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Yvienne L. Harlow (played by 0089)

It's Spooky month!

Ohhh once again what sweet time of the year where a costume and of course a good bag of candy meant the difference from a regular night to that of an incredible one! Contrary to last years little accident a certain witch had on the road this time Yvienne was prepared for festivities and to once again battle against the materialistic enterprise some other holidays closer to new year's eve meant...

Huuumpp! Naturally any good host just like any merchant knew the first step was the location! Last year the neko witch had the misfortune of getting her pumpkin shop stuck at the side of the road, however this time the witch had opted for the city of Bastia, A port city, located in the middle of the ocean, build over a stone platform supported by colossal pillars that dug deep into the sea floor. Same city that served as the main trading hub between nations which was a better change of pace as not every adventurer was up to a walk in a dark forest plagued by giant spiders! Though she had to admit the light house by the cliff and that other spot close to the lake had been tempting options.


In any case! The witch had set up shop close to the city center just at the corner close to one of the city's main attractions, that of an inn that served as tavern and adventuring hub, close by the main plaza where the influx of adventurers was guaranteed, along commuters and shoppers from the bazaar went on their routines. The nature of the city make most buildings be cramped together, particularly the residential area...still The witch was all eager to start receiving adventurers and the like.


Like years before she was decorating her store that had the ever familiar Jack O pumpkin shape, though this year she felt eager to test one of her oldest decorations that she hadn't gotten a chance to take out...also because it had been buried in a mountain of old boxes in storage thorough the years. It was that of an ornamental giant spider! a somewhat goofy and cartoonish ornament made out of bags and hay, however with the perks of magic...well only took a swing of her wand and the ornament came to life! carefully positioning itself over the roof, tapping its toy jaw as it eight eyes awaited for the first customers to grow near for the hope of free candy. In any case the witch was setting up the final touches unlike before and for the first time being actually in her humanoid form, bearing a traditional witch outfit. Though given modern fashion it resembled more that of a magical girl outfit. Big pointy purple hat with openings for her perky neko ears, a purple top with a blue small bat wings on the back , black skirt and that of a set of orange and black leggings along a pair of platform boots decorated with a smaller wing each similar to the top she wore.


And it was done! With the final touch the lights of her emporium came to life and the witch was all ready to start receiving Trick or Treaters to her small candy corner. The Jack'O Porium was now OPEN!
It was once again the holiday season and the big event of the week that made Barbara excited to celebrate because it was Halloween! Together with Klee, someone whom she addressed as her little sister, with some twinkles on her eyes full of happiness over Halloween's decoration made both of them truly excited to visit people on the island to have some treats.

They have their adventure over the platform, already have some treats from some kind adventurers and citizen they had visited. Because of Klee's cute Halloween's costume, most people raining sweets on her and that raised the mood on the little child. Barbara, on the other hand, have her beautiful yet eccentric gothic lolita costume to follow. So, here they are, arrived at the Jack O'porium and decided to knock the door.

"Trick or Treat?!" Klee said excitedly. With the little pumpkin on her hand full of sweets, she was expecting another treats she could have. Klee was happy because she can eat many sweets around this event and her mother will allow it because it was once a year event!
Yvienne L. Harlow (played by 0089) Topic Starter

*Knock Know*

Ohhhh the first Trick or treaters were just at her door! Yviennes neko ears and tail couldn't hide her excitement as she went to answer the door...She was tecnically waiting just behind the door, but that wasn't the case! The door opened then witch came out from her pumpkin shop, the scent of fresh cookies irradiating from within her home, similar to that witch candy house from tale.

"Uhhm? At first the witch looked around unwary of her guest, at least until her eyes looked down and soon came to look at the tiny witch.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!~♡♡♡" A cloy and excited scream followed as the witch saw the cutest little witch she had ever seen!!! "Sooo cuuute!!!!" Like those before her the first instinct to strike the witch was burying the smaller little one in a mountain of candy...or that would have been if her first instinct was to head pat the little one with such excellent choice of costume.

"Nyah~ Aren't you the cutest little witch? Hehe." She purred happily, ears soon twitching to notice the presence of her gothic lolita company. "Good Evening!! Mmhhh trick or treat...mmm Such excellent costumes deserve both!" The witch announced with a swing of her finger. Above them high on the night sky a star that shined with a faint blue glow then turned into a purple one glowed bright as it headed their way...then like a fiery explosion it turned into a golden precious shine that flew right towards them! Stopping right infront of them.

"Tada!!" The witch announced as it presented a large crystal gem made up from rock candy bigger than klee and likely about the size of Barbara, yet it hovered in place being weightless. "Legend says there are other worldy crystals like these made up from dreams and fragments of a world that once was." The witch added as she removed the tip of the giant gem only to reveal hand sized primogem gummies 180 to be exact.

