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Agnes (played by .the.MILK.theef.)

I'm thinking: 1980s vibes with Progressive hearts & minds! Every-character is welcome!
I think it would be hilarious to have inter-dimensional and magical guests all competing to win!

Are you a Competitor? Audience? Staff?

When we get at least 5 competitors checked in and seated, I'll prepare an announcement to begin.

include a dice roll: 2d6* per contestant post.
Semi-free order depending on the level of interest.
This can stay open as long as needed.
Winner is the contestant who can reach the goal of : 40 dogs first! *Or whenever Big Blue hits 150? 200? 🤣 )

In the charming coastal town of Grand Haven, Michigan, residents and vacationers bustled along the pier in the late morning, before it got too hot outside. Every few feet, an orange flyer could be seen all along the coast, advertising this particular summer tradition. At the very end, over-looking the beautiful water, a large table with room for 8-10 adults had been set up.

The Pronto-Pup's annual hot dog eating contest was being assembled quickly. Their diligent team had years of practice by now, this was a famous and popular event! Decorative banners and a fun variety of Pronto Pup Props and merchandise all in classic Pronto-Pup colors helped direct attention to the contest.
There were tables along the walkways with refreshments and vendors; even a few fishermen and bird watchers who couldn't be deterred from their daily time at the pier.

Agnes checked on the Grill Master, the buns, and the cooler of complimentary beverages for the contestants!
She set out condiment bottles at each contestant seat along with pitchers and water cups.

"Hey, Dan!" Agnes called to the boss who was giving the merch table a second or third review. It had to be just right!
Her feathery cinnamon waves blew in the breeze.
"I'm gonna go check the sign up table, you need anything?"

Once she got the all clear, she sprinted over and welcomed some guests.
"Hey! Good to see ya! If you wanna compete, please sign up and head to the table at the end! Can't miss it! Be sure to weigh down anything that might catch a breeze and fly off! See me or anyone in an orange pronto-pup STAFF shirt if you have questions!"

pronto-pup.jpg PRONTO PUP- Grand Haven, Michigan USA
rolled 2d20 and got a natural 8.
2 6

Note: GOAL

Trevor was a long way from home. He'd flown to the other side of the country from Teal Cove, Texas to attend his cousin's wedding. The last time he was in Michigan was grade school. Since he wasn't a groomsmen and only attending as a guest, he wasn't needed that afternoon as everyone prepared for the wedding the following day.

Bored, he decided to catch a bus and go exploring since there wasn't much on television. After checking out various shops around the downtown area, he eventually made his way to the beach. It seemed like some kind of party or festival was going on. As he walked along the sidewalk after getting off of the bus, he spotted one of many orange flyers on a telephone pole. There was a hotdog eating contest among other activities down closer to the water.

Trevor headed down the beach and found several tents and the table where the event was going to take place. It looked like they were still taking contestants as the crowd began to gather. He'd never tried competitive eating before, but could certainly eat his weight in hotdogs. Figuring he had nothing to lose, he made his way to the event table to sign up.
rolled 1d6 and got a natural 4.

Note: contestant

Agnes (played by .the.MILK.theef.) Topic Starter

Agnes smiles at Trevor, handing him a complimentary Pronto-Pup contestant t-shirt after guesstimating his size.
"Hey, welcome! Make yourself comfortable while we wait. Sign up is open for a while still. There's a cooler of ice cold drinks by the contestant tables if you're thirsty."

The woman waves more newcomers in and passes the signup clipboard down the table when he's done.

Meanwhile, Dan the boss man was having some sort of intense conversation with the poor exasperated teenager sweating by the hot grill. He's making them drink a cup of water to stay hydrated.
Their orange Staff t-shirt is stuffed into a pocket, rustled by the lake breeze.
It would appear they wish to at least work on their tan while they have to be here with their dad, smelling like grilled hot dogs... "Fine! Fine! I promise to drink more water."

Dan seems satisfied, walking away with the look of a Dad-Mission-completed look plastered on his Flanders-esque mustachio'd face. However, his child is busy getting a soda when he's turned toward Agnes.
Agnes smiles at Trevor, handing him a complimentary Pronto-Pup contestant t-shirt after guesstimating his size.

