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I just thought I'd share my rough sketch. I started coloring it today but the direction I took is bothering me... The second picture is via webcam since my husband piled his field gear on top of BOTH the scanners and I didn't feel like moving it all at that time. It's a product of listening to Game music covers by my second favorite cover artist xClassicalCatX. All her covers are done with the Viola!


Beginnings of color (Lack of shading):

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That looks amazing! I love the fact you used a--forgive me if I'm wrong--cello!

I am a little confused, is the woman supposed to be a mermaid? Because she looks good but the bottom portion of the drawing seems a little odd.

Still, I'm amazed by your skill. Wish I could draw half as good. :)
GoddessKitty Topic Starter

It's actually a Viola made out of Cherry wood and the girl is the spirit of the tree it was made from that makes it sound so beautiful. Sorry I didn't explain that in my post :)

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