"Remember sharing is caring! Nyah~♡" The witch hummed using a spell so that the larger star shaped candy container followed Klee instead of having to carry it on her overfilled pumpkin though the piece was meant for both.

"Mrreeoow! Happy Halloween and Merry spookmas!~♡"
"Thank you, miss witch~!" The little girl was letting out a cute chuckle over the compliment. Barbara then came in after her and also bow politely to the owner of the Jack O'Porium. Klee was also forced her to wear her Halloween costume. Even if she denied it at first but she was liking it after because of how cute the costume looks on her. The witch also complimented her costume that boost her confident up and flashed a big smile on her face.

"Trick or Treaaat~~! But Klee said that already. Hehe." Klee and Barbara then getting excited when the witch presented a big, not only big but huge! It was bigger than Klee so the little girl in red has her glistening eyes on how happy she was to get the nicest treat. Barbara also being astonished on how the witch casted a spell on the candy container so that Klee didn't have to bring it all the way. "Oh my... You are so awesome, Ms! I hope Barbatos will always protect you! Thank you for the treats~! My name is Barbara and this child is Klee. Happy Halloween for you too!" Barbara said happily.
Yvienne L. Harlow (played by 0089) Topic Starter

"Mrreoow~ Miss witch?" Yvienne let out a soft giggle at the remark. "You can call me Yvienne." The witch purred, ears twitching ad her tail swayed from one side to the other behind her.

"Ohhh~♡ Aren't you two the cutest? And your little pumpkin, ohhh she looks just like you." The witch cooed mistakenly thinking klee was Barbara's daughter. "Dont let them eat it all in one go, else your little pumpkin is gonna be up running all night." The witch cooed happily, delighted to see fellow witches...or l trick or treaters portray her role with such cute costumes.

"Mmhhhh though it wouldn't be fair leaving such fine young lady go empty handed....Mrreoww!! You seem like someone who likes to sing!" The witch mewled , swaying her finger as a beautiful lyre made of golden hard candy, magical neon strings glowing swaying as they played a melodious tune. From within the witch's home a parade of gummy bears, candy canes and ginger bread cookies marched with miniature drums, trumphets and banners, their own personal orchesta to go around their trick and treat. Witches have to stick together isnt it? Besides it would help her promote her business...hehe, nothing bad with some free publicity!

"Mrreoow! Enjoy the night!~♡" The witch purred happily waving to the lovely cute pair.
"Thank you once again, Miss Yvienne! Klee is happy! Klee will tell mom to go here again because Miss Yvienne is kind to Klee!" Klee bowed gracefully to the with and look at Barbara with some proud over her face for sucessfully make the witch happy with her costume and getting some treats.

Barbara keeps getting impressed at the witch's joyous magic all over her porioum and the amount of treats the witch gave them. "I will make sure Klee eats the treat little by little and brush her teeth afterwards. She is like my little sister. Oh! And yes, yes, I love singing~!" Barbara hummed along with the lyre then bowed herself as her gratitude. "Now if you would excuse us, we still want to visit many places and don't let us make your visitor away for staying too long! Hehe. May you have some terrifyingly good Halloween~!☆" Barbara winked to the witch then together with Klee they excused themselves from the place to visit another places.
Yvienne L. Harlow (played by 0089) Topic Starter

"Mreeoow! Farewell!" Yvienne bit farewell to the two young witches. The thought of a coven did cross her mind but she was getting ahead of it. She watched the two depart with the miniature candy parade tailing behind them. It had been a wonderful start! Still the night was young. Thus the witch calmly entered her home and excitedly awaited for her next visit.
She would not have to wait long after the others that a small goat child would approach. Asriel, being a monster, had little need to dress up since most simply assumed he was in costume anyway. Asriel had a green stripped shirt and your typical jean pants. What also was of note was there there was no bag in his hands. His pockets on the other hand had the tell tale indents of treats stored within. It seemed that what he couldn't eat immediately he pocketed for later. He didn't have much which probably meant this was still the top of the night for him.

Asriel had heard the stories on the streets of a building shaped like a pumpkin. he'd seen some well decorated homes, but to go so far as to make your home IN to the decoration. That was something he definitely had to see. That is until he observed the giant spider on the roof top. It hid in the shadows but thanks to Asriel's nature, the night wasn't much of a cover and he could see it pretty well. it didn't make him any safer. Or at least he didn't feel safer. With a deep gulp he approached the spire. 'If it lunges just throw a piece of candy at it. That'll work... maybe...' he attempted to assure himself.

