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so, i am new here but i am definitely not new to role playing. i have been doing it for a few years now and have high expectations for this site. i am a little confused on how to join a group and get started, however so if someone would like to show me around that would be great.

also, i have a few characters already loaded up, but dont have their bios on yet. do i have to have stats for them?

any help or answers would be greatly appreciated

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Kim Site Admin

Hi Jazz! What has you confused?

At the moment, the best way to find new RP partners is to head over to the RP Discussion forum and let people know what you're interested in playing, and see if anyone has suggestions for a game for you to join. Very very soon, possibly even early next week, we'll be releasing a formal groups feature that will allow people to create their own little guilds right on the site.

As for whether or not you need to have stats on your characters, that's going to depend on what you want to do with them. There are lots and lots of different kinds of RPers here. Some of them run or participate in games that have stat based systems behind them to help keep stories structured and fair, such as D&D or other gaming systems. And to play with those people, you may well need to have some stats that are compatible with their system.

But the majority here seems to be freeform RPers, who don't use codified stats at all, and won't mind you not having any posted so long as you have a well thought out character and are willing to play fair.

Does that answer the question? :)
jazzriot Topic Starter

thanks!! that helps a lot!

you're a life saver and stuff lol

any other tips or hints and stuff?

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