"Hey, welcome! Make yourself comfortable while we wait. Sign up is open for a while still. There's a cooler of ice cold drinks by the contestant tables if you're thirsty."

"Thanks," Trevor replied taking the shirt. He helped himself to a can of Coke from a nearby cooler and found a place to sit while he waited.

Currently, Trevor was wearing a t-shirt for the band Yes. Not wanting to lose his t-shirt, he decided to tie it around his waste after he slipped it off and pulled the hotdog shirt over his head. Trevor hadn't purchased anything earlier when he was out exploring downtown and didn't have a bag or backpack to put it in.
Big Blue (played by Samiakki)

Big Blue had no clue where a rift spat her out now. Wet footsteps slapped against the wood of the pier, leaving pointed footprints of water in their owner's wake. While some beach-goers hurriedly packed up their things to get away from the towering, finned woman, others gawked in either awe or fear, frozen in their tracks. There had been calls beforehand of a shark in the swimming waters, but none expected it to actually leave the waters.

Why did she do so? For the delectable smell on the pier, of course!

Hunting was not going so well for Big Blue. She'd have to find other alternatives, and if that meant acquiring food from humans, she'd do it. In truth, she had no interest in eating them. They were bony, with most lacking the substantial fat she needed. She's rather partake of whatever meat they had available here from the land beasts they slaughtered themselves. Lazy things, many humans were - content to mooch their food off of other humans. Granted, the concept of money was relatively foreign to her.

Thus, the fact most of the things at this food stand where people started congregating was free was a bonus that Blue didn't realize. Eying Agnes and Trevor downwards, both of whom she dwarfed significantly, she blinked. Each of her three eye rows moving independently. It smelled delectable here. Sometimes humans seemed to know what they were doing with their meat.

"I. . . B. . . BLUE. . ." She raised a knife-like claw to her chest. "WA. . . NT. . ."

She squinted at the sign that announced the hot dog-eating contest. Unfortunately, she could not read, but judging by the amount of hot dogs being grilled, she tried to make a guess.

"FOO. . . D. . . EAT. . . FFFFI. . . GHT. . ."

Humans trying to see who could devour the most morsels was an amusing concept to her. She had to admit that she was a little curious if one could beat even her appetite. Confidently, she doubted it.
Agnes (played by .the.MILK.theef.) Topic Starter

Big Blue wrote:
... She had to admit that she was a little curious if one could beat even her appetite. Confidently, she doubted it.

(I'm gonna say Big Blue OBVIOUSLY gets to roll 6d12?!? And may re-roll 1s! 🤣💖🤣)

Agnes sees Trevor off to get settled but her attention quickly turns to whatever hubbub was happening up front. The crowd made way for a sea creature? who seems to have come ashore to join the party!

The small woman beams up at Big Blue's introduction, politely listening before she excitedly nods in the affirmative. Her heart has simply melted. Aggie was grabbing for the clipboard in an instant, "Hi Blue!" She offers them a t-shirt that might fit, as it was only fair.

As Blue was technically the newest in town, Agnes offered to guide them to the table for contestants and the drink cooler while they wait. She waves at the Grillmaster of Teen angst and Boss Dan, who both look stunned and then quite excited for the pull of fresh drama and a formidable challenge on the pier!
"We're gonna need a..- uh, more dogs!!!"
Big Blue (played by Samiakki)

The occasional panicked cry of 'SEA MONSTER' at Blue flew over her head. She was busy observing the tiny female human as she greeted her cheerfully. That was a relief. They didn't want to grill her. Next thing she knew, a piece of fabric was being presented to her, which she took in a wet hand that was almost the size of a dinner plate. Unfolding it to look at the full object, she raised it to her unseen nostrils and took in its scent. Ah. This was one of those garments Intelligents wore due to their pervasive fear of nudity.

