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Gwen Stacys (played anonymously)

‘ Alright, people. Let’s start at the beginning one last time. My name is Gwen Stacy. I was bitten by a radioactive spider, and for the last 2 years, I've been the one and only Spider-Woman. You guys know the rest. I joined a band, saved my dad. I couldn't save my best friend, Peter Parker, so now I save everyone else. And I don't do friends anymore, just to avoid any distractions. And one day this weird thing happened. And I mean, like, really weird. I was blown into last week literally. I landed in New York, but not my New York. My Spider-Sense told me to head to Visions Academy. And I met.. him. Miles Morales. We saved the spider verse together.. before we made our ways..’

That was a few months ago, So much has happened to Gwen. She missed Miles and her friends whom she met on that journey, it was distracting her. That day she had her headphones on, her eyes were closed tightly as she banged on the drums for band practice.

Beating things with sticks was literally therapy to her. Gwen’s friends; Betty, MJ and Glory were shouting at her to catch her attention before her headphones were yanked off. “Huh? The songs over?” She asked in a confused tone. She looked at the tree before they kindly worried that they were worried.

Gwen’s brows furrowed slightly. “I’m fine.. if you guys are seriously that worried, I’ll just find a new band that won’t..” she muttered under her breath before she kicked a the drum which fell off the stage before walking out. Her messy blonde hair was tied into a pony tail as she walked, keeping her head down as she walked . Her headphones on as she walked though the city silently.

Gwen sighed to herself as she looked at a picture of her and Miles.. she missed him so much. As she walked, she fixed the sweater she was wearing as she headed home to just flop onto the bed. Her father, Captain Stacy’s of the NYPD was on patrol looking for the notorious spider women that so said killed Gwen’s best friend Peter Parker.. but that wasn’t true not at all.. she didn’t know it was him until the last second as his body was crushed. He was turned into a huge lizard during their prom! Gwen didn’t mean to kill him...not at all..

It really broke Gwen thinking this. How badly she wanted to go out to her father and say who she really was and for him to just accept her for it. That would of made her so much happier then how she was now.

As her father said goodbye so he could go on patrol due to some report of a break in at the museum. Gwen watched him leave the apartment before swiftly opening one of her drums to grab her spider suit. She quickly slipped it on and pulled her mask down and over her face before she opens her room window and jumped out.

She shot a web as she started to swing towards the museum. Gwen notice d her father starting to head towards the entrance but she webbed him to his car before hanging upside down in front of him.

“Still looking for me Eh captain?” She asked in her fake deep voice before chuckling and going inside. She noticed the odd falcon villain flying around, he looked old and messed up.. he was glitching around.

Time skip to father the fight, the villain was webbed down to the ground. Gwen was standing there, breathing heavily as she saw the other two spider hero’s. She didn’t know too much of who they were. She basically annoyed the shit out of Miguel to find out who he was.

Gwen was about to swing off before she heard a gun click behind her, her spider sense tingled as she quickly turned and saw her father pointing a gun at her. She put her hands up hesitantly as she stared at him. She couldn’t believe it.

Her hand slowly moved to pull her mask off. “Dad.. plea-“ she was cut off as a gun shot rang though her ears, the bullet shot into the ceiling. Her dad was started to state her rights as he stepped closer. Gwen stepped back slightly. Tears filled her eyes. “Can’t you just be my dad for once and not a police captain just this once!?” She shouted at him. There was pure fear in her voice as he kept stepping closer to her with the gun.

Gwen was shocked to see her father like this, she let out a shaky breath before something happened; A orange device was thrown right at her dad that trapped him in it. He went to shoot the gun and failed, the orange device stopped him.

Jess slowly walked up towards Gwen and hugged her like a loving mother, ruffling her hair softly and shushing her. “Let’s go kid..” Jess whispered as they slowly made it towards the portal.

Gwen took one last glance at her father, seeing the tears and regret in his eyes.. but it was too late as she went into the portal, being sucked though the spider verses before she landed in the spider society.

“Woah…” she whispered under her breath, she hugged onto herself slightly as she saw all the different spider people. Jess chuckled softly as she nudged Gwen’s shoulder and handed her one of the bracelets that kept her from glitching, but also gave her access to travel the spider verse. With this power comes great responsibility. She was told not to leave the society unless told to for a mission and Gwen gladly accepted.

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