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Hello! I am wondering if anyone would like to join my roleplay group and help me out with getting it set up! Like getting classes, places, plots, etc! Feel free to either PM me or respond here ^,^
You should probably describe what the group is
EclipseNightStar Topic Starter

Ah yeah!
So basically, Astral Woods Academy is an Academy for the Gifted Youth. It's for students ages 13-19. You can also be a Professor/Course Helper, as long as your char is older than 20. Anyone can join! It's just an idea I have had in my mind for a while now, where there's a main ship that's MxM, but there can be a few main ships. There are also chances to be a villain/enemy to the school/world, and maybe a traitor (possibly on both sides?). The Academy is very welcoming and accommodating, having dorms for not just the female/male students, but also one for other gender students/students that aren't comfortable in the regular dorms. There are also lots of clubs that students can join. In general, lots for both the students AND teachers to do! It's a very open and accepting roleplay/roleplay group. I only ask that you can at least provide enough of a response for others to go off of, so that they can perhaps go more in-depth if they so choose.
Here's the link to the group!
Astral Woods Academy
Mm, i might join in :3 sounds pretty cool so far!
EclipseNightStar Topic Starter

Ooo, okay! Do you mind helping me set up the rest of the world info and stuff? /nf (means not forced fyi)
Idm at all! I'll see what i can do in 4th period

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