Just then, she glanced down at herself. Was Blue being. . . rude? Should she have worn something before coming here? She had no intimate parts on display, so it confused her slightly. She glanced around to see if she had committed some sort of unspoken sin. Some long-haired juvenile that smelled like a male was also wearing the same garment, which made it click for Blue. These are what the competitors wore! Chuffing in realization, she raised the extra large T-shirt to fit over her head, guessing where the neck hole would be. Unfortunately, there was yet one problem to that. Her fins were in the way and didn't allow room for her to pull the shirt down. She tried to fit a hand through the arm hole, but immediately retreated from it out of fear of becoming stuck. Growling softly at her torment, she found a 'solution' by stretching the back of the shirt over her two dorsal fins, so that any image that appeared there on the shirt was upside-down. Which was a certainty, given that she had put it on backwards.

Just putting on a shirt was a whole adventure in and of itself. It took a moment before Blue realized she was being guided somewhere. She followed wordlessly, having to duck slightly to be under the tent. Her rear found a spot on a chair adjacent to Trevor's, where she had to curl her tail as it creaked under her weight. Resting her palms on her knees, she appeared to be the most awkward one here. The things she did for a decent meal. . . And the other rusalki would not be hearing about this. Blue was already a bit eccentric for her kind as it was.

Six eyes landed their gaze upon Trevor, a sharp blue color that pierced though people. She blinked each pair at a time, starting with the bottom row and moving up. A claw extended, but not to harm him. It was directed at his soda can.

"WH. . . A. . . AT. . . ISSS?"

Saltwater flew from her teeth as she hissed the last word, but nonetheless seemed innocent curious. Or cautiously innocent.

( I appreciate that you're willing to alter the system slightly for a character like Big Blue! It's not necessary, but if that's what you want to do, it's your game! Thanks so much! Blue can definitely eat a mess of hot dogs, even if she hates the bread part, haha! I could just write it that that's why she can only eat 2d6's worth at a time. )
Alesander Windsor (played by Four)

Alesander had already known to pack. He wore a simple 'TEE - SHIRT' from another realm, and some shorts, but in his back were a 'parka' and other warmer items in case he was in the middle of the frozen north again. The portal had shown up near a year ago, and at least once a week, Alesander would slip into the portal, and be whisked off to a new world he didn't understand, but every time he returned no time had passed in his Kingdom so it was suddenly his number one way for escaping his responsibilities. By the end of the day he was beat, having to stay up much longer than people really knew, but it was worth it to him.

This time, the prince appeared on a beach side, but nothing like the coastal town he was from. The sand stretched right out to shore, and there were docks, but not nearly as many as his own port. Most people were half dressed swimming in the ocean themselves. An event seemed to be happening, and a kind woman greeted him cheerfully.

His brain misfired almost immediately. Had he somehow spawned in a place where hot-dogs were the delicacy rather than a poor man's food rations? Regardless, it sounded intriguing, and Alesander was certainly excited, though he did struggle with the pen to sign his name on the clipboard (It was damn near witchcraft itself to not need an ink well!?) But the prince already knew better than to speak about his lack of understanding. He happily switched out one TEE-SHIRT for another. Many people wore these as well, so at least he wasn't dressed too weird, and he waited for further instructions and other competitors. He hoped the rules weren't too hard.

He also heard the words of sea monster as a large... well... sea monster was making it's way across the event area, but it seemed tame, and Alesander had seen enough so far, that it was only mild panic as the thing came closer, rather than full blown fear. As long as it wasn't trying to take a chomp out his leg, he would act like this was completely normal to not raise suspicion for himself. The other normal looking person was completely ignored as he gazed at the glory that was the sea beast.

//Respectfully, as Alesander has no idea what this entails, I think he'll need a /2 everytime, especially competing against big blue, who I am totally in love with by the way, so. HAHA!
Big Blue (played by Samiakki)

Either now sure or hoping to be sure that her name was written among the 'eat fighters,' Blue waited somewhat impatiently in her seat. She wasn't sure how many people were needed. She just wanted an excuse to feast. She had a vague idea of what the food was; ground meat stuffed into some beast's small intestine and then cut into logs. It didn't sound all that bad, as long as it wasn't serve with any kind of disgusting salad.

