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Max (played by Maxthecoolcat420)

* Max had bought a whole wear house to make a big and amazing costume Halloween party as there were amazing decorations all over the place with a big section with all different sweets cakes candy you name it it was there plus there was a cocktail bar and a punch bar for anyone who wanted drinks and he had at the far end with huge speakers playing Halloween music max himself was dressed as a 70s hippie with a bit of a twist as he had a parachute jacket like Marty micfly but he had bellbottoms with super long pant legs and his hair was up with a red bandana like tommy chong as outside and on social media post said come one come all to maxes house of fun and terror were youll scream with joy* max: alright now just the smoke room to finish * he said as he went into a undecorated room where people can come smoke cigs or joints so he decorated it with pot-themed itams and Halloween itams*
"Oh. My. God!"

A high pitched scream of excitement escaped from the lips of a ginger haired girl. Although no, aside from her rather juvenile behaviour as she stood by the entrance and jumped up and down she seemed to be a young woman. Early twenties if one had to guess, and dressed in a black bunny costume. It hadn't been her first call, she'd wanted to go as a witch or a zombie after all, but her friend had told her that she had to show off her best assets and her legs as well as very mild curves were part of that!

"Can you believe how awesome this is? I heard that the host of tonight actually bought this place for the party. Can you imagine that? That's so cool!" She said, shaking her friend in an attempt to get her just as excited as she was.

The friend, with dark green hair and a skin that was covered in tattoos, was wearing a long victorian style gown with a high-low twist. The front of the garment seemed to be hoisted up and tucked underneath her corset, and she had paired it with knee-high boots and a steampunk style goggles. It seemed that she didn't quite catch Grace's contagious laughter, but she also didn't look angry about it. Instead, a corner of her emerald painted lips turned up in amusement, and she placed a hand on Grace's arm as she tried to get her to enter the warehouse.

Grace, happily obliging, followed along until they walked through the door, which was when her mouth fell open in shock and she stared at all the decorations and the snacks.

"Woah, this is going to be the best party of the year!" she squealed, clearly delighted by the amount of effort the host had put in.
Max (played by Maxthecoolcat420) Topic Starter

* Max heard the joyful screams of the lady he composed himself befor coming out of the now finished smoke room and into the main area of the wear house * Max: greetings ladies!! * he said as he walked to them with a joyful smile * Max: I'm assuming you two heard about my party huh * he said with a joyful tone * Max: and please excuse the emptiness of this party you two have been the first people show up so for the moment you can enjoy the smoke room which comes with a free joint or cig when you enter or you can grab some of the snacks i laid out my self*
Their excited gazes only came to a halt when the host revealed himself to them and as he greeted them, Grace beamed. Lilly on the other hand raised an eyebrow in surprise at her friend's growing excitement, and gently elbowed her side.

"Is it me or is he pretty cute?" Grace asked in a half-whisper. She was probably lucky that the music was playing or he'd likely overhear her say it.

Lilly shook her head and while refusing to answer Grace, she turned to answer Max instead.

"It's okay, now that we've arrived the party can definitely start!" She decided, then taking to the snack table in order to get herself a drink.

Grace laughed, a little sheepishly and wandered in further, making sure to see all the decorations that were up.

"You did a great job. This place looks wonderful. I really like your costume too." She complimented, offering him a warm smile. "Don't mind my friend too much, she sometimes thinks she is the core of the world. I'm sure people will show up soon! Who would want to miss this?"
Max (played by Maxthecoolcat420) Topic Starter

* max smiled happily as he talked to them * Max: hehe thank you you don't know how long it took me to put all this up and thanks have you tried guessing which genre im from * he chuckled holding his arms out to have a good look of him * max: if you guess right ill even throw in a free shot or joint whichever your choice * he said with a chuckle taking a cup and getting some punch * *
As Lilly helped herself to the punch, Grace happily spoke to Max. She had no intention of cutting the conversation short, unless of course he would give her an indication that he wanted to. She didn't want him to get bored with her, but if he continued to engage in conversation she would too.

"Hmmmm," She started, looking him over head to toe as she placed a manicured finger on top of her lips in thought. It was an almost exaggerated gesture, and a playful twinkle appeared in her eyes. She happened to be the queen of fashion, and her fashion loving self had spotted that 70s outfit from a mile away, or at least from the moment she'd managed to lay eyes on him.

"It has to be 70s disco!" She let out excitedly, sure of her impending victory. "And as for how long you've worked on this, I'm not sure but it has to have been ages!" She added, beaming as she knew she should've at least have half of it right.

Despite Grace being so sure, Lilly downed her first cup of punch and shook her head.

"Nah! You're an uncultured swine of a person! Who raised you?" She shamed, causing for Grace to wince visibly in turn. "That's back to the future if I've ever seen it, and I've seen it plenty!"

