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Me again. Just looking for another RP to join. I feel like I have a hard time finding an RP here, but lately I've been struggling to find RPs anywhere. Maybe I should try to make my rules less strict.

For now, I'm looking for a sort of medieval RP. I have a plot planned involving an evil giant rat that I'd like to try out where basically a giant rat is having his chronies snatch babies from a village and heroes have to come and defeat the creature and such, but he's not like normal giant rats: he's smart and sly. ...But that's just one RP I want to do. I'm also open for suggestions if I get multiple partners.

I'm looking to use either Eshe Tawar or Tiberius in an RP. For these RPs, I will allow human characters, since if I generally say "No humans" then I never get partners, so this time I will allow humans. ...Just remember that I personally will not play as them, so if you're fine with RPing in a world where non-human sapiens exist, then good.

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You know I'm not shy about anthro characters
I know, and I respect that. :)

I am wondering how many people are willing to work with non-human characters though. This time I'm allowing human characters from other RPers, hoping that might help get some other people to RP with me.
Yeah that would make sense. If you and I do another rp would you like me to use Pezvhak?
Are you sure you really want to juggle two RPs with the same person?
Already doing it with another guy, don't see why another would be any trouble.
Well... if you want, but don't get in over your head. It's hard to keep up with lots of RPs.
I'll be fine
In that case, want to go with the odea I had, or something else.
Alright, I'm cool with that.
...So... my idea or something else?
Your idea works fine. It might be interesting trying to find a way to get Pez to join in on the hunt for that Rat Guy XD
Pez looks like the kind of guy who wouldn't want to work with Eshe (an obese hippo mage who carries her son in a kangaroo pouch) OR Tiberius (A scrawny Miraj with no real muscle mass or skill, except he has a BIG secret). Still, I could make it work with Tiberius. I'd really like to use Tiberius because I've only used him in an RP once, but I never got a chance to show his "Emperor" form.

I can imagine Pez the Manticore would be looking for a sidekick to accompany him in the fight against that rat, or... not so and Tiberius could just be badgering him. Tiberius wants to help him on his adventure, but it doesn't really click until their first run-in with the Giant Rat's goons. ...That's my idea for the start of the RP anyway.
I don't think Pez would care enough about the locals being attacked by a giant rat monster, so long is doesn't cause him trouble. Maybe Tiberius has to convince him to come along? You could still use Eshe if you though, I don't mind how many characters you use.
That sounds good, I'll make the topic sometime soon. BTW, if you want a strength user and a magic user, would Pez be a speed user. ...Or do you not care about those kind of archetypes?
Normally I don't care about those archetypes too often.
Okay, then we can forget about them. :)

The RP should be up in the Fantasy RP section. :)

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