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Not that I'm not happy about it! Absolutely elated I got one. But

I know how to feed it and shiz. My question was, if we have it on display does it still run down in heath and such? How often should we check in on it's health status?
The stats do still go down when it's on display, only starting after you've named it and it's gotten its personality and such. I'm not sure how often you should check it though, depends on its specific needs. Plus I know it was adjusted recently but I've had all mine in the hotel for a bit, so... I'm not sure what it's like now. Good news is, even if the stats get too low, it won't die or anything. It'll just be sad.
I tend to get my pets' well being up to 100% and find out what their favorite foods are first and foremost, and then I put the happy campers into the hotel so they can maintain their percentages. I forget easily and now that I have so many precious children, I certainly won't be able to keep up with all of them.

But they can be on display and in or out of the hotel at your leisure! Mine are all on pause, but still displayed -- it all depends on their hunger and entertainment needs as to how often you need to check in on them. Higher the values of those needs, the more needy your babben will be.

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