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Somewhere, far away, just on the outskirts of a not-entirely-small-but-still-quaint village was an equally as quaint cabin nestled comfortably within a cluster of trees and flora. The farm on the property just behind it, in more open space. A well-kept cobblestone path lead the way to the front entrance, accompanied by many lanterns to provide light, each and every one of them decorated and kept alight by magical runes. Even with this, many fireflies speckle the night sky, dancing about like tiny flickering stars in the shroud of night, beyond the main walkway.

The wooden cabin at the very end of the path sported much in the way of decorations, and upon closer inspection, most of these decorations appeared to be entirely hand-made. Spider webs knitted neatly from white yarn, complete with small, friendly looking spiders made entirely of soft, dark felt with tiny, glimmering gemstone eyes. In the more open potion of the front yard, false skeletons dressed up as knights, and are set up to enact several activities such as jousting and swordfighting.

Amidst the warm light filtering out from within his home, several sets of orange gemstone eyes watch over the pathway from the main window, each of them belonging to a small cat created entirely of felt, though one of these sets of eyes moves about - a real kitten hunkered down amongst them, eyes bright and filled with curiosity. At the front door, a somewhat tall man with long white hair mills about, his three, snow-white vulpine tails swaying as he sweeps the latest batch of stray leaves away from his door. He is dressed in plain, casual attire, with just a simple angel costume (by simple, it is merely just a tiny pair of hand-made, feathered wings and a small halo made out of glittering golden garland)- most of his effort had been spent on decorating both the outside and inside of his home, as well as making up a rather vast array of baked food and treats. He pauses to re-adjust the row of expertly carved pumpkins with a small smile whilst he waits for potential visitors..
King Thorax (played anonymously)

Thorax strolled up to the cabin of Indigo, smiling as he held his trick-or-treat bucket with a smile. Sure he may be a bit too old for this, but who was going to stop him? He eventually stopped to admiring the decorations, spotting Indigo outside. “I like your stuff! S’Pretty.” He complimented.

He noticed the cat, and jumped softly, not expecting it to be real. “Sorry little guy! I didn’t see you there.” He apologized even though the cat (presumably) couldn’t understand him. The changeling was “dressed-up” as a human, however to the normal eye seemed just like an average Joe, albeit some fashion choices not usually seen.

He walked up the steps and smiled lightly at Indigo. “Uh…Trick or…Meat?” He stated awkwardly, trying to remember if that was what he was supposed to say. To be honest, he kind of forgot. It’s been a while since he has been out this time of year.
Takara (played by SylOfficial)

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Takara (played by SylOfficial)

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"But it looks fun, mom!" A little voice argued. Her tone was rather high-pitched, a mixture of despair and underlying excitement as her gaze darted between the decorated farm and Adara. She was clearly pleading, and Adara was about to cave.

"Fine, but only because it looks a little bit like Nutmeg's. I guess you can go, but you come right back here okay? No bothering the people any longer than necessary, you know the drill. You hear me?" She decided, clearly sounding a little cautious as she felt protective over her daughter.

The little fur-covered girl nodded, shining white eyes sparkling with joy as she beamed.

"Yes mom, I promise!" She agreed, not waiting any longer before darting over the pathway and between the watchful eyes until she reached the steps. She moved as fast as her paws could carry her, an orange pumpkin-shaped bucket held in her hands that had a few pieces of candy in it already.

When she approached the steps, it became clear that she wasn't likely to be something many had seen before. She appeared to be part Lynx, but she sported small saber teeth and little horns that stuck out from her rust-coloured hair. Cute little space buns were wrapped messily behind her ears, covered in fake spiderwebs while her small frame was covered by a long black dress. It seemed that she was going for a witchy look, but she hadn't managed to find a hat that would fit her tufted ears.

Waiting her turn, she looked up at the fox with excitement in her eyes, her entire face smiling with her snout as she exclaimed "Trick or treat!", it was clear that this was her favourite holiday of the year.
the-queen's-spider (played anonymously)

Alois had gotten creative this year.

In-fact so creative that he spent all night trying to perfect the dinky wings that looked too small to fly (if they were able to fly, which they were not. They were for his costume after all.) and fell asleep at his table at around 4:30 AM at night.

The only reason he didn't miss trick-or-treating was because Hannah, his maid, had accidentally woke him up by passing by his bedroom too loudly, and by too loudly, she was actually very quiet. Alois just liked bullying her.

He pranced around the village, strangely without his butler Claude, holding a pumpkin-shaped bag that Claude had knitted him after Alois begged and screamed for him to do it, wearing a witch outfit with a purple and orange color scheme.

Approaching the cabin, he nearly tripped over his own two feet heading to the front-door. "Trick or Treat!" He said in the most innocent, adorable voice he could muster.

After all, if he was cute enough, the people giving out candy would be more inclined to give him extra candy.

..At least that's how he thought it worked.

To be fair, Claude wasn't listening when Alois explained his whole plan, so of course he didn't say whether he was right or wrong. (And he still probably wouldn't have said it to him because he honestly didn't care.)
Maverick (played anonymously)

Off to the side of the cabin appeared a giant black dog, barely visible against the night. His long, fluffy coat and tail were only distinguishable in spots due to the fireflies softly glowing like points of starlight hidden among his thick fur. One of his ears stood tall in a wolfish triangular point, but the other was flopped over like a gentle puppy, despite his size.

He glanced at all the visitors with warm, honey-gold eyes as he took his place beside the sweet old angel at the front door. He sat down to the man's left, tail wagging happily with a friendly canid grin. And even though his tongue lolled out slightly to one side, his eyes showed an obvious intelligence as he looked over each visitor and lit up at all of their costumes. He was clearly eager for something, but what that was remained to be seen.

For now, he remained a gentle giant of a friend to all who may show up tonight.
Indigo Eventide (played by Seven_of_Beasts) Topic Starter

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King Thorax (played anonymously)

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