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im a new person on this site and have noticed 'fade to black used' several times, but i dont know what that means? can someone answer that for me?

also what 'activity feed' is and how it works? on mobile
"Fade to black" usually means the handling of sex scenes in RP - it basically means that things can happen between the characters, but it won't be played out or described in detail. If it was a movie, you would basically see the characters slipping in bed together, and then the screen would go black and cut to a scene of them waking up next to each other.

Activity feed I don't know, so I hope for someone to bring me certainty as well. It probably is either the "recent activities" feed in your profile, or, more likely as the stuff you get on the home screen of your profile, where you see activities of friends or subscribed topics.
Claine Moderator

The activity feed is what you see when you visit while logged in. It will show your friend's activities, posts in forum threads you're subscribed to, news posts, and other thing like that!
BaumSquad187 Topic Starter

ah, thank you both

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