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Father Jensen (played by Loren)

I'm so sorry, I'm a horrible person. Muahaha.
Basically, it's to chose a trope from TvTropes to tropefy the above character.

Since I'm the first person, I'm gonna tropefy the lovely Blightzilla from Epic Week! >;)
Giant Spider.
Helen Cox (played anonymously)

My trope for blightzilla? nope Nope NOPE!
Father Jensen (played by Loren) Topic Starter

Actually, it's to tropefy the character above you, not continuing to tropefy my example one :P
For example, your character'd be a Retired Badass or would Hate being touched?
Annie (played anonymously)

So if I guessed Light isn't good and Hiding behind religion would I be correct?
Mary Collins (played by Loren) Topic Starter

Depressive, Peculiar, Somewhat Gratuitous.

Ohai Loren. Sorry for disappearing on you.
Hazel Richards (played anonymously)

Seems to have come Back from the dead? Possibly Came back wrong?
Dmitri Novikov (played by Reima)

I'm not exceptionally good at this, but... One of these could fit you, maybe? Maybe this aswell

I'm giving out an easy one, Dim has some strongly apparent things to him
The Khan of Dreams (played anonymously)

Good or, well, at least Antagonistic Chancellor, depending on the part of the timeline.
Also Dude Looks like a Lady :P
The Sultan of Embers (played anonymously)

Gracilyn D'Helion (played anonymously)

Ageless? maybe a little of this?
Lexi (played by Lucretire)

((I'd have to say This one right here?

Or maybe This one?

You might have to do some heavy digging on this lady, btw, 'cause there's a lot on the Classified page.))
The Doge of Anvils (played anonymously)

Hmn, she tries to be a Cool Big Sis? And probably this.
Jay Laveux (played anonymously)

The Doge of Anvils (played anonymously)


Will (played anonymously)

Lovely character! Been There, Shaped History
John Doe (played anonymously)

Why so Grim?
The Czar of Bones (played anonymously)

I feel like it'd be a crime to not to have this character after yours.
Grimmification, because hell yeah.

Edit: XD Wow, Virus, great minds think alike.
Healing Factor? Celibate hero?

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