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Fallen (played by DeathGod)

Horror had struck many who loved the forest behind the city. The woodland area was torn down and burned to make more room for the growth of the city. Fallen had been one that hated the humans for doing this to her treasured forest. She spent most of her day playing within the forest. Now she had no place to go. Being a hybrid, Fallen couldn't go into the city to play there. No one believed dragons were really, let alone a humanoid dragon. Sighing from having her home destroyed the night grow endless and cold.

Wondering around aimlessly she became very unnerved by the fact that it become so cold so quick. Looking up at the full moon she listened to the wind. Closing her pure green hues for a few moments, she opened them again to look back at the city that was full of life even at this time at night.

"Heat...I need heat. They burned my trees and took my animals. The took everything I have left. Maybe I need to take something from them,"she growled.

Fallen had made up her mind. She would go back to the city and kill a few dozen people to make up for the forest that was completely burned. A life for a life she thought. Slowly walking as she pulled the blade from her back she chuckled at the thought.

"Let the games begin,"she said as began to turn her walk into a fast pace run.";

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Tatsuyoshi (played by Bloodwolf1994)

Curiosity played through the dragon's mind as he watched the female begin to run towards the city. In his smaller form he was no bigger then a common house cat, but that suited him just fine. It was easier to hide as a small dragon that in his human form, with his horns and tail, or a massive thirty foot long beast with three sets of wings. It was easier to hide but not to keep up with the female. His small wings flapped, straining to keep up the pace he pushed himself to keep. It'd been so long since he'd tried flying fast at least what? Two, maybe three, hundred years?

There was no place to land so he could rest his wings. As the female had said the humans had destroyed everything. It was easy to tell a human's destruction from a dragon's. Human's left behind the nose burning smell of gasoline.

Unable to fly anymore he landed. His body reshaping to take on his mostly human form. Now standing at near seven feet he took off in a run. still fallowing her, but from a safe distance. Still curious as two how this would all play out.
Fallen (played by DeathGod)

Fallens body twisted and turned on the inside as she felt emotions arise. She suddenly knew killing innocent humans would not bring the forest back. Nothing really could. Continuing to think and not paying attention to her running, she finally snapped out of deepened thought to see the was only 2 feet from running into the city. Stopping her speed to a light jog then to a complete stop. Looking at the people placing on the sidewalk, her mind screamed stop.

Seeing young children and other humans made her realize her human mother wouldn't want her to do this. Tears rolled down her face as she continued to watch until she noticed a human staring into the little bit of woods they left nearby the sidewalk for the humans to enjoy. Fallen had forgotten that her eyes had a glowing effect at night. Quickly she backed up the only fall onto a tree stump and fall on her butt.

Not wanting to get up she dropped her blades to her sides and looking up to the sky to suddenly feel something funny in the air. "Come out," she called "show yourself."

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