The shoes, a pricy Italian brand.

The other two individual’s with him didn’t utter a word and seemed like obedient drones.

“Hey, who checked those three in? Front desk right?” Ren’s thoughts echoed tightly in his head. What if they flashed badges and stormed in? Would any one have thought to check the badges and department? The visit did seem impromptu, even had the chief flustered.
Alyusha Korxanadu Sakurai (played anonymously)

((Thanks! Looking forward to it. :) ))

Alyusha's desk wasn't too far from the Police Chief's office and she could usually see and hear what was going on unless the blinds and door was closed. Even then, the Chief could get loud sometimes and she could hear him through the thick, closed door. This was one of those times where she could barely make out what was going on, but enough to pique her interest. She tried to listen as closely as possible while still pretending she was reading over her papers. Sounded...kind of serious, actually. Or at least serious enough that the Chief was getting flustered. At that point, she watched as the men exited the office. Alyusha's thoughts began to wander about it before they were suddenly cut off when her Lieutenant threw down a thick file right on her desk. The loud thud sound made her jump a little as she was yanked from her thoughts and looked over at the offender.

"Morning, jarhead. Didn't mean to startle you." the Lieutenant half-apologized.

Alyusha gave him a 'dick move...but whatever' look as she looked down at what he threw onto her desk. She almost wanted to scream.

"Wha-wha-wha-what the hell is this?" Alyusha said as she stared at the thick file he just threw on her desk.

He didn't say anything, causing her to look up at him. He gave her a look which told her everything she needed to know.

"You've gotta be freaking kidding me..." Alyusha said as she looked back down at the file.

"If I was kidding you, I'd be a professional stand-up." the Lieutenant said.

Alyusha let out a long, exasperated breath.

"Sorry, Sakurai. Not my orders. You were requested specifically to take care of it. I'm just delivering the message." he explained to her.

"Requested? What the hell? From who?" Alyusha asked, bewildered.

"It doesn't matter." he shot back, "Now are you on it or are there going to be problems?"

"Ugh, no sir. No problems here." she groaned.

The Lieutenant nodded his head and then went on his way. It was at that point that Shepard addressed her. Alyusha quickly dropped her dour expression and gave him a smiling nod.

"Morning. Yeah, he's doing good." she said to him.

She chuckled at his comment about Sharon.

"Sharon? Took her under my wing? More like she found her way under it and I can't shake her." Alyusha chuckled, "I'm hardly a good influence for her, but, I try."

She then looked around to see who was around before leaning towards Shepard's direction.

"Things got kinda spicy in there with the Chief. What's up with that?" she asked in a lowered tone.

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