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Triston Vale (played by Vanderhuge)


··• Infernal Fire Station •··
Come one, come all!

What started out as a joke during a round of locker room talk actually ended up a reality that took up the whole afternoon just to set-up.

Triston was just telling the guys about a moment earlier that day when he rescued a boy who climbed too high up a tree. He got screamed at a "MONSTER!!" as reward. One thing led to another and he might have said, "I told him I live in a haunted mansion. Our building certainly looks the part."

That was that and here they were; the idle men at the station—they were off-duty and was supposed to hit the pub that night—were now converting the unused part of the lower West Wing and its cavernous garage into a haunted house of sorts. There wasn't much that needed to be done because the place really did look the part already. Both outside and in.

Looking around the dark space covered with dust, cobwebs at every corner, outdated machinery, and all kinds of old stuff, Triston wondered what else they could do to make it look more... old and scary. Well, they did have some smoke machines, fake flames, and other equipment usually used for fire safety demonstrations. The guys have stripped off and covered themselves with paint and fake wounds, pretending as bulked-up monsters. The department chief's wife had brought over bags of candies to give out, as well as food for the men and more decorations to put up. Turning on the siren lights, the whole place was bathed in blood-red flashes and had completely turned into quite a believable version of fiery hell.

hulk_marvel__by_taufanakt-d6r9wxx.gif "I guess I should go out and invite people in then," the big man decided as he finished painting his bare skin green, tore a couple more holes in his tight purple pants, and looked at himself in the mirror.

"What a beast," Triston told his reflection and smiled.
Achu smiled having taken advantage of the spells cast to travel across time and dimension and get out of the elven realms to land in this completely different world, full of unknown dangers and adventures.

He looked at the street, clearly, his clothes standing out very little given everyone else was dressed with a touch of fantasy and gore and came to stand in front of the big tall building.

He was escaping from the guild of rangers and the other elves who might want him back to safety and study and he was also actively trying to avoid knights and guards that might drag him back to the cruel human king. This looked the perfect place to hide at, dark and large, they would have trouble finding him in there for sure.

Upon venturing inside, a sense of mild dread took over seeing the creatures there were green and approach them with caution, tugging at their finger

"Hello there... I'm Achu... I'm hungry!" informed the boy with the rumbling tummy
Triston Vale (played by Vanderhuge)

With the stack of flyers finally given out, Triston had decided to return to the station for a break. He told the next person in charge of some good spots where the flyers could be distributed next and sat down to enjoy some of the snacks he managed to receive while roaming the streets himself. Not a moment too soon though, something was tugging at his finger and looking down saw a small boy with the greenest eyes he had ever seen stare up at him, albeit with trepidation, who then proceeded to ask for something to eat.

"Oh, hey there little... uh, thief? Are you a thief? A ranger. No, wait. Hobbit!" Triston was having a ball trying to guess what the child was dressed as but realized that he might just make him angry. So he decided to share the stuff he got outside and had an idea to invite the kid inside for more. "Do you want to check the station? Come, we decorated the inside and it's supposed to be scary. So tell me if it's too scary for you. Don't worry I'll protect you from the green monsters."
Achu laughed at his complete misses.

"I'm not a ranger, I'm Achu... I'm an elf... just don't tell any rangers or elves that I am hiding here uh? They'd drag me back to study otherwise" muttered Achu popping a candy into the mouth and taking the man's hand.

"Why do you want this place to be scary?" asked Achu suspiciously but keen to venture into the building all the same to inspect it, curiosity getting the better off him
Atticus Sutcliffe (played anonymously)

Was it seriously Halloween already? The last Karen had known it was sometime mid-September, her garden had needed weeding, and her car was overdue by 6,000 miles for an oil change. How she'd somehow skipped out on a month and a half was beyond her; Not that she cared all that much about the silly holiday. Well, maybe she did, she thought to herself as she stopped in front of the festooned fire station. Somewhere in the recesses of her junk mail pile she had an old calendar she'd bought, for charity, of course, that was filled with hunky images of firefighters. If that was what Halloween had suddenly turned into, she was game. Hopefully it didn't matter that she was just dressed as herself, though she supposed her usual pin-up style gave her an advantage.

A handful of feet from the open door she dropped her smoldering cigarette to the ground and stomped it out beneath the press of her shoe. Somehow it seemed a little against the rules to bring any type of flame into a fire station.

