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Hello everyone! I want to tap into the collective hivemind.
I am in need of some various RP prompts to help start scenes in a modern supernatural RP setting. Some items I already have include:
    Sweet Ms. Betty's black cat, Minko, has gotten out. She would be very appreciative if someone would help to recover him! Surely it shouldn't be that hard, right? Oh, but there's one thing she forgot to mention. Mr. Minko has the ability to turn camouflage for his surroundings!
    You find a note with some puzzling language pertaining to a hidden treasure. Can you find the clues and piece them together to find the treasure it claims? Perhaps teaming up with someone would increase your odds of success!
    Someone is having a 'beach' party at the lake! It's open for any citizens of Mosswell, and boasts a bonfire, grilled food, drinks for all ages (alcohol and alcohol-free), volleyball, horseshoes, and even some cornhole boards! It sounds like a fun time is to be had down by the lake!
    Someone has been pilfering laundry from clotheslines, though it seems to be mainly the left socks. Perhaps a few good citizens can help recover the missing socks and bring the culprit to the police?

I would love to add more, so if you have suggestions, please do! I'm looking for something that can spark an enjoyable scene for any number of players, whether it's 1x1 or a group. Preferring nothing too serious, though I am looking for similar prompts for our police dispatch as well so if you have recommendations for that, I'd love to hear it too!
Thanks so much RPR hivemind!
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Ooh! ooh! I have something for this you might like!
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Kim wrote:
Ooh! ooh! I have something for this you might like!

Ooooo I didn't know that these were all kept somewhere! Thank you so much Kim!! :D :D
Here are a few off the top, hope it helps <3

Prompt 1: The players are part of a clandestine group known as The Mythwalkers, individuals who can navigate both the human and mythical realms. When a series of strange occurrences begin to upset the balance, threatening to reveal the hidden world to humanity, the Mythwalkers must investigate and solve these anomalies. From dealing with a mischievous spirit causing chaos in the subway to confronting a legendary beast lurking in the city's underbelly, players will need to use their wits, magical knowledge, and diplomacy to keep the peace and preserve the veil of secrecy.

Prompt 2: The players are among those who have suddenly manifested magical abilities, finding themselves thrust into a hidden world of magic that exists parallel to their own. Without warning, they are targeted by an organization that seeks to control or eliminate anyone with magical abilities. Seeking answers and safety, they come across a network of awakened mages who teach them to control their powers.

Prompt 3: Nestled in a cozy corner of a bustling city, the Lavender Brew Café appears to be a typical spot for coffee enthusiasts and remote workers. However, this café harbors a secret; it's a meeting point for the magical community. The café is enchanted to be invisible to ordinary people and serves as a neutral ground for magical beings and humans with magical abilities to interact, share stories, and seek advice.

The players are employees or regulars of the Lavender Brew Café. Their daily lives involve managing the café, dealing with a diverse clientele (from mischievous fairies causing minor havoc to wizards seeking a quiet place for study), and navigating their personal lives and relationships outside of the café's magical bubble.

Prompt 4: In a city where magic is known only to a select few, a group of young individuals finds themselves living together in an apartment that's anything but ordinary. The apartment, imbued with magic long ago, chooses its occupants, bringing together those who need more than just a place to live—they need a place where they can be themselves, magic and all.

The players are the apartment's newest residents, each with a unique magical talent that they've had to hide from the non-magical world. Their daily lives revolve around navigating the challenges of young adulthood.
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Thank you so much Kruhee!! :D

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