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Song used - Devils Swing (A BATIM Song) by Caleb Hyles
Characters -
  • Sarah Loci

The club roared with music, its inhabitants jumping to the beat with large, drunken grins on their faces. A few stray souls sat at the bar, ordering beer after beer or cocktail after cocktail. Loci peered out from behind the curtains, a smirk rising to her lips. She sped walk back behind stage, adjusting the white gloves that stuck tightly to her small hands. She buttoned her overcoat cuffs, making sure there wasn't a single crease in the clothes. She did up the three middle buttons of the coat, flattening down the visible parts of her white shirt. She carefully tucked the shirt into thee black dress pants, buckling up the silver belt. Her smirk only grew wider as she heard the music begin to slow and replace with her... special song.

"And the Devil's Swing."

She quickly strolled onto the stage, the lights temporarily blinding her. She was able to quickly adjust and blew a few stray strands of her brown hair away from her pale face. She strutched, tightening the messy bun that sat on the top of her head. She plopped herself on the egde of the stage, licking her bottom lip as if to come off as seductive. She crossed her legs, making herself look more sophisticated than she already did with her tight-fitted suit. "Dreams do come true," she sang, giggling shortly after. "I was deceived by Joey Drew... But now I'm coming after you." She poked one of the males nose in front of her, using the strength in her arms to quickly lift herself to her feet.

"Who's laughing now?" Her tone suddenly turned dark as sher sang, flames seeming to ignite within her green orbs. She rolled up her overcoat sleeves, revealing a tattoo of mini 'all-seeing eyes' wrapped around her wrist. Her smile disappeared as it was replaced with a scowl. "You thought that you could cut me out?"

She let out an evil cackle as she walked back to where she had sat down before, the edge of the stage, front and center. Instead of sitting down as she had previously done, she stamped on the hand that was resting there carelessly, earning a desperate yelp from the male the hand belonged to. She had stepped on it with her boot: a black leather shoe with a small heel, the exact thing she had dug into his hand. She offered a fake, sweet smile down at the male before her expression returned to an unimpressed scowl. Her eyes scanned throughout the club, nose deadly silent. The music continued to play as she adjusted her coat with her hands, her chin high.

"Hey Joey, I got your message," she mocked in her song, faking an innocent voice as if portraying the niave girl she once was. "I haven't seen him in over 15 years, but he's not there. Except grinding gears.... And my rising fears."

Suddenly, her pupils retracted as if trying to let less light in, and her scowl was replaced with a psychotic grin. Her hands shook down at her sides as she desperately griped onto her waistcoat by her hips. She hopped off the stage, heading over to the bar. "The illusion of living was only the beginng..."

She grabbed a woman's blonde hair, slamming her head face first into the counter. The woman groaned, swatting at Loci's hands in a pathetic attempt to remove them. She laughed, lifting her head up only to slam it back down into the marble counter. "Incarnate the sinning, presented in the silly vision." She repeated the motion a few more times, fracturing the poor lady's skull as she was rendered unconcious. She watched as the people around her began to back away, some reaching for the phones in their back pockets. "Now I'm off the page. My old friend may have lost a spleen..."

She grabbed someone's neck and giggled sadistically, tightening her grip with each time he struggled. It started to restrict his breathing, which brought joy to her heart and she felt herself becoming giddy feeling. "One, two, three. To 3D. You and me, Devil's Swing." She whispered in his ear, before slamming the crook of his neck into her knee. She marched through the room, the drunk crowds parting and making a clear path for her. "I was deceived by Joey Drew...."

The female opened the large club doors, turning around as she stared at the crowds, some of whom were shaking with terror. She then begun to hear police sirens and silently cursed, the flames once again igniting within her green orbs. She smirked, tipping an imaginary hat.

"Its Me, and the Devil's Swing."

She winked, before running off and allowing the club doors to slam shut behind her. The only evidence that proved she, or someone was ever there was the single bow tie she had dropped on stage. After that she just.. Disappeared.
((This is a lovely story StaticNightmares!))
Yeah, it's really visually detailed and the action flows smoothly. You're a really good writer.

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