"Uh, trick or treat?" Her lips curled into a devilish smile. "No one told me I should dress as She-Hulk."
Donned in a superhero outfit, Archer walked the streets alongside someone else who also seemed to be doing the whole superhero outfit thing with him. Though it may not have been too apparent at first, the woman with Archer seemed a little annoyed, if only because the fact that she was 'parading around' in her superhero outfit was all the idea of the guy that accompanied her.

"Archer, remind me never to ask you for costume ideas if you're just going to abuse Choomi and Doggi instead of finding something else," the brunette sighed, her brow furrowed from beneath her mask. Archer, on the other hand, looked happy as a clam. Mostly because he knew that this night meant that going out on the streets as Thresher and Swallowtail meant that people would just see fans of the superheroes dressed up for the night.

"C'mon Vara. Nothing wrong with a little cosplay. Spread the hau'oli, hoaloha!" Archer said, nudging his friend playfully Vara followed his lead. He had the flyer, after all. They were on their way to a 'spooky mansion', was it? Vara could not remember. She just knew that she was tagging along with whatever Archer had his sights on.

"Hey, that it over there, Archer?" Vara then asked, pointing to a building that seemed to stand out. "You said it was a fire station, right?"

"'Ae, I did. Good eye, Vee!" Archer said with a grin. folding up the flyer and going ahead to lead the way toward the station now that it had been pointed out. What Archer saw next, though, is what had him nudge at his friend again, albeit, with a bit more excitement; "Looks like we're not the only superheroes here. Check it out, Vee. Looks like the Incredible Hulk is here, too!"

"The what now?"

"Vara, are you serious? Do they not have Marvel in France or Spain? Where'd you grow up again?"

Vara let out a strained sigh; tonight was going to be a long night if she had to spend it with her 'best friend'. "Born in Spain, raised in France. You should know this Archer. And comics weren't things I got into."

"Well, whatever, let's go meet him! I'll tell you more about The Hulk later, because it is an absolute travesty that even dressed as a comic book hero, you don't know about some of the greats yourself," Archer said, grabbing Vara's wrist and pulling her along at a hurried pace as he waved to The Hulk and the other person that had been talking to him already.
Jack and Mike were on duty at the time and pulled the police van over, sirens in full beam and jumped off the vehicle, making their way to the unusually used building


"Make way for the law... we have received reports of disturbance here" demanded Jack the pair looking dumbfounded at the building that certainly looked strangely active, despite being out of office hours, though there was no such gang battle as the caller had reported, probably yet another Halloween prank!.
Triston Vale (played by Vanderhuge)

"Ooh, an elf. No problem, you can hide in here. There's a lot of good hiding spots. And if they do come, we can scare them away, see?" Triston pacified the small inquisitive child and proceeded to give him a preview on how the monsters could scare away bad guys.


Rearing up to his full height and deliberately flexing his body to make himself bigger, if that was even possible, Triston conjured an intimidating visage of an incredibly muscled and herculean Hulk. It helped that he was stripped to his waist as his strapping build was in full view, especially to those near enough. He was so into his character that he didn't even realize that a woman had sensuously sauntered up right beside him.

"Oops! I didn't see you there. Sorry if I startled you, ma'am. I was just showing to this kid that I'd—" Fumbling with his apology, he was distracted as a couple more new people appeared to be running up towards them and waving their hands to call attention, especially his, it seemed like. Did he know those people? They were wearing a mask so he couldn't really tell. He wondered how they recognized him as well, he was covered in paint from head to toe—except those covered by his ripped pants and the parts that were constantly peeling and flaking off—maybe they mistook him for someone else? To be sure, he'd better wave back.

Just as Triston looked over the lady's shoulder to raise a hand towards the newcomers, another sudden disruption came to startle the slowly growing group. A police van, no less. What in the world? A whole lot of hulaballo was suddenly happening in a span of a minute more than what has transpired the whole afternoon he had been outside passing flyers.

"I'm sorry guys, I have to take care of this. No problems here, officers! Just a friendly neighborhood Trick-or-Treat event hosted by the local firemen," he raised both green-painted arms in mock surrender, hoping a dashing smile could show that he was admitting a yield. He really wished these guys were just in costume.
Atticus Sutcliffe (played anonymously)

Apparently the holiday was offering more treats than just candy. "Firefighters and cops?" Karen fanned away at her face as she suffered the decision of where to stare first. Eventually tearing her eyes away with a more devious plan she strolled inside, and found herself impressed that a place usually so family friendly looked so dark and deadly. She'd seen well enough the Hulk's demonstration in scaring away the monsters, but she had a better idea. Completely unperturbed by the first ambling beast to come groaning out after her, she meandered further in until she was nearly surrounded.

