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Khael Tristen (played anonymously)

The cool November air slipped under the less-than-airtight seal on the old window, creeping into the darkened room that held nothing but the silence of a winter's night and the subtle sadness of a being without love. It was late, nearly 2 in the morning, as Khael lied silently in his room, unaware of the chill that threatened his comfort as his icy blue eyes stared blankly at the ceiling. His body hurt from a night of harsh surrender to a battle that had no purpose as the bruises of the day started to silently taint his porcelain skin. But he didn't notice, as his mind wondered in the vast sea of thought. In a mere week, he would have to endure yet another Atér transformation; not exactly something someone looks forward to on a regular basis.
A deep sigh cleansed his lungs and stung his ribs as his frosty eyes gazed out the window on the far side of the room. Snow drifted down smoothly but hadn't formed any sufficient blanket on the ground below. Just a subtle sprinkle as the gray sky stared down back at Khael.
Nitsua (played anonymously)

"It is close. I can smell it. Something like I never sensed before. Mysterious, oh no! It might... *hurt* us!"

"You know I have no fear."

"He is right. This is very strange. I sense great darkness, and great light. Of the purest kind. Whatever we're seeking possesses powers that transcend the notion of good... and evil."

"You too? What you say merely increases my curiosity. The way?"

"The swift death you're looking for is right ahead. In that house, I'd guess. My souls are restless."

"...I hate snow."

The hooded figure walked slowly yet steadily towards the house, keeping her hands close to the hilts of her two blades - under a thick cloak, of course. It was cold, very cold. It had been a long walk, and she hadn't slept in days. Still, the one primal need she was aiming to satisfy was the greatest of them all for her. The thrill of battle.

What would be awaiting her inside that house, she did not know.
Khael Tristen (played anonymously)

He felt restless and his body needed to move but the pain of the day weighted him down. With a sigh, he managed to push himself up into a sitting position in his bed, the chilled room hit his skin like a blade as it wrapped around his exposed arms and up under his dark t-shirt. His long jeans covered his legs as he sat on his bed blankets. Something compelled him but he couldn't put his finger on it. With another push of energy, he got off the bed and walked to the window across his bedroom, staring out into the cold November night.
Nitsua (played anonymously)

Would the snow-covered cloaked figure look to her left, she would see someone looking out the window. However, she didn't. She walked over to the door, and her march came to a halt.

"Kick it down. Get in and go for the kill, while the being is unaware of your presence. You know you want to see the look of surprise in its eyes when you jump out of nowhere and chop its head off!"

"Knock. Converse with your foe. He may not even be willing to fight. Even if he is... let it be fair."

Nitsua ignored both, but did what the divine spirit had said. She knocked on the door, thrice. And she waited, with the cold wind biting her face. Luckily she had her hooded cloak... it kept her warm and hid her features... and blades.
Khael Tristen (played anonymously)

Khael saw the group of people make their way to the front door and the knock seemed to rattle the still house. In a rush, he ran down the hallway, hoping that the noise hadn't woken his uncle upstairs and he opened the door. His eyes were dark blue now as he stared at the cloaked figures on his porch. "Please be quiet." He whispered before following that statement with another. "Can I help you?" His voice was just above a whisper now as fear seeped into his mind. What on earth would three cloaked people be doing at his house at 2 in the morning?
Nitsua (played anonymously)

((Okay, I'm sorry for not making this clear before - mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa. :P There aren't three cloaked people; there is one cloaked woman talking to the voices in her head. Sorry about that. Do you wish to edit, or should we just overlook that? c:))
Khael Tristen (played anonymously)

(Oh good heavens, I'm sorry. I didn't realize she was by herself, forgive me haha lets just overlook that little detail flaw, I'm sorry xD)
Nitsua (played anonymously)

(can do :D )

First, the cloaked figure stood, looking at the young man facing her.

A trap? A mistake? Would that young man turn into a monster and attack her? Were Castigadora and Redentor wrong? Or... was that it? Those powerful auras, belonging to a light purer than Castigadora and a darkness that Redentor could merely aspire to... they belonged to a... brat?!

"It comes from him", both spirits said in unison, inside her head.

Nitsua spoke, finally. Her voice exuded confidence, but she didn't speak too loudly. She took orders from no one, but that "please be quiet" hadn't been an order. It sounded more like the young man was begging for her silence. She took that into account.

