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Hello Roleplayers!

I'm on a Games Development course in college and today we had to look at character designs, and creating our own characters. Whilst we were brainstorming as a group, I suggested for my peers to check out RP Repository to see the basic stats and information upon character creation.

My tutor and peers took a peek at this here site and found it would be very useful for our course. Thus, I showed them how to create a character upon here and what features they should look at once they create their own. So basically, our whole day was spent creating characters using the quickstart wizard on RP Repository.

So I'd like to thank Kim for creating the site and helping, not only me in my real life studies, but my peers too, as they seem to have a bit of a struggle with character creation.

Now that I mentioned this, they took note and are now informing other groups about the site. Hopefully, you'll see some new members :).
Kim Site Admin

Experience, that is about the coolest thing I could have possibly woken up to this morning. Thank you so much for letting your class know about us, and especially for letting me know you let them know! How very motivating. :D

If any of Experience's classmates or tutors are out there, welcome! Hope the site is useful for you in your character creation processes. :)
That is pretty awesome of you. ;)
Ben Moderator

Nice! It's pretty cool that the site can be used that way, I never thought about that.

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