"Don't know how long it took you either, but a whole lot longer than it will take people to trash this place while partying." She grinned, gaining an eyeroll from Grace.

"Lily please, be nice." She pleaded, but she knew deep down that this was just Lilly being Lilly, and Lilly meant no real harm.
Max (played by Maxthecoolcat420) Topic Starter

* max was more then ammused as there attempt to guess what style he is * max: hehe your both right but there is still more with my outfit and yes i know this place will be something else when everyone here gets done parting but thankfully i hierd soe trash people to clean it up so its not a roblem * he chuckled with a warm smile * max: so to keep conversation going what do you two do in your free time or do you guys normaly come to partys in this town * he said taking a swig of his punch * ( so sorry for taking for ever to respond my weekend was busy TvT)
Lily stared at him and blinked, then shook her head.

"Such a shame, I really had hoped I was going to win this. Then again, you did say that the smoke room came with a free joint anyways. I'm going to make my way over there now... For how long is to be determined." She decided, refilling her cup with punch and then wandering towards the smoke room. It seemed as though Lily was definitely the blunt one of the two and they made an odd pair of friends, especially with Grace almost being her polar opposite.

"I'm sorry for not seeing the full picture in terms of your costume, but if you'd like to tell me all about it I'd love to hear it though!" She beamed, curiosity shining through in her eyes. It was clear that she was genuinely interested and she did hope he would tell her.

As he asked his question, she chuckled softly.

"I go to parties regularly, Lily just loves Halloween. If it hadn't been for that, there was no way I was going to get her to agree to come to this. She usually sticks to... less public locations, if that makes sense." She grinned.

"In my free time I read comic books, I watch a lot of movies and I draw sometimes. I'm a bit of a geek I guess? A partying geek at that, but at least I do know how to have fun and go with the flow. What about yourself?" She asked then, her smile warming.
Max (played by Maxthecoolcat420) Topic Starter

* to answer lilys question max responded * max: yep there a variety of diffrent ones just make sure to take one though * he said looking back at grace then he chuckled as she apologized * max: hay no need to be so apoligetic ill tell ya what im a mix of the 60s 70s and 80s the parichute jaket is from the 80s like in back to the futer and the hair is more 60s then the shoes are the 80s and the pants are 70s * he chuckled after then he listened to what she she did in her free time * max: hehe well hay thats a good thing though being a geek at partys means your the odd ball witch is cool if that makes since ive kinda been the same but instead of drawing its many decor writing storys and growing pot and throwing partys oh and if you walk to the back of the ware house theres my 80s van its all black with a cat riding a pegisus in space want to take a look then join your friend in the smoke room * he said with a joyful tone *
"Don't worry about your supply, if she manages to finish one entirely she'll be out like a light in no time. She may enjoy smoking but that doesn't mean she has a high tolerance for it." she chuckled. She shook her head at her friend's antics, her wavy ginger hair bouncing around her face as it lit up in joy while he spoke.

"That is so cool! I love that you mixed different decades! It's a bold move, many people are too afraid to do it but I think it can make for a great and cool look. It does make me wonder about your usual personal style though, but I do think that can be said about many people tonight."

She was aware that she herself did belong to that category at the moment as her outfit wasn't something she'd have typically picked on her own.

As he said that being a geek was a good thing and that it made her cool as the oddball witch, she could feel the heat rising to her cheeks. They flushed a deep red as she blushed, and the redness perfectly balanced itself with her green eyes.

"Thank you, you're sweet." She expressed, then listening as he spoke about writing stories, growing pot and throwing parties. The writing part was the only thing that got her surprised thanks to this party and she was just about to ask which genre he preferred to write when he mentioned his 80s van.

"No way! I'd absolutely love to see it!" She stressed, beaming and practically bouncing up and down in her excitement. The mention of it alone had her thrilled and she couldn't wait to see what he had done to it.
Max (played by Maxthecoolcat420) Topic Starter

* hearing that her friend would be knocked out from one joint he chuckled as he was smiling brightly as she mentioned the costume and the decades * max: hehe well normally i wear a jean jacket jeans boots and that's it its nothing special really and hehe see your face gives it away that being a od ball is cool that's how I've normally been and to go a bit more into my writing i normally like slice of life romance and adventure and i do like my self a good bit of drama in the mix of all of that * he said as he guided her to the back as the van looked pristine it was gliciting and the artwork on both the sides of the van had the exact description max had mentioned about the cat riding a pegasus in space* max: and this is my masterpice right here
"Nothing wrong with a reliable and comfortable outfit. I feel like everyone should have one of those. As much fun as fashion can be, sometimes you just have to focus on that which is efficient and which works for the occasion. Denim tends to be sturdy so I can't blame you for that." She smiled.

