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Alexsus looked around. Looking up at the sky as the light beams that shone through the trees hit against her golden eyes, and made them shine brigther. She smiled as she looked around the forest, hearing animals run and lurk behind trees and shrubs.

She wore a long, white summer dress and black, long lace up boots. She had a large brown leather, belt that was loosely around her waist.

She hoped someone would soon come alone, she was rather bored, and was unsure generally what to do.

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He stumbled along in the shade of the trees, fighting to maintain his last shred of sanity. The blood lust was getting to him--he hadn't eaten in several weeks and it was starting to tell.

The dark grey trenchcoat swept over fallen leaves as his boots crunched over them. How much longer could he last? He stumbled over the hem of his trenchcoat and stopped abruptly--throwing his head back to sniff the wind like an animal. Was that fresh blood nearby?

His pace increased and within seconds he was behind a tree, peering out at the unknown lady wandering the forest alone. His eyes went glassy at the prospect of blood. Fresh blood. Her blood.

"Y-y-you shouldn't b-b-be alone out here," he gasped, his vampire hunter self emerging briefly to try to warn the girl. "You never know, wh-what you might encounter."
Senka (played by ChaosTheMew)

Senka pulled at her hood for the tenth time to make sure it hid her face and her hair.She looked at the path she was going to see two beings standing there.Senka stopped a few feet away from the other two.She placed her hand on the weapon belt she had strapped around her waist and shifted slightly so that the four swords that were strapped to her back gently hit her,reassuring Senka that she wasn't defenseless."Is there a problem here?"
Jacuzzi (played by StillDoll)

Sitting up in the branches of a large, old oak tree, Jacuzzi watched as the girl with all the swords strapped to her back approached the scene, while the vampire had been getting ready to attack.
Nothing like a good fight to brighten up the mood. Maybe i will even join in. Maybe..
His attention focused on the prey before him, he didn't detect the presence of another until she spoke. He swiveled to face her, a pained expression crossing his face when he saw the swords.

In a moment his personality changed. A smile that exposed two sharp canines lit up his face. "No problem at all. Thanks for your concern. I was just about to help her find her way again, if she was lost."
Jacuzzi (played by StillDoll)

Jacuzzi smirked and jumped down to a branch right above the vampire's head. He landed so softly on the branch no one heard a sound.
"My, my I always knew that vampires were horrible liars. You were just about to suck the life out of this poor young woman," Jacuzzi said to them in a relaxed tone. Mostly aimed at the vampire.
He sat on the branch analyzing the three people below him.
Senka (played by ChaosTheMew)

Senka turned to look at the other being.She didn't say anything,but she tugged on her hood to make sure it hid her face.
Jacuzzi (played by StillDoll)

"Shy now are we?" Jacuzzi says and smiles.
He sits on the branch and watches.
Senka (played by ChaosTheMew)

Senka tensed slightly.She felt something slide down her right arm.A black snake slithered toward the being who had just spoken."Attor,stop."Senka looked at the pure black snake as he stopped and looked at Senka.Attor let out a hiss,looked back at the man, then slithered back to Senka,only to stop in front of Senka.
Jacuzzi (played by StillDoll)

"Your snake doesnt like strangers I see," Jacuzzi kept his smile.
Wrapping his hand around the handel of his scythe, Jacuzzi stayed relaxed. Preapared to attack though if needed.
The interaction between the two didn't amuse Kai at all. Seeing that they were distracted--or at least hoping they were--he moved in for the kill. Well, blood-letting. If they didn't fight back too much and if he hadn't starved himself too much, they usually survived. Usually being, well, not a large number.

His swiftness was checked only by his hunger and the vampire hunter self. Just as he lunged for the neck of the initial woman--he stumbled--a shred of sanity refusing to give into the animal-like nature of the vampire.
Senka (played by ChaosTheMew)

Senka looked over at the one the man had called a vampire.Attor sensed the threat and slithered toward the vampire.Attor grew into a large python and whacked the vampire with his tail,tossing him away from the woman."Attor,don't hit people."The large black snake hissed at Senka, apparently arguing with her."I don't care what the heck he is,I was about to stop him myself."Senka winced as pain shot through the scar on her right shoulder,but she shook the pain off.
The lash of the snake's tail sent Kai hurtling into a tree trunk. He collapsed into a heap, where he didn't move for a moment. His eyes were closed--apparently unconscious, though he still breathed.

He was lucky he hadn't been impaled by a tree branch. Shanked and killed by a tree--he'd never hear the end of it.
Jacuzzi (played by StillDoll)

Jacuzzi watched with a little intrest.
I wonder how the vampire will retaliate..
Senka (played by ChaosTheMew)

Senka took a few deep breathes and looked over at the man Attor had attacked.He was breathing and Attor was staring at her as if knowing she was in pain."Attor,return to armband form."Attor turned into a golden light and the light wrapped around her left arm.When the glow dispersed,a golden snake armband was wrapped tightly around her arm.Senka let out a sigh of relief and rubbed her right shoulder,trying to make it stop throbbing.
Kai peered through slitted eyelids, trying to determine if the coast was clear yet to try another attack. He only needed a glimpse of the python being gone, before he was on his feet again.

This time he sprinted for Senka, a malevolent look in his eyes. "No one comes between a vampire and his prey and hopes to live." He was prepared to leap out of the way if the snake chose to strike at him--wherever it was.
Jacuzzi (played by StillDoll)

Jacuzzi flashed in front of the vampire and quicker then the blink of an eye, slashed the vampire across the chest with his scythe.
"Your prey, huh?" he said in a cold, quiet voice.
He gripped the handle of his scythe hard. His scythe melted and the melted metal crept up his arm, up his neck, and to his eyes. It dissolved into his eyes and both his eye's pupils changed into a triangle with a eight-point star in it. The color of his eyes turned to silver. His skin was as hard as titanium now.
"How rude to attack a woman like that,"he whispered, death in his eyes.
It was the combination of Kai's previous vampire hunter skill and unnatural vampire speed, which saved Kai's undead life from the scythe. He leaped to the side, rolling to evade the rest of the blade, before leaping back to his feet.

A small trickle of blood began to run down his chest, evidence that while he'd been fast, the unknown stranger before him had been faster. Wariness now cautioned him.

"I have not fed in several..." There was a nasty pause as days and weeks were calculated, "months. I need to feed." He didn't expect pity but neither did he expect them to just hand over a sacrifice. One hand blotted at the blood that dripped from him. "I need to eat, or I will lose control."
Jacuzzi (played by StillDoll)

Jacuzzi cut his arm and let it drip in the grass for a while before the metal covered up the wound.
"Theres your food. Not a nice thing to almost attack a young lady while your on a frenzy,"he murmured before turning away and walking past the girl with all the swords.
The vampire could not belive his luck. He pounced on the blood immediately--devouring even the blades of grass that had been covered.

Within moments, the fresh blood settling, the vampire sat back and wiped an arm across his mouth. The predatory look was gone; in its place a resigned horror as Kai searched for the carcass that had been his prey and came up empty.

"Why...?" he whispered. "Why help me?"

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