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Esmeryle (played by Noah-Bear95)

"Dear Diary"

I just got back from one of my lectures for Dragonology, and I found out that I *apparently* scored an 'F' on my Magic Studies. How'd I manage to get an 'F'? I told my lecturer I was working on it, but some wires got crossed and I lost all my files. Meaning I had to cram the whole thing in as quickly as possible, at the last minute. Some sources I had to re-upload, but nothing that should warrant a failing grade!

I had a few drinks to stiffen the emotional wounds, then walked back to my dorm hoping to sleep away the rest of this term. Or so I thought, because when I woke up the next morning from what I think might've been a hangover, my dorm mates thought I was a dumpster baby! I had to prove I was *me*, before they called the Headmaster to my dorm. I don't know how it happened, but I have a sneaking suspicion one of my classmates cast a Reverse Ageing spell. Those usually last for a few days, so they ruled me unfit to continue studying here until I went back to normal.

Long story short; I'm being sent home this afternoon because I flunked Magic Studies.


Esmeryle Maestrix.


The original version was posted on 'Looking For RP'. This version is for anyone who wants to jump straight in.

Your character can be any role, from a distant friend to a family member.

The RP can take place anywhere between the afternoon or a few days since that afternoon.

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