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Has it yet been suggested the possibility of being able to have layouts through which we can edit the CSS and make our sites a little more personal? o Ao;
I know it was being looked at that 'Epic Accounts' will be able to do more customization for their layouts. Epic Accounts would be those signed up who have given a small donation.

As such:

The Development Logs has listings of things currently being worked on or will be worked on or possibly added.
Kim Site Admin

This is in fact a finished but as yet unreleased feature. :)
Darth_Angelus Moderator

*rubs hands together, eagerly awaiting a new feature to test* :)
Kim Site Admin

And look at that, it just released. ;)
whmjuriri Topic Starter

FF. I won't use any of those other features.. BUT IT'S SO TEMPTING.

Also, you guys should advertise a bit more about memberships, and MAKE THE LINKS KIND OF OBVIOUS.
Just 'Want mpoar feeshurz? lolol GIVE US MONEY!'
it took me a wekk to find out where i can donate. :/
Kim Site Admin

Yeah, we should definitely make it more blatant. I've been kind of slacking on epic membership promotion, I was *extremely* ill this last week, and when I wasn't in bed coughing I was redoing notifications.

It does prod you when you reach the character limit, and there's a link underneath every single ad on the site that says "Make this ad go away"

I commissioned someone a few days ago to make me some appropriate art so I can make proper ads, so hopefully it will be easier to find soon.

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