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Sanne Moderator

Is this even the right forum? Can I even do this here? <.< If not let me know...

Anyway! I'm looking to earn some money and thought this was the best place to get started. c: This is specially for Furcadia portraits, but it can be for 100x100 icons too! I'll take either Paypal or GDs (the Furcadia game currency), but as I value both equally so the prices will not differ due to payment method.

What do I do? Kickass icons. Non-remap.

[img] copy.jpg[/img] femke_port.pngfemkekitty_port.png lovi_port.png thoraportsmall.png

I draw them at a larger resolution and then resize them to be pretty. They have a little rainbow colored heart in the corner, which is my signature. I kind of suck at males, though if you're willing to risk it, I can try. Otherwise I do females and anthros. I'll usually finish them in two days! :3 Maybe 3...

Price? $25/25GD a piece.
How do I get one? Message me, post here, whisper me on Furcadia.
What do I need? Preferably existing image references, detailed info, email where I can contact you.
When do I expect payment? After sketch approval. (I won't change anything after you approve the sketch, so make sure you tell me what you want changed!)
What then? I show a lot of images inbetween. You get final product and go YAY!! And love it. LOVE IT I TELL YOU.
If I can't finish it in under a week? You get your moolah back.
Do you just get the small icon? Nope. You get the full picture AND the resized image. Which is why I ask for 25 bucks.
Questions? ASK! :D

1. Open!
2. Open!

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Kim Site Admin

Yes, you may do this here. :)
Sanne Topic Starter Moderator

Kim wrote:
Yes, you may do this here. :)

... :P Good! At least that wall of text won't go to waste rofl.

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