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Rook (played by Juls)

((Deleted - Mods feel free to remove thread))

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Katrina was determined to get those prisoners out. She'd been tracking them for a few days and when they were a day out from their destination, she decided it was time. There was a guard controlling the horses, and one sat next to him. She was up in a tree, out of sight with her black cloak on, she pulled her bow out and an arrow, and shot one of the guards in the chest. He shouted, startling everyone but herself. The other guard looked up into the trees, and when he spotted her, he was already dead before he could react.

Katrina jumped out of the tree and walked toward the carriage and searched the guards for the keys, when she found them, she unlocked the cage and let all the innocent people out of there. But there was this one girl who seemed different than the others and she looked at her "you there, what's your name?"
moon (played by animelover)

my names moon and I'm not a normal human. I'm half fox. most people call me a kitsune.

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