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Ciel (played anonymously)

I have this public forum RP here where Ciel is on a live stream taking donations to fund his company, Funtom, and answering questions and giving shoutouts to places.
GamerGirlSaiyan donated:

Unfortunately, there's a limit cap on how much I can donate. So much for making the obligatory "OVER 9000!" joke. Anyway, have you ever considered streaming yourself playing some video games?
One of these posts really inspired me. I had thought about it before, but I didn't really know how to do it, but now that it has been suggested by someone, it really motivates me to try and figure out how to make a public forum RP where Ciel games, without actually gaming irl.

Any tips or suggestions on how I can make this possible? :)
Play the game and live blog could be one, or have a 1x1 RP with someone in a public forum and have people able to add feedback as if it was a twitch chat. You could even have your character sucked into the game world with people watching his actions!
Ciel (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Good suggestions @Jooters.
Maybe I can get Alois to 1x1 RP with me, if he's up for it. Hmmmmm.

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