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Hello there;

I'm making this post to find out how many of you are actively role-playing and how/where you do it on the web? I have an old message board which has sadly been depopulated lately and I'm hoping maybe some people would like to revive us :D
Kim Site Admin

Oh boy, I sure hope we have some active RPers here. ;)

What sort of RP is your message board for? I'm interested in hearing more about it. I mostly seem to gravitate to fantasy/medieval type settings, although I've been known to branch into sci-fi for the right world or the right group.
Oh yes. I do it on our forums.
f0x1nth3b0x Topic Starter

The board I've been using for the last couple of years is called the Forsaken. And it is basically a forest in its own dimension which borders on many others. It happens to seek out misfits and suck them in. It's an unmappable place and is never found on purpose except by those people who were born there.

So we basically see fantasy, sci-fi, medieval as well as Anthro people etc.
Kim Site Admin

Oh wow, that's a cool nexus sort of concept to get a lot of different character types together. I'm trying to think if I have any characters what would be appropriate for a dimension of "misfits".
That does sound like a rather interesting idea. I might have to look that up, Fox.

Welcome to RPR! I hope you enjoy your stay~ ^^

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