Asriel very sheepishly stepped on to the threshold and knocked on the door. Unsure of what to expect or weather the spider would behave. He kept his eyes on the beast and very nervously called out. "H-happy h-h-halloween! o-o-or was is it Trick-or-treat?" He stammered. The top of his body looked ready to bolt at any moment yet his feet stood firm, like they were iced over and frozen the floor.
Yvienne L. Harlow (played by 0089) Topic Starter

"MHRREOOWW!! HAPPY MERRY TRICK & TREAT HALLOWEEN SPOOKMASS!!!" The witch stormed out of the door as soon as the newcomer arrived. It wasn't that the Witch had been seeing from the lock and had been low key glued to the door expecting visits!!! Haa! Clearly NOT!!!

"UHHH?? EEEEHHH??!!" The witch nearly jumped in place, though not because she was scared of the little monster, she had grew in an island full of monsters anyhow. No, it was due the state the monster kid was trick or treating!! No candy cauldron or way to carry his treats, small stash of candy and the worst a lack of costume!!! For a witch that loved halloween she felt like she skipped a beat, she had a lot to fix!

"Ohhh!! No no no no no, little cub! You can't go trick or treating like that! Halloween isn't just for human's and a young cute sweet heart like you deserves lots and lots of treats!" The witch huffed, swinging her finger as three huge pumpkin heads stashed witch candy, jelly beans, lollipops, gummies all began to hover and follow the young monster, following him as they served as both illumination and carry bags for his brand new fortune of snacks.

*poof* A small purple hoodie manifested infront of Asriel, a custom fit garment made to size, with small horn openings for the head.

"Tada!! With this you can be a powerful mighty warlock!! TO CONQUER EARTH HAHAHAHA!!" The witch gave a maniacal laugh mainly due the hype. "And if anyone doubts that..."


A pumpkin chaos launcher came forth, a mix between a bazzooka and well...a pumpkin!! Now there might be serious doubts about the witch's judgement...yet aside from the fancy names the witch had merely offered the equivalent Of a home made potatoe cannon.


The launcher activated by it's own, the missile pumpkin launching to the air, making a series of spins before exploding in a rain of fireworks.

"Let me see..." The witch began to meddle with the weapon, fiddling with a switch with a different range of modes. " Fireworks, Anti-Pigeon, 70's disco...ahhaaa! Sugar Rush!" The witch purred proudly after the calibration, as now every shot would end up in a colorful blast of candy...Sort of like a Piñata, but with less risk of getting hit with a wooden club.
Asriel nearly leaped from his own body after a shrill screech came from this mysterious cat lady. The fear was mutual it seemed. Or so he thought until she began to size up his costume. He was about to interject when three pumpkins carrying candy appeared from out of no where. They floated around him. They weren't attacking... so he assumed they weren't harmful.

Again he was about to speak until he was met with new clothes. Or rather, a costume. Custom fit to and the hood even had little holes for the horns. The attention to detail was amazing. The fabric was soft and loose. It was warm but not too warm. Perfect for a night on the street. Even though he had fur and the cold didn't bother him much, the thought was definitely meaningful. It was clear by now that this lady took the holiday very seriously. Or perhaps... serious wouldn't be the right term as what came next astounded his eyes all the more.

She created a canon. Seemed a little excessive. It went off on it's own and fired a... pumpkin? It launched in to the sky and popped in to fireworks. The boys eyes sparkled at the sight. What an incredible sight. Alas with out nary a moment she began tinkering with the device. As if that wasn't suppose to happen. He had no idea what she did to it, but after what he'd seen so far, he wasn't about to question it.

Finally a moment of reprieve and the boy could speak. "That was absolutely incredible. I was scared of the spider at first. But then the pumpkin heads, and the cannon, and the fireworks.!" The boy had the biggest smile on his face. "Oh, and the costume! Thank you very much! I'll have you know, I actually can use magic. Mom taught me some!" he said put his hands together and weaved them around to create a ball of fire. Just a little one. He tossed it in to the sky and it burst like a firework. Nothing like her what the cannon had created, but still probably more than was expected from such a small ball of flame.

"Honestly, I love the holiday for this reason. You never know who you're going to run in to on a night like tonight. Being scared is half the fun. The other half is the generosity and joy of the people and creatures who love the night as much as the monsters do." Asriel, still not understanding the purpose of the three floating pumpkin heads full of candy, took a single piece of candy. A sucker. True to the suspicion, he unwrapped it and popped it in his mouth. He'd... been eating most of the candy as it was handed to him. With a delighted smile he held out a hand to the witch. "I like you. You're a lot of fun. Let's be friends." He said.
Yvienne L. Harlow (played by 0089) Topic Starter

"MMRREEOOWW!! Thank you!" The witch replied to the young boy's compliment of her display.