A wretched scream of horror pierced the air, having escaped from her lips as she fell with extra dramatic effect. On the terribly cold floor she laid, with a single one of her eyes cracked open to see just who might come to her rescue.
Jack smiled broadly and nodded in understanding "Probably another prank or another false report" shrugged Jack the pair of them going to return the heavy handed guns before approaching the party host again, the good fireman.

"Oh well, that sounds a very good cause indeed, it's always good to engage the local community. Shall we assist too or do you have the hang of things?" asked Mike with a warm smile on his face, relaxing his stance and weapon altogether.

Once they heard the piercing scream coming from inside, Jack and Mike broke into a run quickly.
Triston Vale (played by Vanderhuge)

"This is actually just a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing, but I think it really turned out like a fun event now, didn't it?" Triston was visibly relieved that it was a literal false alarm on the cops' part. With the way things were going, he didn't know just how to handle a ruckus if something terrible were to happen on their watch and right inside their station. "Really? You'd help? Thanks guys, we can really use a couple more hands. There's some costume that—"

A shrill sound began to resonate together with the muted sirens in the air and at first everyone, including the now completely exasperated hulk of a man, stood frozen in place. When the scream faded and the hubbub began to concentrate on a single spot inside the station, Triston followed the cops to see what it was about.

Luckily, a couple of his firefighting buddies had reached the source of the commotion and tried to pacify the prostate woman on the floor. One was cradling her head and shoulders in his own bulging arms, the other held her hand gingerly in his to check for a pulse and proceeded to ask her some questions. Despite the tableau, Triston couldn't help but be amused by what looked like a couple of demonic bodybuilders fussing and panicking over a woman.

"I hope she's okay. What happened though? Did anyone see?"
As Archer and Vara were making their way over, they stopped and had a moment where both of them were more alert and almost in battle mode due to the shrill shriek of a woman within the area. Archer had his bow and arrow nearly readied, and Vara had opened her battle fan. What once seemed like a normal couple of friends that were dressed as superheroes seemed to now be two people taking their costumes a bit seriously.

"Seems it's good that the cops are already here," Archer said, passing a glance to the cop car that had been parked not that far from the fire station.

"I hope she's okay. What happened though? Did anyone see?"

"No... just overheard someone scream. Hopefully it's just a result of one of the people here being too scary for their own good rather than something serious," Vara said, still keeping hold of her fan as she looked to Archer. He relaxed somewhat, not wanting to raise any suspicions to them as well.
Triston Vale (played by Vanderhuge)

And it was with a smile and a sigh that Triston released a breath he didn't realize he had been holding in. He was glad it was probably not that much serious, considering that the two firemen on the ground were visibly just showing off to the poor trapped lady between the two of them—a third man actually came to join in the fun upon discovering the bombshell that she was—so he guessed it was fine then.

"Well, it's good if that's the case. Either that or it must be because of the crowd inside there," Triston smiled despite the ruckus, thinking about how their venture was looking to be a success. It was entirely still too early to say so, but he was happy with the turnout. Which reminded him—

"Hey, uhh, do I know you guys somewhere? I remember seeing you waving at me. Or was it not at me? Nice costumes by the way, looks very professional."
Atticus Sutcliffe (played anonymously)

In the midst of muscle and brawn Karen basked, entirely unscathed and excitedly drinking in all of the attention she was garnering. This had to be the best Halloween ever. "Boys, boys," her hands wrapped around their biceps one at a time, as if she was measuring them all. "I think I'm not breathing, I think I need CPR."

One of the men, missing entirely the mark muttered back, "but you're talking!"

Heavily her eyes rolled as she tried to jump back to her feet, but found herself so tightly flanked by a the demonic bodybuilders her feet barely touched the ground. "I could get used to this," she murmured before they turned back to where the Hulk stood with a couple of... superheroes?

Her head tilted deep in thought. "I don't think I've seen that movie before. Or is that from one of those weird books you have to read backward?"
Mike and Jack smiled warmly, glad it had been a prank after all.

"Seems the fine lady is just a naughty lady after all..." smirked Jack coming over to take a candy, unwrap it and pop it into the mouth.

"I shall confiscate this one... and destroy the evidence too" grinned Mike taking another candy and doing the same

"Good work here, though, firemen, good work" nodded Jack in approval, swirling the candy around the mouth
Vara Mayne (played by FreeJayFly)

"Hey, uhh, do I know you guys somewhere? I remember seeing you waving at me. Or was it not at me? Nice costumes by the way, looks very professional."

"He was," Vara said, pointing her thumb to Archer with a small shrug. "He was telling me how you were one of the comic hero greats, or something like it. He seemed excited."

