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Hi! I've recently had to block someone that frequents a lot of public forums, and I was wanting to know something.

If you block a person, are they able to post on your forum topics or join your groups, anonymous or not?

I want to create a few public forums myself, but worry about running into this person. (And though the block feature has an option to not see the blocked person's post, this leads to confusion for me as responses disappear and other people's replies to them appear and also confuse me.)

Sorry if this question has been answered, I'm dumb and can't find anything on it. :P
Claine Moderator

People you have blocked cannot respond to your forum topics!

As for groups, I am less certain. I groups have their own individual block list (which you can access by going Members -> Group Blocks in the administrator menu)
I think you have to block them on the group to have then not be able to view any public pages of the group (pages set to 'everyone'). If you block them on the group, they can't access the group at all. When you block someone, they can't access your characters (anon or public), or see any information on your user profile (just a shell). They will be able to see your forum topics but will not have a reply button on them. I know when one has the option ticked to not see the blocked person's posts, it can lead to the appearance of 'skipping' in forum threads like alphabet games and such. Anyway, I'm just blabbing here... 😜
Kim Site Admin

If you are the OP of a topic, someone you have blocked cannot respond to that forum topic. Their setting a character to anonymous will not let them get around this.

If you just happen to be responding to a forum topic but did not start it, your participation will not prevent them from also participating (although you won't have to see it, if you have that option turned on, of course.)

Groups have separate block lists because they can get kinda complex in ways that make depending on the owners block list a bit iffy; what if multiple people run the group, and the mod team has decided they need to exclude someone from the group, but the owner of the group is on vacation and can't personally block them? What if you decide that someone is not right for a RP and need to block them *for that group,* but you're perfectly okay with having them be in one of your other groups where they do understand and fit the setting?

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