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The streets of the Terran city of Siracusa were different this time around--And maybe it was the Lupus Siracusan people, or the fact that things were different, it did not matter.

Today, some would find themselves near the Siracusan theater, and they'd find themselves face-to-face with the mad wolf, Lappland. But, today, Lappland wasn't here to kill people like she might've in her home city, but rather, she was giving candy out, though still looking a bit, well...crazy. How you work with this, is up to you.
Red (played by Bell-Boi)

Red had been on a stroll through the city, humming faintly as he did, the area was new to him, so he didnt exactly know where to go, so he simply just walked around till he found something interesting, he didnt really have a costume for the 'halloween' esque occasion, so he just used the fact he was a kemonomini as an excuse.

He soon stumbled across the theater, going closer to it, hoping to find something that would make up for him having been dragged into this whole halloween thing by his friends.
Lappland Saluzzo (played by AgitoAceXIII) Topic Starter

Though the theater hall was empty for once, there was Lappland in her fancy outfit see “Refined Horrormare” on her page for the idea. She easily noticed this man….or whatever he was, and piped up about it. “Well, I’m supposing you’re one of the people gathering candy, no? Why not add some more, then?”
Red (played by Bell-Boi)

Red got somewhat startled from the sudden voice, but quickly turned to see Lappland. "erm- yeah, you'd be correct." he replied, walking over to her. "kind of an empty place for a celebration of some kind huh?.." he asked, his ear twitching for a moment.
"Hello!!" Azura piped up, a little loudly. She loved the wolf's costume. It looked so real! "Your costume is sooo cute!" She smiled happily. "Trick or treat, would you like to see a magical act?" She spun her magical blade-wand, thinking sneakily that it would be funny to use it with a little magic casually, and impress some people. Oh... But maybe she'd better not. What if they didn't like magic? Or worse yet, what if they didn't like magicians? What if magic was illegal here? She hadn't been here before.
Smiley (played anonymously)

The Code Mistake appeared in the back of the theater, watching from afar. She would approach when everyone else left, or if she was found.
Rella (played anonymously)

"what an interesting place indeed" =rella was wondered around exploring the city eventually finding this person in...a wolf costume...or was it real?= "um...hi...uh...." =rella stuttered nervously=

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