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So, I want to try to find some more long-term rps. :3 I only have about one I think right now, a few losing my interest or just wasn't feeling it. ^^; It's the weekend and I'm bored, what can I say? ANYWAYS! I don't think this character of mine is well known but this is my little hunter, Alex~ I want to try doing more romances with him, either gender is fine. :3 He is a real sweetie though a bit mischievous and playful, but his flaws are his protectiveness and trying to hide his emotions as best as he can. Since he has been hurt before and the last person he loved(according to his history~) was a female demon, he can be a bit hesitant to try to love someone again, or even get too close to someone, for fear of hurting them. Since he is a demon hunter, he travels a lot but remains in Washington, USA but is commonly found in Romania, England, and France.

I have a ton of characters!!!! Mostly guy's...I like to rp as guys actually, but I'm very interested to do an rp with you. I have a ton of characters the range from vampire's, to murderer's, to demons. If any of them stick up an interest let me know :3
>.> Enya is a sweety. shes also half demon shes also a shapeshifter XD but hides the demon side only way it shows is if shes pissed off and that only happens if someone messes with the person she cares for.

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