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Greetings everyone! I'm taking a bit of a survey (kinda) and was wanting to know what everyone was into? I'm trying to get some sort of ideas since things have been growing stagnant for me, and I feel like changing my characters, or maybe even getting rid of a character or two. I'm trying to make more friends, but I guess I just dont know what everyone likes. Maybe some ideas would be nice?

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I personally enjoy Massive army battles and Romance rps, I prefer fantasy based roleplays. While modern is something I dabble in it's not something I do often. As for futuristic well, I only do star wars XD
Sci fi and fantasy with a minor in horror and adventure...usually for me the adventure and horror tie into the majorly fantasy or sci fi theme. I am always looking for more role plays at least for now and can usually help put a plot or story together with just an idea to work with. I also have several character slots available and I doubt I'll be above getting more if and when I get to that point so long as rpr continues providing good rp for me.

Cheers and good luck with your friend/rp search.
Mozgoth-the-terrible wrote:
I personally enjoy Massive army battles and Romance rps, I prefer fantasy based roleplays. While modern is something I dabble in it's not something I do often. As for futuristic well, I only do star wars XD

I know! I've been waiting for your response, but nothing T.T
I’ve never done anything long-term - usually I do, like, individual scenes - but they’ve been a variety of flavors! Most commonly recurring, though, are slice-of-life, supernatural, and fantasy/sci-fi. (They’re probably just the easiest notes to hit to wring the most excitement out of a short scene, hahaha!)
I love fantasy and sci-fi adventures, as well as modern/urban fantasy and science-fantasy. I like supernatural themes and a bit of cosmic horror as well. Basically, as long as it's not set in the real world, I might like it. I generally look for things that have a plot and a fleshed-out setting, so that I have something to work with.

One thing I dislike, which makes me something of an oddball, is romance. Prompts that suggest a romance is going to happen between my character and someone else's are generally deal-breakers for me, except under really specific circumstances. I'm not the biggest fan of slice-of-life either.
It's really easier to say what I'm not into, than what I am. I'm not into heavy gore, or horror. I'll RP tragedy, but not out and out horror or gore-fests.

I love action in all sorts of settings, same with romance and adventure and even adult themes (aside from those already discounted in my dislikes).
Oof...I kind of dabble in everything. Action, regular high school, magic, romance, you name it, I got it. I don't really plan what I write, I And whatever appears is what I roll with.
Well, I guess I should amend the horror thing--if it's with a friend, and I really like the setting/mechanics they've set up, I'm willing to make an exception.
I'm a sucker for vampire themes.

I'm into a lot of genres but most recently I'm getting into some cheesy romance rps that still have an intriguing plot. Idk what about it is making me get into it. Maybe it's the cheesiness but eh idc I love it
Kidd wrote:
I'm a sucker for vampire themes.


Excellent. B) *finger guns*
Oha hahah, I didn't even notice that XD

Good catch!
It depends. I like action and good pacing and plot. A bit of Sci Fi dashed in is good. I like future stuff were humanity tries to rebuild as well.

I don't care for school RPs or Harry Potter type fantasy Rps.
I love doing sci-fi , adventure and some fantasy! I think i kinda did slice of life before actually? It was only one time and there wasn't really a plot going and i was worried my rp partner wasn't into it or something buuut i think i would like to try a slice of life rp again
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I like all kinds of role play. I know it sounds boring or that it's been done over and over again, but I love love type of role plays. I've only made 1 character so far.
There's nothing wrong with wanting to/being willing to try everything, though eventually it is likely you will find something you like more than others. :)

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