Sure enough, a third competitor signed up, making Blue antsy. Her attention shifted from the teenage male to the new arrival, of whom she suspected was another male. Considering all rusalki were female, it was hard for her to tell with humans. Regardless, she met the man's stare, appearing incredibly tall even from her seat position, with biceps bigger than Alesander's head. She blinked, uncertain of what to make of this one. Cautious and curious both, she leaned forward slowly, opening her maw as if to bite, but apparently just sniffed him.

"Y. . . YOU. . . EAT. . . FFFFI. . . GHT?"

Her voice was gravelly, sounding unused to speaking in the first place, words almost gargled from the wetness of her throat. Her language sounded foreign, but somehow, it made perfect sense to the others, including Alesander. It was as if the meaning was inside of their heads, despite the sound being external.

( I'm so glad to hear everyone loves Big Blue, hehe! Thank you! I love everyone's OCs here, too! )
Trevor did a double take when Blue arrived. He rubbed his eyes and shook his head. "I have to be dreaming," he mumbled. Trevor felt no fear as the giant sea creature seemed to be no threat. It was more a feeling of fascination.

The creature accepted the free t-shirt. It was rather comical as she attempted to try to put it on. Trevor realized there was no way he was going to win but he didn't care. Winning had never been his plan. He'd happened upon the contest by pure luck. At this point, any prize was no longer an issue. This was going to be a fascinating experience.

Another contestant signed in and joined the competitors, but Trevor took no notice. He just tried his best to act like the situation was completely and perfectly normal. Right now, he mostly focused on the crowd's reactions.
Anita was ready to win. Well, she had been ready to win the last few years, but she had always found herself succumbing to defeat. She wore her summer dress and heels, with the ugly matching yellow floral pattern she always despised. See, if she made a fool of herself she would have an excuse to never wear the dress again! How clever, she assured herself.

She proudly strutted to the entry table, proclaiming to anyone who would listen that she was going to win this year, signed her name on the entry sheet, and grabbed the T-shirt in her size, scoffing at the color. Purple. Could they have chosen anything worse? She tugged it over her dress anyway, looking at her competitors. She could trounce these young men, of co- Oh.

She had finally looked up, and noticed. . What even was that? She stared, rather impolitely so. She'll make sure to tell someone please and thank you later to make up for it. It took her a moment to decide to ignore. . whatever that was, she threw on her nicest smile and decided to make small-talk.

"So, it's a lovely day to be by the water, isn't it?"
Big Blue (played by Samiakki)

Three rows of eyes landed on the newest contestant as she approached. It was odd to see a human - or someone who was supposedly human - who said they loved being by the water. At least, to Blue. She hadn't happened upon a lot of human-occupied beaches, so she couldn't pass judgment. She'd just as easily assumed everyone kept away from it due to their habit as land-dwellers eating other land-dwellers, unless they wanted to risk the rocky waves to gain some fish for their meal. She pondered this for a moment; she did suppose humans ate seafood. That was one thing that caused her a lot of trouble occasionally.

Oh, but this human was ignoring Blue. Good, she thought. It meant she didn't feel aggression towards her. . . or perhaps she did, if Blue would have gotten too close. Still, Blue wouldn't be the first to flash teeth. She already became nervous enough with these many humans around. Her gaze shifted, going back to waving her knees from side-to-side with her hands upon them. A nervous fidget, perhaps.

Simply, she turned back to Trevor, trying to find something to occupy her mind until she could get some damn food. A claw pointed at his soda, testing her luck again with her exploration of human culture.

"WH. . . WHA. . . T. . . ISSS. . . ?"
Agnes (played by .the.MILK.theef.) Topic Starter

( Hey hi!

I plan to update the

Summer Soiree 1986 Intergalactic Multi Dimensional Pronto Pup Hot Dog Eating Contest SOON!


-Milk! )
Alesander Windsor (played by Four)

The best opened it's jaws, and Alesander tensed, every bone in his body going rigid, ready for impact, so close he'd almost taken the knife and twisted it up towards big blue, but then the thing inhaled so deeply, Alesander almost flew forward into the sea beast, only catching himself on the edge of his chair at the last second.

It was sniffing him.

His grip clamped down on two piece of silverware, and he slammed his wrists on the table trying to stop his entire body from shaking as he stared wide eyed at the empty plate in front of him. What in the world had he gotten himself into, this time.

