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Most of us, if not all, have seen those little AMV or posts about some ship's theme song. Straight to the point, post a song about your character and their boo. It can be Y/C's interpretation of the relationship. If Y/C isn't into romance, post a song about their queer platonic relationship or their love for work, bread, and etc.


(1) Give a content warning if you feel like it needs one, or it definitely needs one.

(2) While swear words and some innuendo is fine, keep it PG-13 overall.

(3) Don't get cause drama because someone had a different interpretation of the relationship than you.

(4) Have fun!
Claude Cá Rô (played anonymously)

Her boo: Oniyan

I'm putting a explanation 'cause I enjoy lore dropping at any minute. The song is obviously comparing two people's lifestyles and to some and me, it's kinda of a rejection song.

For Claude, the song stands for her belief that her relationship is too good to be true. I would like to note she thinks this about every genuine relationship she has. She views Oniyan as a seraph while she knows/views that she is a scumbag.
His boo: Claude

This song is the best way Oniyan can describe what she is to him. He is completely fine as long as he has her. Claude is Oniyan's first love and it's doubtful he'd ever love anyone else. He's extremely innocent, and regardless of what Claude's past is, he only seems to focus on her good.
Dorothy Parsons (played by Juls)

My gal, Dotty, has a knack for falling for the outlaw types. XD

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