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Star Noire (played by EclipseNightStar)

Swishhhh... Shhhhh... Hushhhh...
The trees swayed and whispered to one another, a sense of serenity and peace. Star floated through, weaving between the trees gently as they listened to the rustling of the leaves. Today was peaceful... So far. As they continued floating, they came across a shrine dedicated to the sacred stars, the only things that Star truly believed in.
They smiled softly at the sight of the shrine, kneeling down and placing a ghostly hand on the centerpiece, bowing their head solemnly as they closed their eyes. "May the sacred stars above forevermore shine down on those less fortunate." They whispered, their ethereal voice echoing slightly.
Kit was entering through the gates of an unfamiliar graveyard. It was a new one he had decided to go to help guide a smaller ghosts that had wandered away and must've lost their way. He didn't talk to them as they wandered around him, asking him dozens of questions that would only be met with silence. He didn't really enjoy talking to ghosts, only their presence, usually. He was always good at ignoring them.

The gates of the graveyard creak open slowly as his gloved hands pushed gently against them. He sighed as he gestured around the graveyard. A small smudge of dirt and dust collected on the fingertips of the gloves; Something he would overlook for now as to not immediately retreat. He was already here, wasn't he? He might as well take a walk. He watched the little ghosts all float off. He could only guess that there had been an accident somewhere nearby or the fun had caused them to stray away.
Star Noire (played by EclipseNightStar) Topic Starter

The creaking of the gates opening slowly alerted Star to a new presence, some mortal probably coming to this graveyard to vandalize the grounds or disrupt the energy flows. They sighed, uttering a quick prayer to the stars that this wouldn't be the case. If it were, Star would have to spook the troublemaker away... And that was not an action they liked. But as long as it kept people from destroying the graveyards and the shrines, Star just dealt with it and continued on.
However, this presence felt... different... somehow. Hm. They had to check the newcomer out anyway, might as well analyze them...
Star sighed, beginning to float over to whoever had just entered through the gates. They passed other spirits, who nodded to them in respect. Star was known to be a comforting presence and whatnot, often acting like a parental figure to others who came their way.
Then Star saw the boy - he looked a bit older than the age they died at, wearing gloves and a cross necklace. Star was a bit more intrigued by him now that they saw what he looked like...
They stayed hovering there, watching the boy with a thoughtful, analytic gaze. They could sense some slight religious tones drifting from him, seeming to be from the God of Christianity. However, these were faint, as if he didn't truly believe in the deity like others.
Star wondered where things would go from here...
Kit didn't seem to notice Star yet. Instead, he was focusing on the graves, reading the words faintly seen on the gravestones. He slipped his gloves off, pocketing them, and revealing black painted nails glinting in the moonlight. He walked slowly down the rows, reading them inaudibly to himself. He liked to see the different pieces of information he would be allowed to gather from the stones, but also the variety of each one.

His fingers started to rub the cross that connected to the string around his neck, it was a slight movement, one that wasn't very noticeable. He paused at one of the graves. Then turned to see a small ghost. A little boy. He stared for a moment, then looked to the grave. `Samuel Lovice' was the name on it, a brief timeline under it, then the words, 'Another boy who was taken too soon' the words were slightly covered with age.

"Yours?" Kit asked in a calm voice.

The ghost nodded slightly. Kit stared for another moment, before he reached into his pocket, and placed a small wilted white rose in front of the gravestone; Petals seemed to barely be holding on together, except the whole thing was completely still. Ah, it was encased in glass. It was as if it was frozen in time, a forever wilted rose that refused to die.

"Sorry." He spoke once the rose was placed, before turning, and continuing down the line of graves.
Star Noire (played by EclipseNightStar) Topic Starter

They followed the older boy as he wandered through the graveyard, studying his every move. When he noticed Sammy, the young boy Star often saw, they tensed, ready to step in and scare the other away. However... he only placed a glass rose on Sammy's grave and apologized before leaving...
Star's brows furrowed a bit. This... This boy is unlike others... They thought, beginning to smile softly. Then, after giving Sammy a pat on the head and nodding to him, Star floated back towards the other boy.
"That's quite unusual for people to do, y'know... Most are here just to cause trouble and vandalize... The sacred stars thank you for your kindness to Sammy." Star announced, floating closer to him and hovering there. "What's your name? I'm known as Star, a sort of caretaker of graveyards and those that inhabit them."
(Apologies for the misgendering/wrong pronouns used, but as this is from the perspective of Kit, he is assuming based on what he sees. He isn't familiar with the LGBTQ community--he does have knowledge of it to an extent--but it isn't a common topic for him. If there is a problem with his perspective assuming such--as in it bothers or makes you uncomfortable--please let me know, and I will change it.)

Kit paused, the cross slipped from his fingers, as he turned to see a new..figure. Not human, he could see that. Sammy.. Ah, Samuel? The boy, yes He focused back on the girl. He could see this figure was older than the boy. He only stared in silence for a moment, observing the figure rather than answering her question. Star Noire.. Has he seen that gravestone.

"What is unusual? To be a decent human being in the presence of the dead and resting place?" Kit paused again, I would've preferred it to be placed somewhere with less filth, but it can't be helped.."

Here he would decide whether or not to continue the conversation. His name was asked for, but did he want to give it? He didn't plan on getting to close to this ghost, let alone know anything about her. Still.. She did peak his interest, but only slightly.

"If you must have a name to my face, those who know me have given me the nickname Kit." He spoke calmly, his eyes still shifting slightly ever so often as they attempted to pick up of every speck of detail.

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