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Revenant (played by Warline)

⊱ ────── STARTER FOR: The Rejected Narrator


Confusion was the word.

Moon-bright optics scanned every inch of the new environment around. An out-of-place environment; one that had no coherent contrast or connection to his own presence.

Everything was office monotony: hundreds of desks, chairs and abandoned computers. Some spaces suffered from a mess of tedious paperwork strewn about, others stood empty giving that depressing feeling of a miserable worker. Each room remaining almost exactly the same as the last. AN ENDLESS CYCLE.

Revenant had no recollection of agreeing to be transferred to an area so drab and devoid of the SAVAGERY he was used to witnessing⸻and enjoying⸻on a daily basis. The only thing recorded in the logs was a momentary glitch in his systems that ended up flooding every space on his HUD, dragging him into an unconscious state for which no exact cause would be found. And once back to normal, this surreal experience was materializing in reality . . . or if it was HIS.

Of course, he was dissatisfied. The heavy footsteps were the clear saying of it, in case reading his non-existent facial features was complicated.

And not only that. He could have sworn that an UNKNOWN VOICE was trying to seep into his mind like a parasite. Would that be a new suffering mechanism against him? Well, these skinsuits were always coming up with stupid things. It wouldn't be surprising. However, that chattering nuisance was tempting with the low tolerance. Grabbing his head and banging his head against a wall would surely not stop it, although trying sounded more appealing than walking through all these boring rooms.
Oh dear, oh dear... what is this?!

A female voice began to echo in the mind of the unknown protagonist, with interference, which little by little the voice increased in clarity and volume. Revenant could even hear the sound of rustling papers and banging— it was Chaotic.

The Narrator's Office was a disaster. The desk and the floor were a mess of manuscripts and coffee stains, as if a tornado had torn through. A computer sat amidst the chaos, its screen displaying the title of a video game called "Apex Legends". A detail she didn't notice while closing the computer and putting it aside.
The girl looked around anxiously. Her hair was disheveled, a headset hung from one ear, and the Adventure Line ™➜ was everywhere, covering the ceiling and walls!

What even happened? Oh jeez...

While she was trying to tidy up the mess, her foot collided with some glass under the desk. She bent down and discovered the POSSIBLE reason for all this:

a bottle of whiskey.

Almost empty.

Of course... The Narrator sighed, trying to get up, and bumped her head on the desk. The thud was LOUD.

OW!, oh dear... Ummm... Hello there!! No, wait... that's not the protocol... Let's see...

Searching through her manuscripts, she looked increasingly confused They didn't make sense! and they were not even in order! If The Narrator were present he would take it as an opportunity to make fun of her.
Umm, the... uh, robot appear out of nowhere— wait, whaaat?

The manuscript had bad grammar, a lot of coffee stains, and scratches. Someone had a wild night, it seemed... one name was circled in red: Revenant. Was this the name of this protagonist?

Although this was very confusing, for both sides, "Marie" saw this as another great opportunity to assert herself as a storyteller! She wasn't going to waste it.
Even if its protagonist was... rather scary in appearance. Sounds of touches from the microphone began to be heard. Then a deep breath.

This is the story of an lonely man-machine named Revenant. Revenant was an employee from a company far, far into the future, and today he decided to walk out of his office. For as long as he could remember, he only sat there and stared at a screen. He started to miss the warmth of his coworkers. But as he walked through the office, the man-machine started to feel very confused... why was it empty? where were his... robotic coworkers? Maybe they went out soon? Revenant decided to take a look in the meeting room.

The woman looked excited, balancing on her feet and smiling brightly as she looked at the screen, waiting for the protagonist's action.

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