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Mallory (played by Marin)

Yo! I'm looking for a long-term roleplay taking place within the Magical Girl / Fantasy genres. The actual setting is flexible in terms of the prevalence of magic and whether it's modern or pre-modern. I am always willing to be flexible on whether there are mature themes, though there won't be by default. I am open to romance, though I and my character Mallory are lesbians. I'm also happy to have the RP take place within the Sailor Moon verse in particular, and am open to playing/playing with fancharacters in addition to Mallory, especially if they're from properties on Nintendo systems, as I'm a dork like that. Mallory herself is a very literal man-eater who sometimes gobbles up her foes in rather comical fashion. When she's not doing that, she often fights with love-themed magic and girlish charm!

The RP would ideally involve some sort of adventure, tackling some kind of evil group/organization, bonding, overcoming challenges related to a character's weaknesses and needs. A story of growth with plenty of buttkicking, basically!

If you're interested, contact me via PMs, preferably with the following info:

Character: (Like, a link to your character sheet)
Settings Preference: (If you have one)
Comfort Zones/Boundaries/Triggers: (If you have anything you really wanna avoid in our RP, let me know!)
Fandom/Fancharacter Interests: (If you have any)
Magic 70%
Magic is fairly common. Players and NPCs important to the tale may have it. Mistborn.
Technology 50%
Combat 70%
More combat than not. The setting may be at war, and the characters will likely get involved whether or not they seek it out.
Romance 40%
Romance is slightly desired, but the overall plot is more important.

Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred.

Nightstorm is my go-to magic user but, if I am internally planning on a romance, then I'll bring Sallie Olympus into the mix. Plus I work better with more than one character.

...marked this forum.

Id be interested myself and my charries are also lesbian
Mallory (played by Marin) Topic Starter

Thank you all for your interest! I noticed it might be helpful to have some very basic info on my character's style here, so I've updated my post!
Unknown user

Hello! Quick question- is this role play still open? I do have a magical girl character I'm waiting to use...
Flandre Scarlet (played anonymously)

Just saw this as well. Might as well offer Flandre here as she's a magical girl and hasn't seen much play as of yet.
Unknown user

Hi! lemony again! This is my magical girl character...I haven't had a chance to use her since I'm very new to this site! I don't know if you'll respond to this, but again, is this still open?
Alexia (played by GalaxyStar)

I'm interested,mind if I play as Alexia
Mallory (played by Marin) Topic Starter

Re-opening my add for interest~! Feel free to ask questions or bring up your own ideas. c:
Agh! I've got a character but it's still kinda WIP. Oh well, if you can tolerate a bit of a hot headed fire mage, then sure.
Flandre Scarlet (played anonymously)

Mallory (played by Marin) Topic Starter

UltraNecroziumZ wrote:
Agh! I've got a character but it's still kinda WIP. Oh well, if you can tolerate a bit of a hot-headed fire mage, then sure.

Go for it! They definitely sound like they have potential. I can work with concepts that aren't necessarily concretely fleshed out, but would appreciate a character reference so that I can have a mental image of them if you'd like to hit me up. c:
Mallory (played by Marin) Topic Starter

Flandre Scarlet wrote:
And of course, you're also welcome! Apologies for not getting back to you earlier.
Flandre Scarlet (played anonymously)

Outstanding! Just lemme know when we'll be ready!
Mallory (played by Marin) Topic Starter

Flandre Scarlet wrote:
Outstanding! Just lemme know when we'll be ready!

--Oh, I'm ready any time! I don't know if I accidentally gave the wrong impression, but this is a 1x1 I'm looking for! I mean, I wouldn't have any problem with a group RP if people wanted one but it wasn't the intention of the post. vwv If you're interested, can you send me a PM filling out the little form I put at the bottom of my original post? =o We can discuss more details and get ourselves started!
Hello! While my game is super hero-centric the format certainly allows for the magical girl trope:

Imagine a city in the near future, one that survived an alien invasion only to be rebuilt stronger and stranger. Imagine this metropolis enduring transdimensional relocation with whole swaths being replaced with...something else. Imagine a city surviving everything thrown at it.

Now imagine you being one of the heroes tasked with defending such a metropolis.

Science City is a play by e-mail taking place in an original universe inspired by numerous sources such as DC and Marvel, anime, independent comics like Grimjack. Check out the web site to see the wiki as well as the PCs, GMPCs and NPCs, as well as the promo video to get a feel for the tone. Any questions? Feel free to pitch 'em at me. My e-mail is
(sorry I'm new here I don't know many things)
I saw your post and I would like to rp. Here's my characterYour text to link here...
Mallory (played by Marin) Topic Starter

Thanks for the interest, Lolonopos! I'll get in touch with you via PM soon. c:
Umbrie is my Shadow Faerie Mind Mage who could be adapted to a unique flavor of Telepath or Empath magical girl whose signature weapon is her Dagger, Charlotte. though Umbrie herself is of the Homura type of Pragmatic sort, generally relying on physical weaponry to get around the fact her magic has limited offensive output. so she does things like read emotions to predict enemy movements and strike vital areas to incapacitate, or to create openings. but she may be a bit too pragmatic. think of a Hopeful Princess of Diamonds with a bit of Spades and Tears if familiar with World of Darkness.

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