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I am currently OPEN for commissions.
Slot 1:_________ Slot 2:_________ Slot 3:_________
Flat Colors
Portraits: $20
Half Body: $30
Full Body: $ 40
Lined Rendered
Portraits: $40
Half Body: $50
Full Body: $ 70
Painted, Full Render
Portraits: $60
Half Body: $70
Full Body: $100

Will do: Horns, Humanoids, nudes, animal additions (like ears, etc)
Will not do: wings, furries

Need at least one character reference. Character Websites are welcome! You can suggest a pose if you'd like, if you do please give me a reference

I will give you updates on progress during the process. It may take me anywhere from 1 week to 4 weeks depending on complexity and if I am busy, but more often than not I can get it out in one week from the time I start.

PayPal only.
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Art for Galaxy-Star
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