"It's cool that you write. I'm not sure I'd be able to do that! I did have a friend in my college dorm last year that happened to have LARP as a hobby, and it did make me wonder about what it would be like to come up with stories on the spot. I suppose it's a talent I envy..." She admitted, chuckling sheepishly.

As he led her closer to the van, she gasped in awe the moment she saw it. The artwork on the sides was pristine and standing in front of it like they were, it was hard to not be transported to a difficult time period in her mind. It was easy to see why he'd consider it his masterpiece, and she admired every inch of it.

"Woah... She really is a beauty! How long did it take for you to make her look this cool?" She asked, reaching out and gently running her fingertips over the cat.
Max (played by Maxthecoolcat420) Topic Starter

* max smiled as she talked about the denim * max: hehe well they are reliable and convenient if you have inside pockets with jean jackets that's why i wear them oh and you do the same with the art i mean writing something is just words on a paper or a document but art thats something hell you ever see bob roses art you can't tell me he wasn't thinking of ideas of what the pictuer would fit into and for the van just getting the original parts took me a while i was 16 when i got it then when i was 18 i was able to get all the original body panels and such plus i made some cool designs on the inside and for the artwork and waxing and such well it costed me a pretty penny but thankfully i had a buddy who cut some of the cost off for me
Keiko Kennedy (played by Astrobean)

A pickup truck pulled up to the driveway. It was caramel and white with its truck bed full of instruments and a bag of fertilizer. The driver was a satyr with brown and orange ombre hair. He was dressed as a jiangshi. "Is this the place?", he said as he looked at the warehouse. A vampire dressed as a oiran looked out of the window.

Another car pulled up after the truck. "Bao, the others arrived", Keiko said and went out of the truck. She opened the front panel of the truck bed. Another satyr walked up to the truck bed. She was dressed as a flapper. "Iris", Keiko said before kissing both of the satyr's cheeks as a greeting. Bao got out of the truck and looked around. A human dressed as Frankstein's monster joined the group.
Max (played by Maxthecoolcat420) Topic Starter

* max would then come out of the wear house dressed in a parachute jacket like marty then his pants where 70s and his shoes and hair where 80s style anarcist * max: hay! you guys made it you dudes look sick not going to lie * he said happily walking up to the group
He would pull up to the party. Once he stepped out of his Dodge Challenger, he would stagger trying to go inside the party with the high heels, red wig, and Jessica Rabbit dress. "D...damnit...."
Grace took her sweet time looking at the van. She was totally in awe of his set up. He really pulled off the dream and she couldn't help but to applaud that.

"It must be your baby, you worked so hard on her. No wonder you are proud!" She complimented, then smiling as she placed a hand on his upper arm as she heard the sound of vehicles pulling up outside.

"It looks like you finally have more guests to greet, I'm going to see where Lily went and make sure she doesn't trash the place in her high state." She chuckled. "Thank you for showing me your passion project, maybe I'll see you around and find a moment with you before the night ends."

As soon as she had said that she was on her way, not wishing to keep him from mingling with other guests. She herself took off towards the smoke room to join Lily, who had made it halfway through her joint upon Grace's arrival. It was clear that she hadn't been wasting time, and the green haired gal burst into a fit of giggles once her ginger friend arrived.

"I thought you'd never return, where were you off to?" She questioned, tapping the joint on the ashtray to make sure she wouldn't ruin her outfit with fallen ashes.

"He showed me his 80's van. It's so cool! You should've seen it! It has a cat riding a unicorn on it's sides!" She claimed, which made Lily shake her head.

"Damn Gibson, I'm almost surprised that he didn't insist on showing you the inside too." She winked, which had Grace's cheeks flushing more as she pretend-stomped further into the room and grabbed a joint as well. She wasn't usually a smoker, but special events were an exception.

"Shut up." She fired back, sitting down next to Lily and lighting her own.
Max (played by Maxthecoolcat420) Topic Starter

max: well of course and i can meet you both in there once im done * max said befor going and shortly brefing the band that he hierd to set up on the stage and after that he went back out to greet the new guest and as he noticed the jessica rabbit costume of the man driving the challanger max was chuckiling a little as he went up and greeted adam * max: howdy there friend glad you could show up theres bevrigis inside with snacks plus a smoke room that comes with a free joint when you walk in * max said happily hepling them inside due to the heals and such befor he went and walked into the smoke room * max: how are you two getting along in here * he said with a joyful tone *
Keiko Kennedy (played by Astrobean)

"Ooo, Jessica Rabbit", Keiko said when passing by Adam. "What brings you to the party?" Her hand was brought up near her mouth. The kimono sleeve covered up half of her face. The rest of the band began bringing the instruments inside.
Maxthecoolcat420 Topic Starter

( ya i dont think anyone is on this topic besides me unfortunetly lol XD

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