It took a second to realise it had asked him a question. The thing was sentient!? Not just someone's pet! Despite the warmth of the summer sun, a cold chill raced down Alesander's spine as he kept his gaze connected with the table, and managed to nod, though the movement was erratic and tortured. Just because it was different did not mean he needed to be rude.

A new contestant would sit on the other side of Alesander, this one human again, and he could actually watch her reactions to the sea beast, because there was no way this was normal! He couldn't very well look at the first person who'd entered the competition, there was a mysterious massive oceanic being separating them, but this one he could at least make an attempt to look at her. Alesander tried to soften his stare, but felt like he probably looked constipated as he stared at the newcomer.

Who was.... insistent she was going to win this contest. A long calculating stare at the sea beast, and then she takes her seat.

Maybe some trepidation, but she wasn't running either. Alesander fought the urge to ask her to switch places in fear the beast might eat him in retaliation.

Big blue questioned her liquid filled tin can, and Alesander responded to the new contestant (Anita) sounding much like something painful was stuck in his throat, "Excellent. Day."
"So, it's a lovely day to be by the water, isn't it?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah! Yeah it is," Trevor agreed when Anita joined the contest. He had been occupied with Blue and the crowd's reaction to her that he hadn't noticed her or the other contestants beginning to join. Trevor found himself staring at her for a moment and then thought of Starla and shifted his eyes away so she wouldn't think he was creepy.

It was then that he noticed Alesander who was being checked out by the sea creature. "Excellent. Day." he replied to Anita.

Trevor nodded in agreement. He still wasn't sure if this was really happening or just a dream. "So, uh, first time to do this," he asked no one in particular but only loud enough that the other contestants on the stage could here him.
Anita tried to disguise a shiver as the beast spoke. It was so undignified. Someone needed to get some etiquette classes, that's for sure. Then her thoughts trailed off to winning. . How was she supposed to beat a whole monster, who, in her opinion, could eat all of the other competitors, for lunch, or at least a snack? Just as she was contemplating if she would be happy dying to feed some creature, (The answer is no, or that's her current opinion on it.) the contestant next to her piped up, sounding like someone had shoved a hotdog down his vocal cords.

Maybe he wasn't the bravest type- well, could you expect anyone to be brave when they're sitting next to something like that? The best thing to probably do is continue the conversation. . She finally glanced at him, still smiling. She wasn't going to bother looking around the beast to make eye contact with whoever was on the other side of it. "The annoying call of the seagulls, the salty air- All very wonderful." . . . "So, uh, first time to do this," stopped Anita in her tracks. That's. . splendid! "Oh, really? I do wish you luck, then. Although, unless there's some adjustment of the rules-" She threw a small look at the sea monster before quickly continuing "I think we might know who's going to win. But who knows!" She clapped her hands together before going silent.
Agnes (played by .the.MILK.theef.) Topic Starter

Agnes has been flitting about at the entrance to the Temporarily dubbed Pronto Pier with a checklist of final excited requests from Dan.

"Free Sun screen, check! Various Buckets of free water swimming in ice baths, Check! Trash stations, check! Excellent tunes!!! But not too loud!!! Mic check, check! What's... oh...." Dan seems to have scribbled in one more.
"Grill master drinks MORE water! Ehhhh... probably check..!"

Agnes looks for Dan's proximity to his angsty offspring at the grill. She squints, trying to confirm if there's a cup or bottle of water near their can of Grape soda. It seemed like a good opportunity to check in with the contestants. She'd made note of the two most recent arrivals, but had not escorted them through the growing crowd.

Voluminous & feathered mahogany waves blow carelessly in the breeze and her brown skin simply shimmers in the sunlight! Her nose has a matte stripe of pink and orange zinc sunscreen now.

She dresses like all the care free youth of the late 80s in a beautiful and touristy beach town. Pretty casual, like a very clean cut GAP commercial. Denim shorts rolled extra high in the leg. Her orange pronto pup STAFF shirt is tied in the back and rolled into itself. Some thick white knee high socks with orange stripes and pink canvas hightop sneakers accent her look.

