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Though Victor's working hard to keep his position as Galar's champion for as long as possible, it's about time he took a bit of a vacation and rested from the usual hustle and bustle that his position carries. It'll likely be a few weeks, if not a few months before the next Galar League tournament goes underway, so he's got time to do some traveling. He's thought about returning home to Kalos, but it's no small secret that his older brother, the region's champion, is somewhat resentful of him, so perhaps another region would be just as fun to explore. Finding an old map he kept in his room, he hung it up and used it as a makeshift dart board, deciding to travel to wherever the dart landed. Shortly after arriving in [insert region here]'s main hub, he runs into your character, hoping to get some information; like where to go eat, the things to see and do, good hotels to book or places to camp out, things like that. For whatever reason, as you and Victor spoke, the two of you decided that perhaps traveling together wouldn't hurt. As the two of you wandered around the region, a figurative spark seemed to grow between you, though neither of you are sure of what might come next.

Terrible plot aside, I'm essentially just looking for a cheesy, cliched, but wholesome romantic adventure between Victor and another Pokemon trainer in [insert region here] with all of the usual Pokemon shenanigans. Open to pairing him with both canon and OC trainers, not entirely picky on who he's paired with or what region we travel with. More than happy to do some brainstorming with you as well; not too interested in adult themes as I'm just looking for a cutesy, sweet story that'll be so sickeningly sweet that we'll both require emergency dental care by the time we're finished. Looking to pair Victor with fans, fellow league challengers, admirers, rookie trainers, rivals, and much more. Drop me a DM if you'd be interested!
Magic 20%
Plausible legends of ancient magic, but current magic is not common.
Technology 60%
Near future, perhaps cloning and genetic manipulation
Combat 50%
Combat is expected as part of the storyline but it won't dominate the plot.
Romance 80%
Romance will be a major feature of this plot.

Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred.

Sam (played by Anakisuto)

I'm interested!!
Victor Hall (played by KansasVenomoth) Topic Starter

Sam wrote:
I'm interested!!

I'd be happy to plot something out with you!

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