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There was a ruckus in the Underworld Demon Castle this morbid night. King Tielham Famzuhr was pacing the floor as Queen Fraerusa Famzuhr was giving birth to their –hopefully- first born child. Nothing nor no one could persuade the Demon King to sit and wait.
After many long hours of pacing, the Demon doctor came out with a still born baby.
“Why? Why did it happen this time?” the Demon King roared in pure disgust.
“It just happens. Let the Queen have a year without being pregnant then try once more is my best advice.” The Demon Doctor spoke as he laid the still born baby on the table for the servants to take care of.
The Demon Doctor quickly left in the middle of the Demon King’s ranting. The servants took the baby and wrapped it up. They would give it a burial later when the King was not around. It is always best to bury the dead least they came back to haunt their place of death. The first two babies were not buried, and all of the servants blamed the still born baby on that well-known fact.

Several days later….
King Tielham Famzuhr decided to find four prized maidens in his kingdom. They must be untouched by males, between 22 and 26 years old, and not attached to anyone. These four maidens will be used by the Demon King so that they can give him his heir.
A letter was sent out by messenger to announce the contest of being the royal heir carrier. Many young females were brought to the King but they were turned away for one reason or another. It took a full two years of hunting when suddenly the first female was found. Soon after the second, third and the fourth were found.
Out of respect for his Queen, King Tielham Famzuhr visited her in her bed chambers and slept with her frequently. He visited the four female on other nights, usually two a night. Within two months, the four females showed signs of being pregnant as well as the Queen.
In the King’s opinion all was fine. One of the four should bear a male baby and with the Queen being pregnant, it did not matter if she had another still born. The living baby would be swapped with the still born.

The Queen knew better than that for she had her own supporters. When the Queen was very round and plump, she had an outing with the four females. Her supporters took the females to a hidden place where all of the females bore their babies at the same time. The Queen and five baby boys were whisked away to her family home. There the five were raised as quintuplets.
Five years had passed and five young Demons were being readied to meet their father for the first time. None of them knew that they were half-brothers. None of the servants knew who the actual full blooded princeling was. The Queen would not say and actually had forgotten by now. She did not care which one was and was happy to pull of the stunt.
That was her number one goal. She hated the fact that the King impregnated other females and this was her choice of getting him back. Particularly since Fate seen to the fact that all of them look identical to each other….

The Princelings grew up to be extravagant and unsensitive to the feelings of others. Gluttony had set in. Greed grew and kept growing. Lustful, boastful and broke any Law that they saw fit to break.
By the time that fifteen years had passed, the young were irresponsible and disrespectful to all, including the Big Guy, Hades. In fact, because of these young men, King Hades called King Tielham into the Royal Court.
Afterwards, King Tielham called the young men into his new office. The reason being told that their father wanted an interview with them and perhaps give them some kind of a bonus but instead of a bonus or some kind of a gift from King Hades, King Tielham gave them an unpleasant task.
King Tielham told his five demon sons that it way past time to grow up and become responsible for their actions. They will earn their own mini kingdom so that they could learn how to rule and make their mini-kingdom thrive. He wanted to get them out of his hair for not only are they irritating him constantly by bickering and tormenting the servants, breaking the Laws or causing havoc in one way or another.
They were eating so much that he, the King can no longer afford their food bill. Extravagant clothes were another problem as was other material things like treasures and books. Now all of them must pay the price of their follies.

They would be sent to The Topside to live for a while. When they fulfill their tasks, they would be allowed to come back to their own mini-kingdom with all of the benefits of a successful or not Kinglet.

Much was left unsaid for the sons were getting riled up. In fact, one actually picked up a heavy chair and threw it at his father. Only to find that his father was a clever hologram.
The next bit of news came as a shock to the young men- Mactlantecuhtli, the head torturer would be their overseer. Nothing but nothing ever got past him and his dark glasses.

There was more to the meeting than what is told here so you must read it for yourself.
I am sure that you want to know if the princes be able to rule and do their father’s task?
Lastly, The Queen has a gift of five boxes which contains something but the five Demon Princes must not open them until they are given permission. Will they open the boxes or will they wait patiently?

Will you be a Demon that wishes to find a bride from the Topside or a Bride who is unknowingly lead into a trap of matrimony with a Demon?

I will need equal numbers of Demons and Brides if possible.
Rhian (played anonymously)

I love the story but I’m not sure how my new oc could fit in.
What is your new character?
Rhian (played anonymously)

Rhian. I have yet to fill her bio. But she could be a forseer something. ( she a summoner/mistress of curtain supernatural. Maybe the king could find the truth?
Vetani (played by FandomsForDays)

I'd love to play a female human. I have one named Vetani currently. You can check out her prof. if you have any questions!

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