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As the annual harvest season slowly comes to a close, the Dragonborn is cooking up ways to use up the excess products he's managed to harvest this year. Remembering the old Whiterun Retreat some of his companions had built, he decided it was time for a bit of a celebration. Many of them suggested a harvest festival of sorts; offering treats, drinks, fellowship, and all that good stuff. Following several days with preparation and planning, the finally opened up the Retreat to the public with none other than the Dragonborn himself being the bartender for the evening.


Standing behind the bar with a wide variety of baked goods sitting on the counter, he greets the various patrons with a smile. "Good morning and welcome to the Whiterun Retreat. I hope you'll find our early morning festivities to your liking." He greets, motioning towards the tables lined up with all kinds of food and drinks including various ales, meads, and even freshly brewed tea.


"Do let me know if you need anything, and feel free to take a seat and enjoy yourself." Ja'vassa stated as he leaned against the counter.
Tifa Lockhart (played anonymously)

"Hello, Sir. Fancy meeting you here." Tifa greeted the Dragonborn as she arrived at the Whiterun retreat. She should have been old enough to celebrate Halloween but rather, she was lost on the cap-guessing game on Marlene, something that the little girl truly good at and Marlene suggested Tifa to do some dare. Here she was, with the Halloween costume, Marlene chose it by herself, she has no choice but to wear it as her costume, at least it was once a year festive she would attend to.

After got some treats from the resident, she stopped by the Whiterun to have some rest. The owner already decorated the place to be cozy so Tifa heads up to the counter to have some dessert that the Dragonborn offered. "This taste good." Tifa complimented one of the cake she ate.
Ja'vassa Anair (played by KansasVenomoth) Topic Starter

"Aye, welcome, friend." Ja'vassa greeted with a slight nod of the head. "I'm glad to see we've got a visitor, though I suppose that's our fault for choosing a location so far from the city..." Shaking his head slightly, he'd head over to another counter, pridefully grinning as she complimented the cake. "I'm glad you're enjoying it; some of my finest work, if I do say so myself. Feel free to help yourself to as much as you can handle, there's plenty left and there will be plenty more coming soon, just waiting for them to finish baking." Pausing briefly, he'd head over to another counter. "Care for some hot cocoa? Or maybe some roasted marshmallows?"
Chak-tha (played by Anakisuto)

Chak-tha walked up to the counter, clicking nervously to herself. She seemed on edge about dealing with non Thri-Kreen.
Ja'vassa Anair (played by KansasVenomoth) Topic Starter

"Another newcomer, eh?" Ja'vassa greeted as she approached the counter. "Welcome, friend. What can I get for ya?"
Miretta walked in and dusted the snow off her boots and the dust and leaves off her shoulders. She had farcasted to get there, but there were still weather effects working in the mean-time.
She approached the counter with a small wave and a bow of her head. "Hello there! I'd like to get two of your meat pies, a cake, and some of your finest cream, please? I'll pay in gold or silver coin, whichever is acceptable." Miretta beamed. "And is that ale over there? I don't mind if I do, really, I'm just here to request goods to deliver to a party... We could have come here, really, but it didn't seem like there was enough time to travel, so it's at a different place... Anyway, it's lovely! I'll stay and warm up. I love what you've done with the rafters! Are those herbs? What kind of flowers are those?"

She rubbed her hands together and took a deep breath in of the warm-smelling air.
Ja'vassa Anair (played by KansasVenomoth) Topic Starter

"Put the coins away, just enjoy yourself and let your worries melt away." Ja'vassa responded, waving it off. "Our pies are still in the oven, so that might be a few moments, but perhaps I could offer some of this mountain flower cake? A new recipe made from a combination of fruits and fresh mountain flowers to give it the vibrant colors." He explains as he sets it on a nearby plate along with a bowl of cream. "It is, freshly brewed by yours truly. Used a new recipe to improve the flavor, so I'm hoping it'll work for some." A prideful grin crossed his face as she complimented the place. "They're just simple lavenders, mountain flowers, and some jazbay plants."
Balthazar (played anonymously)

The feline managed to catch the door as it opened via the last patron's entry. Balthazar, with the known silence of his kind, slinked beneath stools and table legs with practiced maneuverability. The small creature paused, taking a moment to sniff at the air and acclimate to the swaths of new smells. It was a veritable wonderland of tasty delicacies and he felt he just had to partake.

Captivated by the mention of cream by one of the guests, the eager cat leapt unto the barstool with a befitting elegance. He sat himself down, front paws delicately placed before him, while his long, swarthy tail swept to and fro over the edge of his seat. Like any of the other guests he would patiently await the attention of the master keep.

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