Spider? The witch tilted her head to the side, ironically giving off a puppy like look. Ohhh!! Yeah her decoration! The petite neko gave a short glance to the recluded spider up on her door snipping it's toys jaws. "Ohhh. That's just to scare vendors." The witch, waved her hand softly...though it was a valid point as it was probably enough to scare not only vendors away, ohhh well!!

"Mmrrhh...You're welcome little cub~♡" The neko witch added at the gratitude from the little costume, it was but a small detail from her part still it was the biggest smile of his that was the most precious treat. In her younger days back when she was but a small kitten halloween was one if not the biggest holiday for her, getting her costume ready and hand made by her dear mom, she had to admit seeing the young monster boy reminded her of those distant happy days.

"WWWWAAAAAUUUU!!! Unbelievable! You're so young and talented!!~Mrreoww~♡" The neko watched with wonder the beautiful bits of fire left on the atmosphere, such a pleasant sight that regardless of size it's warmth it'a skill was that which reflected the flame transmited from mother to son, such a meaningful bond.

"Dont forget the candy~ Mwhehehe!" The witch added playfully, the little cub had spot on named the purpose of their celebration, an atmosphere of generosity mixed with the adrenaline and hype of meeting new people with the added spooky magic that filled the air.

"Mhhreooww!~♡" The witch not only took the young cub's hand but she also pulled him in for a sweet hug!! "BUT OF COURSE I WILL!!! YOUR BIG SISTER NEKO WITCH YVIENNE!" The witch purred, comfortably rubbing her cheek onto the little cub just like a kitten would with their person.

"Ohhh!! That's right!! Which reminds me" the witch let go, quickly spinning her hands as a beautiful pink glow began to manifest. That of a light that took the shape of a flower made of sugar glass. Encased securely in a crystal clear dome , enchanted to be sturdy and unbreakable for safety reasons. "There~♡ A gift for your dear Mom." The witch offered the crystaline piece.
Even thought she waved the spider like an owner to a pet, it didn't really make it any less... intimidating. Still. It was enough to ease his mind a bit on that topic. Asriel watched on for a moment as the witch seemed to be lost in thought. Perhaps dreaming of yesteryear. It was a wholesome moment indeed and not one often shared with monsters of his kind. It made it all the sweeter.

No sooner did his magic trick end, was the overwhelming praise received. He was surprised by the reception he got. It wasn't much of a spell and yet she greeted it like the most fantastic thing she'd seen all night. Suddenly his hand was taken and he was pulled in to a hug. He was taken aback obviously, but after all the over the top antics this cat girl was capable of, was it really so surprising? Asriel hugged her back and smiled. The nuzzles were fun and in the end the hug was short lived as the cat seemed to avert her attention once more.

This time she created something different. He assumed it was going to be something pumpkin related but to his surprise it was a flower. A most beautiful flower indeed, made of sugar glass no less as the smell of sweets permeated the air once again. She encased it in a glass dome and though it was enchanted to be durable, Asriel accepted the gift with great care and respect. His eyes aglow at the miraculous creation. "Wow. It's amazing. Toriel will loves this. Thank you so much!" He said with glee as she gave her another hug. "I've never had a sister before. I'll have to come back and visit again!" He said before letting go.

As he began to leave, the pumpkins she had set upon him carrying the candy fallowed as they were created to do. With a smile he waved goodbye and called out one more time. "Happy Halloween, Sister Yvienne!" As the boy was leaving the what he left behind could now be notice. When he hugged the cat, he left for her a gift of his in her hands. A yellow flower. Beatiful, vibrant, with an almost sunny glow. A species of flower that matched no likeness to any flower she'd ever seen or ever would see. At least... not on the surface world.

The idea that that flower would bring her as much joy as she brought him... filled him with determination.
Yvienne L. Harlow (played by 0089) Topic Starter

"Aww~♡ aren't you the sweetest?" The witch happily accepted the little cub's hug, returning it while gently patting him on the head, such a cute little monster she had ran into. "Mhhh! Next time be sure to bring your mom too, I would love to exchange recipes and spells with her." The neko purred, letting go of him as sadly it was time to say good bye.

"MEEEOOHWW! Merry Happy Halloween Spookmass little cub!!" The witch waved towards the departing boy, only now realizing the precious little detail he had left her...a flower one unlike any other she had ever seen! A yellow flower with an almost golden glow. A rare treasure indeed...One that aside from the neko's business mentality she would neber dare turn this beautiful gift into profit. No...She would plant it and hopefully with good care and a tiny bit of magic then have a beautiful garden of these pretty little flowers.

"Take Care little cub!! Till next year!" The witch continued waving, seeing the boy disappear on the distance followed by his trio of pumpkins, hehe yet another lovely encounter for such a wonderful Night. The witch purred to herself then went inside her home. She had a flower to plant and take outmost care of.

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