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Verena Thorn (played anonymously)

This is Verena’s sheet.

This roleplay contains a series of triggers such as;

Details of gore
Details on death
And more
Please be advised


** Hosu City Japan, December 23rd**
> **Run..Run..Run.. don’t stop..don’t stop…** The thought flooded through the young girls mind as she ran barefooted and only dressed in a hospital gown through the snow and ice. Her eyes were wide as she looked back every few seconds to see three pro hero’s chasing after her. Her breathing was shaky and unstable, her hair fell over her face, the young girl was bleeding slightly from a cut on her cheek. What happened to this girl that had led her to be chased down by three pro hero’s? Let’s take this story back..
> ** 4 years before** Therna was a sweet and kind, normal girl with a happy life with her family at the age of 13 years old. Therna was happy as she could be with the perfect family of two hero’s. Though the only thing about her that made life a bit harder was.. Therna was quirkless. It made life a bit more tricky and complicated for her to go by as she was bullied each and every single day at school for that and also for her not knowing how to speak in full sentences and needing speech therapy. The girl never saw it as a curse, she was honestly happy about it. She never wanted to be a hero, she wanted to be a Nurse and her family supported that fact.. it was her 14th birthday when it happened.. her mother and father were killed in a instant by a battle they couldn’t win due to the LOV… Verena’s life would quickly turn upside down and it was only the beginning.. she was home when her parents were killed just under her bedroom.. and the girl didn’t know until she went downstairs herself.. just to be met with a tranquilizer dark in her neck that was filled with toxins to weaken the girl but to also slowly kill her but preserve her body for the plans AFO had made.. Therna’s world slowly darkened as her eyes slowly closed.. watching people drag her dead parents body’s away and her body being picked up and cradled..
> Her life would change.. and not for the better.. the girls body was put though many different experiments as Nomus that were being created did not look human at all.. until Verena.. her body was preserved in a test tube between experiments to keep her body decently in tack. Some parts of her did change, like she had sharp teeth and black eyes now with pale skin.. but she wasn’t quirkless anymore.. now she had four different quirks that we all equally unstable and dangerous.. four quirks she didn’t understand how to use when she awoke from her ‘death’. The young girl had spent 4 years with the lov..
> until today, December 23rd.. (current). When the girl broke lose ran away.. and that’s where we left off.. the hero’s chasing after her due to the sudden notice of when Verena accidentally used one of her quirks and electrocuted some one to their death by a simple mistake of excitement. Her body shivered as she stepped through the snow. She didn’t understand what was going on.. but the yelling at her and the burnt victim had simply just scared her enough for the poor young girl to want to flea and hide off.. the girl regretfully ran into an alleyway and was cornered by the three hero’s; Midnight, Hawks and Eraser head. The three had never seen anything like the frightened girl whom was now sitting in the snow and backing off.
> “You poor thing.. come here and let’s calm down alright? I have just the thing..” Midnight softly spoke as she slowly stepped towards Verena. The young nomu’s quirks was already erased the moment she glanced at Eraser head.. purple mist surrounded the scared girl as the pro hero ripped a bit of her hero suit and moved closer as Verena ended up on a dazed and tired state.. before Midnight slowly moved and sat down next to her.. wrapping a warm blanket around Verena and rubbing her head..”shh..shh.. I got you. Just look at me~” Midnight cooed before giving the other two hero’s a simple nod before they stepped forward and covered Verena’s mouth with a tight mask just as a safety measure and then a needle being pushed into the back of her forearm to sedate her further for transportation.
> “..Bring her to Nezu.. she had to be from the LOV. She has showed and proved how dangerous she can be with these quirks and it must be controlled before anyone else gets hurt or dies.. the students cannot know about her. They would only put their life’s at risk.” Aizawa muttered as he picked up the sleeping nomu and threw her over his shoulder to carry her off to UA that very night..
> the next morning it was discussed among the pro hero’s that Verena wouldn’t be safe to be a student at UA or to even be around students in general.. the young girl would be trained to spy on UA soon enough.. but they just needed to wait. They needed to test the quirks the girl had themselves before anything.. though where were they going to place her? They couldn’t take her off campus again.. it was too much work and simply they needed multiple hero’s within the area to keep an eye on the teenager.. it was decided. Verena would be hidden off in UA’s basement, locked up and hidden until it was time.. and exactly that happened.. Verena was locked in a reinforced room with metal and concrete walls and floors, with Verena chained by her left ankle with a quirk containment cuff that was chained to the middle of the floor of the small room to keep her from trying to run whenever the door opened when hero’s checked on her, gave her mediation or her food.. the girl was in there all hours of the day, cuffed, blindfolded and masked just for the safety of everyone.. in hero’s eyes

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