Aggie approaches the contestant table to ensure there's enough shade. Quickly, she notes Blue does not have a soda! She's on it, grabbing up the drink cooler and supporting it on her hip by the table. Going down the line she holds the cooler open to Trevor, Blue, Alesander, and Anita if they're in need.
It was extremely important to keep the entertainment refreshed!
Oh! Check, Check!!!

Here, Agnes spends a bit chatting with everyone and confirming the medical emergency portions of the paperwork are complete. Her gaze falls on Blue's sheet and she just tucks it in the back of the stack.

"Thanks for coming out! We're just waiting on maybe 1-2 more people to fill the roster!" Casting a smile out around the pier, she seems excited and generally positive! "Should be ready to go soon enough!!!"

For Trevor, she provides a fresh can of his chosen soda!
She stops at Blue with her treasure-chest of ice and cans, allowing them to look inside!
"Any nearby friends who might join in? Oh! Did you get a drink?"
When Blue has the appropriate amount of refreshments Agnes smiles at Alesander and Anita again!
"Hey there! Did you get something to drink while we wait?"
She is genuinely admiring Anita's outfit of the day, noting unfortunately that a purple contestant shirt would indeed clash with it.
A perfectly chill and very normal beautiful day by the water.

Trevor made himself comfortable as he waited for the final contestant or two to sign up so they could begin. He was offered a second soda from the cooler but declined. He finished up his current can of Coke and tossed it in a nearby trash can. The last thing he wanted to do was fill up on Coca-Cola! He realized he probably should have taken a water instead since he was going to be downing hot dogs.

That being said, he had little chance of beating the sea monster. It didn't matter, though. Trevor had not come down here to compete in the hot dog contest. It was a chance happening. Rather than focusing on winning, Trevor just focused on trying to eat as many dogs as he could and hopefully not coming in last place. At this point, it was just about making a respectable showing. He couldn't help but wonder if people were intimidated by Blue and that's why no one else was signing up.
Agnes (played by .the.MILK.theef.) Topic Starter

((Say we just go ahead and proceed?
We can play like there's a full table, for maximum fun!
Perhaps we can make use of some NPC competitors who you all can tease, intimidate, and react to.))

Agnes, a bit timidly at first, announces on the mic for spectators to find their seats as "the Annual Grand Haven Pier Pronto Pup Hot Dog Challenge will begin shortly!!"
Pleased, she scampers off to Dan's urgent waving!
Finally, it's time! Standing before the crowd, Agnes makes grand gestures! She's parading about confidently in front of the long table, welcoming the crowd and introducing the challengers!
The seats are filled, the bellies are hungry, the food fighters have been refreshed!

"Please welcome our challengers! From near and far!
Trevor! Blue! Alesander! Anita! Olivia! Bart! James! Last year's champion, My cousin Carmine! Ruth! And Dan, Pronto Pup's very own!"
She struts about, taking some psychic embarrassment damage when she nearly trips over the cord, but she succeeds in making a respectable and agile recovery!
"Alright everybody! On the count of 3!" The stop watch is raised high, for champions record-keeping purposes.
Agnes is pretty excited to see what comes next.



The crowd goes wild as our table of competitors dig into their truly hilarious pyramids of grilled dogs and buns!

Dan seems to be approaching the task leisurely. He is seen taking his time, dressing up his dogs. He smiles and waves!

-adding rolls for the others-
rolled 2d6 and got a natural 12.
6 6

Note: DAN!

Anita had picked a diet cola from the cooler, mumbling a thanks, taking a quick sip as the competition countdown started, 3. . 2. . 1. . Go! She scooped a hotdog into her hand, quickly biting into it- Thank god, these were delicious. Well, they always were, but these were better than usual, she supposed. She stared at the table as she ate, trying to ignore the other contestants- now is not the time to be distrac- She stared as one of the contestants ever so-slowly dressed his hotdogs, before practically shoving the whole stack in his mouth. She looked down at her only half-eaten third hotdog, quickly shoving the rest in her mouth, chewing it for a moment before swallowing it down with another sip of soda. .
rolled 2d6 and got a natural 3.
1 2

Note: (Good luck! ;P)

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