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Argagno (played anonymously)

I don't know if it's a game that exists here, but it's something from my old days.

Basically, there is a little hill in the game. This hill is now mine. The goal is to take this hill from me in one post with a character. And then another one takes it from you etc etc. It's a bonus if you can make it as funny/hilarious as you can.

For example: If the hill wouldn't be mine, but Y's, then I could just write:

While taking a casual walk for food from the nearby cemetery, Argagno noticed a rather comfortable-looking hill up ahead, with Y sitting on it. Suddenly, being hit by the realisation that he is in desperate need of such a luxury hill, he quickly ran up onto it, and with a graceful, but rather straightforward kick towards Y's bottom, he quickly dispatched Y to the nearest tree, just next to the hill. And therefore, he declared the hill as his territory: "The Hill Is Mine!"

If this has catched your eye for some reason, feel free to join!

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Eldalia (played by ShadowWolf13)

After hours of flying in search of a good place to rest and eat Eldalia spotted a particularly comfortable looking hill. Unfortunetly it was occupied by a creature of which she'd never seen the likes. With a shrug she flew down, grabbed him under the arms and deposited some distance away. With a grin she flew back to the hill and landed on it. She stretched out, wings and all taking up as much space as possible and making herself comfortable, "The hill is mine!"
Soo Jung (played by Gvibes)

Soo Jung wanted to sit on a nice hill far away from turds ( aka people) so she saw a nice big hill. Unfortunately there was this “ thing” already there. Soo Jung started to walk up the hill while tying her hair in a ponytail. She was huffing when she reached the top and there in front of her eyes was someone already there. “ Excuse me...” said Soo Jung quietly THE HILL IS MINE! Soo Jung punched the thing and threw it off somewhere in the distance
Elaine Van Freyr (played by 0089)

Elaine would be walking around the base of the hill with her trusty mug at hand, her cheeks turned red hot showing clear signs of being drunk, she spotted a figure at the top of the hill, she had no one to drink with so she made her way to the top of the hill in a clumpsy yet steady walk just to the point where she had the "figure" face to face and with all mannerism she said:


Elaine's filled alcohol breath knocked out the poor creature in an instant and due the hill being too steep it began to roll harmlessly all the way back to the base.

Elaine would watch as how a potencial friend dissapeared from her sight in a majestic rolling. Elaine began to feel dizzy and decided to take a nap at the top of the hill.

The hill is mine
Soo Jung (played by Gvibes)

Soo Jung is tumbling down the hill and gets up before she hurts herself. “ Drunk people.” she mumbled as she made her way back up the hill. She saw the lazy creature taking a nap and Soo Jung sat next to her. Soo Jung was eating and when she was done with her sandwich she pushed the creature so they were tumbling down the hill. Soo Jung exclaimed

Elaine Van Freyr (played by 0089)

Elaine awakened while mid rolling, it was odd at first but she soon began to enjoy it.

"WUHUUUUUU!!!!"- She exclaimed at the top of her lungs

She caught a glimpse of the "figure" at the top of the hill, It looked familiar to the one from before, Elaine firmly grabbed the ground bringing her to a stop.

"FRIENDDD!!!"- she shouted

Elaine would then proceed to run towards the figure at a speed that only the true drunken masters can achieve.

Near the top, Elaine began to cast her "SUPER BOOZE SHARING TECHNIQUE" that mainly consisted of just throwing it , she liked sharing with her friends, however because of her excitement she miscalculated her strenght and thus sent the "figure" flying away from the hill at super speed.

"SOOOORRRRRYYYY!!"-Elaine yelled while watching her friend vanish.

The hill is mine
Soo Jung (played by Gvibes)

“ kids these days,” mumbled Soo Jung. Soo Jung watched the drunk figure from afar and finally went up to her. She stomped up the hill and said, “ Beat it kid,” she pushed the person making them land face down and tumbling back down the hill. Soo Jung built a gate around the top of the hill and put a sign saying, “ Go Away.”


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