"They say you are the one who wields light and darkness. Is this correct?"
Khael Tristen (played anonymously)

Khael's eyes shifted over his shoulder as he listened intently for his uncle upstairs. When he was fairly certain that the man had not awoken, he looked back at Nitsua with eyes of an icy gray with a contrasting green border around them.
"I'm sorry, I don't know what you're talking about." He lied through his teeth in a hushed voice, the cold of the November air was starting to steal all the warmth from the living room as he held the door open.
"Can I help you with anything else?" He asked, nearly rushing the sentence as he was ready to close the door and go to bed.
Nitsua (played anonymously)

"He lies - It is clear. Kill him!"

"I... don't understand. Were we mistaken? No... I still feel it..."

Nitsua didn't know what to think. And then she noticed his eyes. Those weren't a human's eyes. They were gray and green... She wouldn't be fooled by such a bad lie.

Now, he was either lying out of fear, or lying because he was trying to attack when she was off-guard. Either way, she wouldn't leave.

She took a step towards Khael. Under her cloak, her hands were grasping the handles of her scimitars. But unless those strange eyes allowed the young man to see through solid objects, he would be none the wiser.

"You lie. And I am not fond of liars.", she hissed.
Khael Tristen (played anonymously)

As his body and mind immediately became alert of attack, the colors in his eyes became vibrant as the feelings flared inside of him. He tried to appear calm to this stranger, completely unaware of who or what she might be and what she wanted.
"Ma'am, I'm sorry but I can't help you." He whispered to her, the green flared as the gray glittered with more intense saturation of color. He tried his hardest to shoo her off before he had to see what she really was. The last thing he wanted to do is try his best to find off a psychopath at 2 in the morning with his uncle sleeping just upstairs. His body started to betray him with subtle trembles. He honestly couldn't tell whether it was the cold or the fear swelling inside him.
"Please leave." He asked, staring at her intently.
Nitsua (played anonymously)

"...really? Is this it? The kid's shaking - not even worth killing!"

Yes, Nitsua could see it, too. Khael was indeed shaking. It was no trap - she had merely stumbled upon an innocent young man. She spoke again - not to the one in front of her, though.

"Are you really sure? It his him who emanates those two auras you sensed, Redentor?"

"Yup. I don't think he's the fighting type though."


Nitsua was not pleased with the situation - not at all. She had faced the searing winds, the cold, in a march that seemed endless... to find not a warrior, but a boy? For a second she contemplated bringing about Khael's demise with a good, clean cut. After all, it was his fault, was it not? ...No. It was not. Without another word, she turned around and was about to leave.

"Will you leave without learning about that light and darkness we sensed?

"...No." And she turned around yet again. It was unlike her to talk more than necessary with strangers... but she wanted to know. Khael had those strange eyes... and those auras the spirits were feeling...

"Boy, you will let me in.", she told him. Her tone was no longer an aggressive one; it was instead a demand, from someone who would not change her mind.
Khael Tristen (played anonymously)

He watched her turn in circles and discuss topics with herself that he was unfamiliar with. His trembling did not cease as he watched her turn and face him with a demanding face. Her demands to be let inside discouraged Khael a great deal as his eyebrows furrowed with worry. He wasn't necessarily sure how to reply, her voice was so certain and unchanging, like a mother telling her child what not to do. Despite his instincts screaming in retort, he stepped aside and allowed the cloaked figure inside his home.
"I ask you to please not track snow into the living room and don't touch anything." He said almost silently, scared to death that his uncle would find out someone was inside the house after hours. He was taller than the cloaked woman but for some reason, he had the mindset of a child around her. She had a terribly convincing tone and a very authoritative aura about her which comforted and scared Khael both at the same time.
Nitsua (played anonymously)

The elf couldn't help smiling at the visible effect she was causing on the boy. Yes, as far as she was concerned, he should be scared.

Once inside, she stood completely still.

She honestly couldn't care less about the boy's requests, but Castigadora advised her to be as polite as possible, for the time being at least. As such, she didn't touch anything. In fact, she didn't even care enough to take a look around.

"Come in, say it."

"Boy, fear nothing from me, as my blades are sheathed as so they will remain for the time being."


She ignored the daemonic spirit's complaints. Instead, she glanced at Khael.

"Your name."
Khael Tristen (played anonymously)

He closed the door and watched her carefully as she entered his household. She made him terribly uncomfortable but at least she had the decency to comply to his request. He was furthermore concerned when she actually had weapons her body; something he was completely unaware of for the most part.
"My name?" He repeated unnecessarily. Despite his instincts telling him to keep his identity unknown from this woman, he spat it out.
"I'm Khael Tristen. Who are you?" His eyes were still a frosty gray but the green had changed nearly instantaneously into a vivid pumpkin orange.
Nitsua (played anonymously)

"I am Nitsua. With me come two friends." She decided she wouldn't let him know her other names. Besides, those eyes, they were starting to upset her so with their constant color shifting.

