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Archangel (played by LittleLuckyRed1)

Using his clearance chit, Archangel walked into the city club. A silence swept over the crowds, many stares at the fully armored man before them, or was he really a man? His tinted helmet visor coveres. the whole of his face, the black armor reflecting the neon lights. With his laser rifle set on .phase, he began o walk among the locals. Sitting at the bar, some moved away, not wanting to get involved with the his buisness.
Kyta (played by IviCelebrindal)

A shorter girl with long red hair walks up to the bar and sits beside the armor-clad man. Sitting on the bar stool, the girl orders a fruity alcoholic drink. Smiling, she turns around on the stool and looks around the bar, eying the man in armor sitting beside her.

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