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Oliver (played anonymously)

His zipper was frayed. Well, not frayed so much as on the wrong track. In fact, now it would be impossible for his jacket to zip at all. It'd be a pain to fix, but he made a mental note of it all the same. Currently he was hanging by a cord tethered to a belt at his waist. Sliding slowly from his entry point to a vent on the far wall. The plans showed that he'd be able to make it to his destination if he could fit in the vent, It'd be a close one, but he had confidence. Infiltrating one of the largest Compinents in the world was one thing, but the entire head base for one small file? It was practically suicide. And here he was, worried about his zipper!

Continental powers fell before businesses like flies caught in a web of debt. War broke out at first, but every initial resistance was crushed, and fewer and fewer came. The years passed and the businesses grew, and so did their reach. Eventually all that remained were the companies. And their slaves. Years passed in fashion, and eventually, one monopoly remained. And only one resistance group.

O slid his finger down the side of the vent, heat puddling on the metal wherever he touched, cutting through to the other side. Not long after he had made a large enough space for him to crawl through, though he got stuck on his shoulder at first.

Krushen Corporation. Everything you need, as we tell you it. All the ingredients for stirring the public masses into mindless worker bees. Lively was supposed to be a resistance. Supposed to stand up for the masses. But it was on it's last legs. Things were falling apart faster than they could be up, and most of the members were long since dead. KruCorps guards were not merciful, and always were one step ahead in tech.

He slid his way down the vent shifting left and right as a snake might, barely able to push himself with his toes luckily, but the grip wasn't perfect. The material that covered his feet was light and durable, and surprisingly airy, as though they didn't exist at all. But just slightly around the bottoms and toetips they were tougher, and weren't able to catch much traction on the metal of the vent, meaning all he had to push himself forward was the force of his toes themselves. Man that file had better be here.

KruCorps guards were the least of his problem, and his unit should be handle most, The problem came down to how...Unique his members were. But each was dependable in their own way, be it combat or engineering, diversion or strategy. Together they'd change the world.

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