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I've got some Fantasy characters but thought of using one of them in a modern RP going in the General forum. Obvious issue is they aren't a modern character, but I also can't be bothered to create a new character for it, and I also just like the characters I already have.

My plan was to just make a thread-specific modern variant of one of mine instead of doing some kind of overhaul on their page.

Is this a problem?
Claine Moderator

Not at all! It's perfectly normal to have multiple versions of characters for different genres. You could make a separate page on that character profile to list their AU info - or even jump straight into the RP with an OOC note you're using an AU modern day version of the character.
I do this all the time - adapt the same characters for different genres.

If you want others to get a better sense of their role in *this RP, you can put something more general in their desc. Half my character details give some idea of their role, regardless of genre.
Their starting point.. like.. "Generally a low level criminal, usually something to do with transport (car thief, getaway driver) - keeps him moving, muscle memory so he doesn't have to think about it too much. Practical enough to buy the tools he needs, not smart enough to save the rest. His change rattles in his pocket in the form of setting appropriate drugs, and loose teeth." So he can be a carriage driver (medieval fantasy), or a space ship pilot (sci fi), and everything in between.
I actually think this is a great way to further grow and understand your characters. Dropping them somewhere completely different than what they were designed for (at least for me) makes you think about them in ways you never would otherwise. It pushes you to try and reason them out and apply their logic to radically different situations. It also forces you to explore other genres and even if you end up not liking the new genre any more, you will at least have a better understanding for it and have a new skill or idea to try out elsewhere. On the best side of things, you might find a whole new interest you never would have otherwise considered.

Honestly I can't stress enough how good of an idea I think this is. I feel like everyone should try this out with all their characters. Keeping everyone and everything in one single world or genre will result in flatter characters than you may otherwise get.

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