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why do you only get so much time to edit a post after it has been sent?
You can edit a post on the forums whenever you want. The 10 minute time limit applies to private messages only. It's a recent implementation, previously there was no way at all to edit them once sent. I believe the time limit is to reduce the strain on the server but I'm not a tech person.
alright thank you
Sanne Moderator

Edits to PMs were originally disallowed to reduce issues with accountability - aka it helps prevent or reduce harassment. The 15 minute edit time window was implemented to allow people to fix typos and make small changes after sending because people make mistakes or forget things. It's a compromise between being allowed to edit your PMs and making sure the sender remains accountable for what was said, in short!
makes sense
How do I change my RP character's info?
RPMaster wrote:
How do I change my RP character's info?
Next time, it's for the best to create a new topic for your question!

But anyway:
You'll need to click on Dashboard, and then click on the pencil icon next to your character's name.

After that, you'll be taken to a menu of sorts. If you click on the one I've circled above, you can edit the widgets on the profile. If you want to change their name or something, the character settings are where you should head.

Hopefully this helps man!

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