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I didnt know where to put this, but for me the pms are malfunctioning... I cant send any actual message, because nothing shows up in the box.
Kim Site Admin

Usually this would go to bug reports but if that's for some reason malfunctioning, this is a fine place to have it dealt with.

I need a little more info before I can check this out, though. What exactly do you mean, nothing shows up in the box? Can I assume the box in question is the one meant for the body of the message, not the smaller to, from and subject boxes? And nothing shows up when you type, or the box just isn't there to begin with? Is the issue occurring when you compose a fresh new message, or only when you try to reply to a previous message, or both? What browser and version are you viewing the site in?
Daphne_Wreathed Topic Starter

Oh, it appears to be working now... ^^;; Must be just my computer.
Kim Site Admin

Aha, a self-fixing bug. Those are my very favorite kind. ;)

Unfortunately it's not just you :( Sent in a bug report~
Kim Site Admin

Are the two of you using IE?

I am, yes.
Kim Site Admin

I was only able to reproduce this error in IE. I've pushed through some small patches that should begin to address this and several other IE display bugs. Daphne, if you're using some browser other than IE, please get in touch with me so we can do more probing.

Just so you're aware, the Repository is built to take advantage of some of the most modern capabilities of CSS and HTML. Internet Explorer (even IE 8 ) is not up to date with these abilities, and its rendering engine persists in having bugs that interfere with even some of the oldest, most basic code. The repository (and many other sites) will look and function better in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or pretty much any modern browser in the universe that isn't IE. The most important features, like dragging and dropping widgets, have been duplicated to function in IE, but some of the smaller features that are there for convenience have not.

Please forgive the developer rant. Compensating for IE represents such an unnecessary burden on development time that I have trouble keeping my trap shut. It's not your fault that Microsoft isn't standards compliant. :P

Lol, no worries. I had a feeling a lecture was coming when you asked if we were using IE. ;) I hear it alll the time (from my more techie friends).

I did try Firefox once, but it didn't impress me, since all the features it had IE has as well. So I stopped using it, and then uninstalled it because I hate leaving things on my laptop that I don't use. <- a little OCD.

Or: I just exist to be a programmer's nightmare. :o
Try Chrome! Chrome is the best. :D
Kim Site Admin

Pretty much all browsers are going to have the same basic "feature" set, yeah. And most people don't need any features beyond bookmarks from their browser, anyway. IE's feature set is just fine. My loathing is for IE's scandalous number of bugs and its inability to keep up with modern capabilities. If you open up, say, the community page in IE side by side with Chrome, you will immediately see the difference. Anyway, don't mean to lecture. Hopefully it will resume working either way now. xD

@thoreau I completely agree. Chrome's design is ultraslick and its rendering engine seems to be close to flawless. The site runs like butter in Chrome. Oh Chrome, I <3 you.

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