"Look at the kid, I can almost smell his fear. I think I love him."

Yes, it was quite obvious for Nitsua, too. This was very annoying for her. That Khael was strange, very strange. Both spirits could sense something very strange in him, and those eyes weren't those of a normal person.

She spoke yet again, this time in some kind of annoyed growl. She deeply hated cowards.

"...I said you needn't be afraid."
Khael Tristen (played anonymously)

An uncharacteristically satiric laugh escaped his lips as he tilted his head, the gray in his eyes deepened and darkened slightly as he looked at her, his fear slowly vanishing as it was replaced with mockery.
"You tell me that I shouldn't be afraid? A strange woman demanding my identity and bursting into my house at 2 in the morning? With weapons? And I shouldn't be afraid?" He chuckled again. He eyed her with a small, facetious smile that was plastered on his face.
She must be out of her mind. A homeless girl with an overpowering imagination that had gotten the better of her over the years of solitude. He constructed many histories for her, trying to justify her behavior with logic instead of being taken in by her mystery.
But, he himself did not have a logical past. His secrets were those of fairy tails and nonsensical stories. Could she be the same? Plagued by mysteries that the average realist would fail to see?
His eyes failed to identify his emotion and instead reverted to the dark blue inside the vivid pumpkin color. It was a strange contrast but Khael often did not notice his hue changes unless he was glancing at the mirror at the opportune time.
"Look..." His voice softened, the light in him refused to let his harshness remain. "...just tell me what you're here for." Though it wasn't in the form of a question, Khael seemed to speak it like a request rather than a demand as he foolishly tried to fight off the lingering fear in the back of his mind.

(Am I being too Character-Selfish? I feel like I am o.o I'm trying very hard to incorporate Nitsua into my posts but she's so mysterious that its difficult for me to do that for the time being. So do forgive me.)
Nitsua (played anonymously)

(nope, not at all!... but do tell me if I am)

Upon hearing Khael's mocking tone, the daemonic spirit let out some kind of spectral laughter, which echoed inside Nitsua's head.

"Ha! Bravado. I was wondering when that would come. So, can we kill him no-",

"Just shut up already, Redentor."


Nitsua watched the boy as he spoke, her face showing nothing but indifference - one could wonder if she was actually listening to Khael. But the sentence she would mutter afterwards would clear that up.

"Our journey was interrupted by the 'scent' of your auras. Hoping to find a worthy foe to do battle with, I followed my friends' lead and came to this house. Instead of a fighter, I came upon a coward who believes he can fool me into thinking he is normal. It takes more than a half-hearted lie to fool Nitsua Whisperer of Fates, the Daughter of the Moonless Sky." Those final words were said with more arrogance than pride.

She disliked to let strangers know her full name and race, but it had been no slip.
Khael Tristen (played anonymously)

He snorted lightly, not enjoying being talked down to.
"I'm not going to fight with you, if that's what you want." He commented lightly, not sure how exactly he should be acting around this strange woman. She didn't feel threatening but her words carried the hint of hostility to them along with the malicious content. He wasn't normal, she was right about that but he also couldn't fight her. Perhaps if he was to transform into the Atér as he pleased but he still had a good week to go before he could have the strength that she was seeking for.
"Go home." He said lightly, feeling the drowsiness start to warn his mind that he was needing sleep. He didn't have time to deal with the 'daughter of a windless moon' or whatever the hell she called herself. He was stern now, seizing the size advantage between them and hoping that his eyes would convey a tone of authority that might intimidate her. He wasn't angry, just stern, as he stared at her.

(Sorry, I"m really tired and probably shouldn't be posting at this time of night haha if you want me to rewrite it, just let me know ^^)
Nitsua (played anonymously)

(oh no, tis fine.)

"Ha, he said home."

And then Nitsua smiled. She had thought Khael was a coward, but he had guts. To speak in such a way to someone who could cut him down to size...

Then again, he could just be a desperate display of bravado. Either way, it made Nitsua happy. Inducing fear was pleasurable for her, but so was facing brave people. Bravery is hard to find. Bravery cannot exist without fear. Bravery...

Castigadora's voice interrupted her musings.

"Nitsua, the boy... he is in no state to speak to you."

"I care not. Not even if I have to use force to get my answers, I will know."

"There's always room for one more. Oh, what fun!"

Nitsua looked at Khael, and in a quick movement, removed her hood, the one she wore to hide her prominent elven features from the eyes of strangers. It was about time the young man had a good look at the face of the one he was facing.

"Khael Tristen, know that I will not leave until you tell me. Why do they sense these auras coming from you. And why do you have such eyes."

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