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Not just to reply or PM someone, but to leave likes or other little notes to express interest or potential interest. Maybe like a grading scale of interest?
I love this.
I second, or rather, third this -- I'd love to be able to react to someone's status message so that they know I'm payin' attention.
I'd love that! Especially for statuses, which would show my support and love for my friends on this website. <3
💖 twistedvictorian Loved your post!!
This could be a cute idea! As long as it's only positive things you can react with, I think it could be great for something like statuses. I'd love to send little hearts to friends!
Though I could also potentially see it being upsetting? You know if you write a status saying things aren’t well atm, and no one reacts, especially if others are getting reactions for similar statuses. That is also a personal thing to deal with of course, but just something to keep in mind I think.
Kim Site Admin

This is on my planned list :)

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