"Vara, please," Archer said, giving a sheepish grin. "Thanks about the costumes, though! They were made by a friend of ours! They said that we looked a lot like the Miraculous of Honolulu and Madrid -- Thresher and Swallowtail. So they put together this whole wardrobe for us... mostly for conventions, but Halloween was as good a day as any to break them in in a public debut!"

"Yep..." Vara confirmed, glancing around to see what else there was that the fire station was dressed up for.

"I don't think I've seen that movie before. Or is that from one of those weird books you have to read backward?"

There was a lady who was speaking now, and as Vara looked over, she realised that it maybe was the woman who screamed. Given the fact that she was seated on the floor, perhaps some kind of dramatic play was at hand during that who debacle. Clearing her throat, Vara looked to Archer then to Karen again.

"Uh... you mean like the... the Japanese manga books?" Vara asked. "I... I don't think we -- the heroes we're dressed as -- have their own comics. D... do they, Archer?"

Vara turned her attention to her childhood friend.

"Oh, well..." Archer started, looking thoughtful. "I haven't actually gone out to see if Thresher and Swallowtail have their own published comics, or anything of the like."
Triston Vale (played by Vanderhuge)

As the commotion quieted down and the firemen returned to their stations—most of them just went back to occasionally flexing their muscles and roaring, giving out treats to some screaming kids and winking at admirers—Triston decided to guide the newcomers further inside where most of the fun were to be had.

"I don't know if you're still up for that offer you made about helping out, but if you're heading out soon maybe you could give away some of these flyers? It's to get more people to come to our little festivities here." Handing over a handful of pamphlets to the cops, he included some a couple bags of rum bonbons that he deemed too alcoholic for children. "Here's some for the road. I dunno who bought these but we can't have drunk kids on Halloween. Anyway, I'll just put them here by the door. You can pick them up before you go."

A stack of flyers in a neat pile on the floor

One of his buddies pulled himself free from a group of shrieking children and handed over an empty bowl to Triston, before picking up a stack of flyers and heading out into the streets to take a turn at inviting people to come over.

"Okay, sorry guys. I need to refill the treats. We have a table of food for the adults here while me and my buddies take care of the children, so don't worry. And the chief's wife brought a bunch of meat pies if you don't have a sweet tooth," The busy green giant excused himself as he directed their attention to a long table by the wall. He leaned in closer to whisper, "Behind those tombstones we stashed some drinks. Just beer, no hard stuff. Just tell the kids they're smelly juice or something."
Triston Vale (played by Vanderhuge)

((Current scene update: My man Triston's offered the guests something to eat and drink, a vivacious woman's flirting with the firemen, a couple of heroes are on the scene as well as two cops, and a little elf boy's on to some mischief. Everyone's welcome to just pop in for the fun and the food!))
Jack and Mike nodded taking the large pile of flyers

"Of course, we all have to do our little bit for the community" nodded Mike in agreement saluting Triston and turning to leave the adventurous property which seemed to be busy enough

"Call if you need assistance" smiled Jack returning to the streets to hand leaflets and wandering away, from time to time popping a candy into the mouth to brighten up the newly given chore

((OOC cops leaving RP for now PM me if they're needed))
((I'll try my hand if anyone wants to bother Jacky.))

Jacky beheld her list. Morti had forgiven her for not filling out the last one. He hadn't been mad at all, in fact, and she realized she had imagined up reasons to be worried about it. Her boss was just a sweet little cotton ball of a man. The only suffering of disappointing him was his sad face.

Her costume was weak. She knew it. Everyone else knew it. She had literally plucked Anna's witch's hat off the couch as she flew out the door. It was wide brimmed, black with a little bit of purple in it, and had a petrified chicken foot hanging off the end. Most people took it for plastic. Good thing, too, because she didn't think they'd fancy knowing it wasn't. She had a pale staff with her. Also real. That was her beatin' stick. Very useful after dark.

She looked up the length of the fire station wall, then down at her list again. The man knew what he wanted. It got more specific the closer she got to the end. Blue candy. Caramel candy. So on and so forth. Haunted house candy. Fire station candy. That was when she knew she was going to have to work for it. Candy of the earth. No idea what that one meant, but she was going to assume raisins. She felt like she'd been sent on a pokequest for Apricorns.

Jacky looked around the open door of the garage. She was on a mission. She was looking for the stash. Socializing wasn't really her thing, she just wanted to grab a piece and get on to the cemetery for the next item.
She wouldn't be twisting skulls off dead guys tonight, thank god.

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