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Sanne Moderator

Hi. :3

Any chance a guestbook can be implemented into the site? Or can the possibility be created to add a shoutbox or something...?

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Comment box! Comment box!!!
Kim Site Admin

Funny you guys are mentioning this now, it's been my other project this past week aside from the templates. It's probably about halfway there. Patience, grasshoppers. ;)

Simple journals are right behind guestbooks, by the by.
That would be kind of fun, I'd also hope they'd be public like the artwork comments on DeviantArt, its fun to see what others think of a piece of art (or a character)
That's exactly what I was thinking, Helix.
f0x1nth3b0x wrote:
That's exactly what I was thinking, Helix.

*internet high five*
Kim Site Admin

Okay gang, the widget became available to use last night. I'm holding off on an "official" news announcement for another few days while I observe it for bugs, since it's one of the more complex widgets so far. But if you want to play with it now and let me know how it works for you, it'd be appreciated. <3
Where is it and how do I play with it o_o
Kim Site Admin

It should be with all the other draggable widgets, fifth one down (Under always/never). I also have a live one on Safiye.
Ooo, nice! Another new thing to make me do a happy dance. Thanks!

Er, can we be able to reply to the comments on the guestbook? Not just like have to go to the other profile to reply to something? Like how comments work on DA and other websites like it. I guess, like as if the profile was a piece of art.
Helix, get out of my head :3
Kim Site Admin

*crawls out from the code mines, black lung coughs* Yeah, we can probably plan on supporting comment chaining in the near future. It adds a certain amount of complexity to the whole rig, so it may not come about immediately, but I'll see what can be done.
Sanne Topic Starter Moderator

I am no longer receiving emails when someone posts in the guestbook. :( The notifications do show up in the Dashboard, but it's a bit too cluttered and I don't check it often.

(No, there are no emails in my spamfolder and I receive emails about topic replies just fine!)
Kim Site Admin

No longer? You probably weren't ever receiving emails about guestbook comments, because it was never a supported feature. ;)

I've been trying to keep emails down to a minimum due to a few people voicing concerns about spamming. How many of you would like the option to get emails about guestbook comments?
Sanne Topic Starter Moderator

... You know. I could've SWORN I received an email about a guestbook signature before! But now I can't find it. (Whatever I was on, I want that back, LOL)

I think if you setup a way in the future to allow us to choose what we want to be emailed about will fix any concerns about spam. But you're probably already loaded with tasks and whatnot. :P
Kim Site Admin

Email settings do exist, and have existed (as required by the law!) since the day the site opened. Go to your dashboard and choose "your settings" from the submenu... Although that page is now getting long enough it needs to be broken into two. *adds stuff to list*

For some people unchecking a box appears to be a burden beyond burdens. >.> I guess if I made a redundant option right on the widget itself, it might be in their face enough to prevent being reported a spammer or scammer.
Sanne Topic Starter Moderator

See, the only reason we're asking this is because we're silly and we forget there's such a thing as settings. :P

I don't think you can ever prevent being called a 'spammer' if you send emails to members though. :( If you want it to be 'more in your face', may I suggest adding "HELP" next to the link "FORUM" at the top? The help button is kind of hidden at the bottom of the page and not that obvious.

Pro-tip for all suggestions (for me and others :P): dig through every single page possible and see if it's there first!
Kim Site Admin

Wellll, maybe. In this case, when so many people need to ask or read the help files to figure out how a basic feature works, I take it as a pretty clear indication that I'm doing something wrong, and I need to find a way as a designer to make the site itself more helpful and intuitive. Who wants to read a big huge explanation for something that should only take two clicks, after all?

There are two things I can think of to try changing right off the bat. I'll try 'em out later this evening. But I'm really going to do errands this time. For real.
Sanne Topic Starter Moderator

No, I don't really think it's something you're doing wrong. I think the placement of things might be more convenient if placed elsewhere, but bottom line is (and this comes from a year of experience working customer services for a big cellphone company): People are lazy. People don't read. It's easier to pick up the phone and make a free phonecall asking for someone to hand it on a silver plate to you, than to spend a few minutes to try and find it.

I think that's what I'm doing wrong here too: I suggest before I really looked. I don't click anywhere, I just assume it's not there and then I make a suggestion. It's terrible and inconvenient because usually you can find it pretty easily. (as proven)

So just because we don't look first doesn't mean you're doing something wrong.. :P

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